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  1. Check out out -- we do a lot of digital, robot, ham radio stuff. When anyone brings in a board we see if Armbian supports it. We've had a few Armbian presentations, the best was one we did on armbian-config to install ISPConfig and then Wordpress from ISPConfig. I imagine donations are unreliable income. BUT ... (here it comes ...) I would spend $200 for a basic Armbian Certified Technician and another $200 - 300 to become an Armbian Certified Engineer. This could all be done on a server running Moodle or other courseware. Upon completion the student would get a Certificate that would be useful for technicians to prove their abilities with SBCs. It could probably be derived from one of many courses out there on basic linux and enhanced for Armbian. This would be an incredible undertaking but once done would provide a lot of income for the project. It would help the entire community (or the actively engaged users) to get better with Armbian and its documentation. Once done it wouldn't be that hard to maintain until Armbian had a major update. Think this is crazy? Take a look 'round the net and find how many organizations sell certifications. Who else has done this? Seriously, Armbian could set the standard. ACSBCT/E - Armbian Certified Single Board Computer Technician / Engineer ... wow ;] Who on earth would be interested in such a thing? I would, but I'm one of those guys who loves being certified in things. Professionals certify in technologies to set themselves aside from their competition. Think anyone is making a living on SBCs? If not yet someone will be soon. I've set up two real companies using only SBC's - am I the only one? Start off inexpensive and basic, build content and reputation, raise prices and set the standard. Armbian can do it. I subscribed, but what can $5 do for you? Maybe ... $25 for a Tinkerboard basic technician certification. $50 for a ClearfogPro Armbian Server Cert. Or basic courses and endorsements for different boards. Add up a handful of certs for a course and there's a certified tech ... I think just the existence of such material would create interest. I bet a bunch of Armbian members would take the courses just to support Armbian.
  2. Sitting here with no A/C yet, warm day, the fan comes on now n then but only since I put it in this OGST case. I've only crashed it with too many tabs open with Firefox ;] I put the Sound Bonnet on it and made some cute speakers and that performs well for what it is. And it's been a heck of a server until I got a HC1. Never had the chance to play with an M4 but it sounds like a teddy bear for you like my XU4 is for me.
  3. One of my students told me Armbian no longer accepts donations. Indeed, I see a 'Subscriptions' section, but no longer a Donations link. It's been a while since I looked. When 'subscribing' I guess one could uncheck the automatic renewal, but would that cause trouble for Armbian expecting continuing income? Or should one make the subscription and then cancel? I always encourage my students to support Armbian. I have no clue how many actually have, but feedback is that they would like to make a one-time donation and not a 'subscription.' I dig the subscription idea, but I think Armbian should also have a one time donation link even if it only gets used now n then. But I would spend a LOT of money to be Armbian 'certified' ;]
  4. I did a LOT of study on these modular power supplies. Some are junk, most are actually, but if you know what you're dealing with it can work out well for you. I found my way to a Mean Well RD65A On Amazon that meets its specifications. I used a couple of electronic loads to test the voltage and current ratings and it held them for hours several times without excessive heating. I had other similar units from other manufacturers that failed miserably. Voltage dropped before coming close to their current ratings. For the price this is a decent supply. If you look at it with an O'scope under load it's a little messy but not terrible. There is a little RF emission but shielding and bypassing should solve any problems that might cause unless you're using it for weak signal communication devices. I'm using mine with a ClearfogPro and a 4 bay hotswappable 2.5 inch SSD array since Christmas.
  5. I've been using Armbian on an XU4 for years and it is a great Desktop for me. I dual boot it with HK's Mate when I want to compare things. It's a conversation starter when I set it up at a demo in it's OGST game console case. The C2 is a good desktop, great if you need 64 bit. but the XU4 has done better for me as my business desktop. (QB, Gimp, EMail, Web dev stuff) I'm waiting for my N2 as well ...
  6. YOU are too freaking cool lol ... But seriously, 'Armbian Certified SBC Technician' and 'Armbian Certified Engineer' sound like great certificates ... Would be worth 'round $200 or so for each step and I'd certainly pay it to go through the exercises set out by the Armbian gods. Would put a few bucks in the Armbian coffers ...
  7. WHEN will I be able to take a course here, or series of courses here, and become a Certified Armbian Technician or Certified Armbian Engineer? May sound odd, but seriously consider the ramifications ...
  8. Installed from Armbian_5.65_Odroidxu4_Debian_stretch_next_4.14.78. Used Armbian-Config to install ISPConfig Used ISPConfig to install Joomla Joomla control panel states version is 7.0xxx but requires 7.1 or later - We have detected that your server is using PHP 7.0.30-0+deb9u1 which is obsolete and no longer receives official security updates by its developers. The Joomla! Project recommends upgrading your site to PHP 7.1 or later which will receive security updates at least until 2019-12-01. apt update apt upgrade shows all packages up to date Is there a way to upgrade to 7.1 in this config? all the help I find online is oriented toward x86 hardware. Ignore warning? appears to be working but the security warning bothers me.
  9. BTW on the clearfog download page it shows tested hardware Huawei ME909s - can someone point me to the setting for that one? I imagine almost everything but the vendor id's will be close enough to get started with. Looks like I need to establish a consistent interface name configure the modem set the interface set the route to the other ports Couple days more reading ;]
  10. OK this gives me somewhere to start thanks. More questions come about but now I can ask unkle G ;] Using the AT command set I should be able to edit one of the .sh files for the ublox. One thing I see in the data sheet is that part numbers ending in 00 don't support https ... this may be a show stopper for the most part. Gotta love those asterisks.
  11. Hey thanks!! I've torn through that, overwhelmed by 900+ pages in the AT command set manual as well as the examples ... I'm missing something stupid basic ... how do I get a terminal to do the at commands in the first place?? A good pointer would be awesome. I'm assuming /dev/ttyACM0 with a terminal program? [screen / minicom etc] Once it clicks I'm sure I'll be off and running ;]
  12. I have issues with other equipment that won't allow static leasing. My 'workaround' has been to limit the DHCP range and statically program the necessary clients with IP's outside the DHCP range.
  13. So far I've been able to get just about everything running with Armbian but I just haven't got my head around routing a usb / mpci 4g modem. I clearly see it's a ttyACM0 device, I can see it's a USB connection in nmtui, ifconfig shows it as usb0 interface. I think the hardware is good and Armbian is talking to it fine. Can someone point me to a tutorial somewhere that would turn the light on for a first time try at routing data from a cellular modem? I'm using a clearfog pro but I also have an espressobin. The modem is a U-Blox MPCI-L201 and I imagine should work on either board. I'm probably just not putting the right questions to uncle google ... Thanks in advance
  14. try armbian-config as root or sudo armbian-config and set the time through the utility.