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  1. Hardkernel is putting out a cool power analyzer - can't wait to get my hands on one! This can show you power spikes and confirm if your SBC is drawing the power you expect.
  2. Back in the day we would take a Rubidium source like an SA.22c (can be found on ebay ~$100 - $150) and make a GPS Disciplined Oscillator. The rubidium was accurate for the short period (hours) and the GPS held it really accurate for long time (years). can't find the project we used, but this one makes the point - Sounds like fun!
  3. Are they Google or api related? Google stopped support for a lot of fetures on Chromium recently -
  4. Looks like its available from youyeetoo - They have it on Amazon as well. PRICEY but it's there! Has anyone from Armbian got a sample of this? Is Armbian going there? I ordered on off Amazon, will be here in a couple weeks. Perhaps EU gets it faster? Perhaps there are other sellers, I could only find this one. Actually I found it by accident on Amazon and went looking. I'm sure I didn't do an exhaustive search.
  5. networking in Armbian is exactly as its counterpart (Debian / Ubuntu etc.) I didn't find any hardware issue for your card. Have you tried armbian-config? (sudo armbian-config) Do so and choose wired / wireless networking. It is similar to nmtui, you will see the connections available to you. Do you see the wired connection? Can you 'Activate' it?
  6. and you're absolutely positive it's not a power issue?
  7. Makes sense but I'm spoiled by armbian-config and *assumed* it would be there. Maybe a note on the download page that it really IS minimal lol Thanks!
  8. fresh download just now of minimal image. debconf is present. still no armbian-config until apt install armbian-config during install not found failed to fetch 404 not found couldn't get a wired or wireless connection to do armbianmonitor -u second time pretty much the same downloaded again and burned image debconf is present no armbian config nmtui to set network apt install armbian-config not found armbian-config install fails sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade N: InRelease changed version from 10.7 to 10.8 still no armbian-config apt install armbian-config works armbianmonitor -u states there is a network problem armbian-config runs and is able to forget and then activate again wifi can ping but armbianmonitor -u reports network error @Wernerplease educate me on how to properly test your fix. I am coming up fast but haven't done that yet... but I do have a build system running.
  9. On a fresh Buster Minimal install, what is required to get armbian-config fully functional? apt install armbian-config 'works' but some functions don't, for instance it fails setting the locale as dpkg-reconfigure errors as usr/lib/armbian-config/ line 839 dpkg-reconfigure : command not found EDIT: In armbian-config I selected 'full firmware package' and rebooted, time zone settings now work. Was odd that the welcome page said run armbian-config (beta) but it had to be installed manually via apt.
  10. I would imagine even the smallest armbian supported sbc would do wsjt ... and probably have no trouble being your hotspot. Attach a monitor and I bet it can do the whole thing. Is this for your IOTA stuff? keep us posted! Pictures would be awesome ;] (N4LGH)
  11. on this page links an 'mini.iso' for the official supported build system. Do you have such for 21.04?
  12. I didn't just ditch Windows, but x86 altogether several years ago. That's what originally brought me to armbian - sbc and linux totally replaced intel / amd and ms. The ONLY reason I have a modern x86 box today is to build armbian. And I'm still fairly incompetent at that, although now I can compile an image with a few changes and it actually boots ... (I was for many years a windows x86 tech ... mastered win3.11 and nt server) I'll tech myself armbian-config yet, probably right about when you decide to change how it works lol. But I digress. While I also agree ms is a way different co than decades ago, they're still a profit company and will do what they need at any cost to stay what they consider on top. All that being said, it's still cool to see how much stuff is being ported to arm.
  13. Maybe consider amending this to allow with some restrictions. Or define better as a 'hobby' business can appear commercial. The forum appears to be directed at hardware, but there may be potential for service. I for one am hitting a brick wall with coding some audio control hw and would like to hire someone to help. This seems like a place that might work for that.