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  1. Suspected that it have to be like that, but hoped that I can avoid compiling the whole kernel... Well, the struggle continues. Thank you for the valuable tips!
  2. I thought it was pretty clear, that I'm trying to build the module on the very same box, running the very same kernel version: 5.9.10-rk322x And I was left with the impression, that I need BOTH kernel headers AND sources to build it. The initial install image is not that important, as long as it's stable enough to boot and operate normally, until I switch to another kernel - one, for which I can find BOTH headers & sources. I guess I'll have to continue the struggle with other kernels... Pitiy, because 5.9.10 is tempting as a current "bleeding edge". 5.9.11 i
  3. @jock I don't need the whole kernel, just the mn88472.ko per this kernel. That's why I ensure the system has the kernel running, sources an headers for it, then try to compile the minimum of it, following the dependencies, of course. However, vermagic of the pre-compiled modules, which came with the running kernel, differ from the newly compiled ones (headers & sources obtained via armbian-config)... And the box is not "in production", but a PoC still, so I can start from scratch whenever I want...
  4. @jock Short status report on my case: 1. The only package - sources + headers - I've been able to obtain was for 5.9.10-rk322x on top of Armbian_20.11.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_buster_current_5.8.12_minimal.img.xz image (your build). 2 Prepared the build environment by: - copying the /boot/config-5.9.10-rk322x to .config - copying the Module.symvers to source build folder - make oldconfig - make menuconfig - selecting/enabling (*) the respective PANASONIC MN88472 driver - make scripts - make prepare - make modules_prepare
  5. Thank you for your reply! Actually, with this image: Armbian_20.11.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_focal_current_5.8.9_desktop.img.xz the MXQ Pro 4K box (RK3228A) also works stable enough. However, by some sort of a comparative analysis, I've reached to a conclusion that the demodulator module - mn88472.ko - driver is missing from the kernel. The tuner is discovered: but half of the necessary FW is being loaded, only dvb-usb-dib0700-1.20.fw for the USB interface. The demodulator FW - dvb-demod-mn88472-02.fw - presumably, requested by mn88472
  6. Greetings, Based on this post: I would like to enable the drivers for XBOX tuner in legacy kernel (e.g. 4.4.194 or Armbian_20.08.1_Rk322x-box_focal_legacy_4.4.194_desktop.img.xz image). Excerpt from a dmesg on a working x86 system: Would you, please, provide some guidance how to do that? Maybe this would be the way... ? TIA!
  7. Apologies for the trivial question, but... How can I upgrade the whole image, for example from Armbian_5.77_Aml-s905_Ubuntu_bionic_default_5.0.2_20190318.img to Armbian_5.84_Aml-s905_Ubuntu_bionic_default_5.1.0-rc1_20190507.img especially when it's installed on internal eMMc... ? Thank you in advance for your replies and apologies for the inconvenience caused.