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  1. I'm happy for every input you can give me, but as no one has seen a similar problem, trial&error is all that is left from my point of view. I gave armbianmonitor a try and it was faster than I suspected. 21mb/s read, 8mb/s write speed. On my 32gb card it found no errors, all sectors are ok and Health summary: OK
  2. Maybe because it was suggested or maybe because fbturbo was not running. You are right that I don't expect it to be necessary, but if I get problems I try to solve them. I tried several cards with several images from the orange pi homepage (Debian based, Fedora...) and they all suffer from the same problem. So it seems to be a problem with my Orange Pi. I will try to contact the seller and get a replacement.
  3. Thanks for the replies! Fixed the thermal problems according to the thread and it works. I was under the impression that the fix was already included. I could fix my cursor problem with the help of this https://archlinuxarm.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=8389 The Problem with disappearing icons unfortunately remains. I uninstalled the desktop environment purging using apt-get and reinstalled without change. I compiled the mali driver and installed fbturbo from source and the error still occurs. In the next step I tried to start X manually and tried a manual start of the window ma
  4. Hi everyone, I bought an Orange Pi oneas a cheap replacement for the unobtainable Raspberry Pi Zero for a little Emulation project. Right now I don't know if it was the right decision:) I wanted to add a waveshare 3.5" display to the orange pi, but I don't even get there. I downloaded the armbian distribution v5.10 legacy Jessy desktop. After the start of the desktop, icons, the taskbar and open windows disappear at random, icons return but the taskbar does not, The desktop is unusable. A similar problem happens in the console, I don't see the cursor where I'm typing. On the command