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  1. So when you boot it while attached to a serial terminal, do you see any quick text go by before you get to that point? Do you see an option to hit any key to stop loading? it's quick lasts 2 seconds ... you're certain you messed up the flash? The UART method is difficult for people who say they have no experience in this 'low level' activity - perhaps the SATA method will work for you? Most likely you have the 1gb 2 chip version. You can tell by identical chips on the top and bottom sides
  2. I just looked up the board, do you have the NAND version? I see they have a dual TF version that has no NAND?
  3. And I STILL can't get my pi's to do some things that I want ... it's amazing how far Armbian supported boards have taken me and my classes. Keep it up, Armbian crew! No one beats you.
  4. oops sorry I missed the other topic ... thanks!!
  5. Under the Clubs page I saw a link for subscribing to a newsletter - I clicked it, it disappeared, nothing else happened and now the link does not appear again. LOL did I break something? Did I subscribe? ;]
  6. After my last post I noticed the cute little tag 'Donator' was missing from my avatar so I went to re-subscribe and it shows conflicting info - if I roll over the blue badge top right it shows 'Subscription active' but in red in the middle of the box it states 'Subscription expired' and there is no where to renew it. Nothing clickable or obvious ... I had donated to the server fund, did that mess up the auto? I noticed there is a recent charge so I assumed it is still working? BTW, I think there should be an intermediate step between individual and corporate ... 5 Euros
  7. I was trying to help a student download new C4 images and he gets 'Download Error.' Confirmed at my place - Twice I got 'Unable to download file securely' message but mostly 'Download Failed' on direct download. Didn't try all boards but several have same issue. Chrome on Linux x86 (Mint) and XU4 armbian. HTTP vs HTTPS on direct download? Didn't try the torrent downloads. Torrents work fine. Sorry if I put this in the wrong forum :] Edit: if I hit 'Keep' it still shows download error.
  8. We were ... I had this marvelous trojan that could be sent over chat that would cause a little smiley face to bounce around the screen every time the control button got pressed. After a while there were several faces bouncing around the screen. If the victim hit the right shift all the faces would go in clockwise circles, and counter clockwise with the left ... after a while it got too cluttered so all the faces would just 'drip' off the screen and start over. God I miss terminate and stay resident on command line windows ;]
  9. I just recently broke out my Espressobin v5 and put the latest Armbian, and new uboot and script. Runs fine and my OMV appears so far to be quite stable. I have a Marvell pcie 4 port sata card on it with a 4 port hotswappable 2.5 inch drive bay that is moving data fairly decently (80mb /s or so) between fairly slow machines with a low end gigabit router in between. Its booting from Sata - I used dd from an x86 linux box to burn the image directly to an inexpensive 128gb drive. I've always loved the Espressobin, nice little board and now Armbian has breathed new life into it - than
  10. What kind of 'support' do you need? If I understand correctly 'support' is being determined now. There are a couple desktop versions on the bottom of the download page. Give them a try. It's still a work in progress, your contributions may assist in the effort.
  11. I got a new monitor, basically a monitor and a half - 2560 x 1080. With image Armbian_20.08.1_Odroidc4_bionic_current_5.8.5_desktop.img On boot ("Armbian" with circles going in circles) it is detected as 3840x2160 and when entering the desktop is sets it to 1152x864. I've only tested this image so far. It seems to identify the monitor by name and size correctly, but can't seem to set that resolution. Armbian_20.08.1_Odroidc4_buster_current_5.8.5_desktop.img also sets the resolution to the above values, but d
  12. I saw this but the error displayed on the uart terminal before handing off to hdmi. Haven't seen any operational difference.
  13. I am not able to reproduce this issue. I downloaded all the current images, none can I reproduce this error. Can you give a more detailed description of the session? Reboot appears to be working on SD however. This past two weeks I've been away from the bench. Nice to see!
  14. I actually clicked on some of these - good feature.