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  1. Suspected that it have to be like that, but hoped that I can avoid compiling the whole kernel... Well, the struggle continues. Thank you for the valuable tips!
  2. I thought it was pretty clear, that I'm trying to build the module on the very same box, running the very same kernel version: 5.9.10-rk322x And I was left with the impression, that I need BOTH kernel headers AND sources to build it. The initial install image is not that important, as long as it's stable enough to boot and operate normally, until I switch to another kernel - one, for which I can find BOTH headers & sources. I guess I'll have to continue the struggle with other kernels... Pitiy, because 5.9.10 is tempting as a current "bleeding edge". 5.9.11 is flagged as broken as of now...
  3. @jock I don't need the whole kernel, just the mn88472.ko per this kernel. That's why I ensure the system has the kernel running, sources an headers for it, then try to compile the minimum of it, following the dependencies, of course. However, vermagic of the pre-compiled modules, which came with the running kernel, differ from the newly compiled ones (headers & sources obtained via armbian-config)... And the box is not "in production", but a PoC still, so I can start from scratch whenever I want...
  4. @jock Short status report on my case: 1. The only package - sources + headers - I've been able to obtain was for 5.9.10-rk322x on top of Armbian_20.11.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_buster_current_5.8.12_minimal.img.xz image (your build). 2 Prepared the build environment by: - copying the /boot/config-5.9.10-rk322x to .config - copying the Module.symvers to source build folder - make oldconfig - make menuconfig - selecting/enabling (*) the respective PANASONIC MN88472 driver - make scripts - make prepare - make modules_prepare - make -C . M=drivers/media/dvbfrontends also - make drivers/media/dvb-frontends/mn88472.ko - copy the built driver module to /lib/modules/5.9.10-rk322x/kernel/drivers/media/dvb-frontends/ - depmod - modprobe mn88472 dmesg log (excerpt): modinfo shows: modprobe mn88472 modprobe -f --force-vermagic mn88472: For example, the vermagic for dvb_usb.ko module (embedded, pre-built): Any ideas how to proceed further are much appreciated!
  5. Thank you for your reply! Actually, with this image: Armbian_20.11.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_focal_current_5.8.9_desktop.img.xz the MXQ Pro 4K box (RK3228A) also works stable enough. However, by some sort of a comparative analysis, I've reached to a conclusion that the demodulator module - mn88472.ko - driver is missing from the kernel. The tuner is discovered: but half of the necessary FW is being loaded, only dvb-usb-dib0700-1.20.fw for the USB interface. The demodulator FW - dvb-demod-mn88472-02.fw - presumably, requested by mn88472.ko driver, is not. I guess I have to compile the whole kernel, just to get this armhf kernel driver module per the specific kernel version. So, during the config/compile process, what other options/tweaks are MANDATORY to ensure the kernel (and modules) are suitable to work on RK3228A? Thank you for your engagement. Stay safe, healthy and happy!
  6. Greetings, Based on this post: I would like to enable the drivers for XBOX tuner in legacy kernel (e.g. 4.4.194 or Armbian_20.08.1_Rk322x-box_focal_legacy_4.4.194_desktop.img.xz image). Excerpt from a dmesg on a working x86 system: Would you, please, provide some guidance how to do that? Maybe this would be the way... ? TIA!
  7. Apologies for the trivial question, but... How can I upgrade the whole image, for example from Armbian_5.77_Aml-s905_Ubuntu_bionic_default_5.0.2_20190318.img to Armbian_5.84_Aml-s905_Ubuntu_bionic_default_5.1.0-rc1_20190507.img especially when it's installed on internal eMMc... ? Thank you in advance for your replies and apologies for the inconvenience caused.
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