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  1. I have a BPi M1 and it is indeed rock solid. Are you certain it is an M1, not an M1+ or other vairiant? And you definitely downloaded the Armbian BPi M1 images? It is an absolute that you need a serial adapter to see the system messages before it begins to output to hdmi. There may be a telltale message there that can help. Something inexpensive like You will need a terminal program, putty, winscp, etc. see scroll down to the UART section in J11 UART0 gives serial data at I believe 19200 n81 Bananian definitely worked?
  2. Awesome glad you are able to get it going. That sounds like a challenge as some connections might see that as a security risk. Maybe you write up a little tutorial now that you have it figured out? ;]
  3. iptables taxes my ability already lol but I read a few places that iptables and network manager don't always play well together? In Official Ubuntu iptables documentation it says "WARNING: Iptables and NetworkManager can conflict." Perhaps explore if this is happening to you. note the pre-up statements ... and dumb question ... are we sure that your second adapter is called eth1 and not something like wlp3s0? I think this is as far as I can help you :\
  4. Yeah the minimal image is missing a few things. See also Also instructions tell you to log in as root, but default ubuntu has no root password, so you have to sudo passwd root or sudo everything you do.
  5. try ip route | grep default ip -4 addr show scope global cat /etc/network/interfaces the default gateway is where all internet traffic will be sent. Try the changes you made originally, then see how it affects your default gateway. I think you will need to affect a change to the dgw in addition to your other changes. you seem advanced with iptables but maybe these might give some references Thanks for prompting me to look this up. I've never really dove into iptables, and I found these is nftables in armbian yet? I didn't know about nftables until I read a comment from one of the above threads...
  6. does your monitor have an 'auto adjust' ?I had a similar issue where the monitor was underscanning or overscanning or something and 'auto adjust' (from the monitors menu) brought the whole screen into the viewport of the monitor.
  7. I am absolutely unqualified to give an answer here but out of curiosity I searched the error and found you may not have to specify an option to use neon?
  8. Yes I should have thought of that ... but you'd be surprised at what comes in to my student labs!!
  9. Do indeed let us know how that comes along!!
  10. Do you have a 12v power supply that you may have accidentally plugged into it? Seems to be a common mistake. If so, your board is probably toast :[
  11. I thought I had edited that out ... total 'oops' moment ...
  12. I also like to reference the heartbeat but sometimes I've thought to have it code out a load level in morse ;]
  13. Does this update vary the heartbeat speed with load?
  14. Certainly looks to me to be a receiver only