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  1. Received an email from Solid-Run this morning, stating they had a leak in a pipe from a neighbor that shut them down for a while. They state the Clearfog Pro will be shipping end of January. I've been bugging them since November hihi. They said that Arrow has some in stock, but it appears they only have the SD version, not the eMMC. Although, looks like the SD version might be a better dev unit anyway. Just thought I'd report, I've gathered all the goodies to go with it and can't wait to build my classroom server.
  2. Application Development on Armbian

    It's been decades since I did application development but I want to get started again. I see that Ubuntu IDE SDK is included in the 'software boutique' but when I install it there are numerous errors when trying to configure. Do you guys have a preferred IDE for application dev on Armbian and do you have any tutorial how to build it? The Ubuntu IDE SDK looks good but so do several other IDEs that include GUI designers such as QDevelop. Before I go down a long path I'd rather try what you kids are already successfully using. I know, most guys use Vi(m) and command line, but I want to give the IDE style of development a go. This is a very subjective question so I'm looking forward to different points of view. Thanks.
  3. Where did you end up going with this?
  4. Why are you using Armbian?

    Armbian ROCKS in a classroom environment - everyone has their own board and still things work remarkably similar. There is very little hardware specific stuff a student needs to differentiate from the instructions given. May not seem like much, but so far we've got 14 kids to use a board other than a RPi and 'learn linux.' (I think a couple of adults secretly use their kids Odroids late at night ...)
  5. Wireguard on Armbian & TinkerBoard

    Again good data from the expert thanks ;]
  6. Wireguard on Armbian & TinkerBoard

    In the graphic on this listing the chipset part number is noted as AX 88179, which brings up a lot of items on Amazon, etc. I also want one of these ;] This one has the bonus of bringing a USB3 hub outside the Cloudshell case ... off topic but thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  7. Banana Pi M1+ and BPi 7 inch LCD (S070WV20-CT16)

    Almost a year later but this info is still good. Simply copied the 5" lcd bin from the LeMaker link Igor gave above into /boot/bin and renamed the old one to .hold and the new one to bananapi.bin and 5" screen works great.
  8. pluseaudio-equalizer on XU4

    Is there anywhere I can find pulseaudio-equalizer or package with similar capabilities for Armbian on XU4? It appears to be out there for arm64 ...
  9. Sound equalizer on mpv. Orange pi One

    Did you ever get a solution for this? I made some bass reflex boxes for my odroid boom bonnet but I'd still like some equalization. Debian has package pulseaudio-equalizer but I have not found it yet for arm.
  10. That's exactly what I needed thanks.
  11. From Ilya Viten at Clearfog - "Hi Tracy, Thanks for the email, the 2GB version is available for a MOQ of 60pcs at least. By default we provide 1GB version. " 1GB will have to do for me ;] @tkaiserThe 960 EVO seems to have a good price / performance ratio, don't see any advantage to the PRO over the big price, is the EVO overkill for this application? You had specifically mentioned the 950 in an above post ... I looked at the SSD @Igor posted above but here in US that is almost as expensive. 256 is actually large enough I just want speed for this one. Again thanks, I've been pouring though all the suppliers looking for the components of this and I think, thanks to your help, I'm on my way.
  12. Me too thanks. I'll post when I receive the toys.
  13. Glad I asked! OK thanks that makes a big help. 'at the minimum' - The WLE600VX looks great. Just happened across the WLE900VX, 3xMIMO any sense messing with that? Have you found any NVMe M.2 drive smaller than 2280? Would a riser / extender such as this be a problem? This would allow one to mount a 2280 somewhere else in the cabinet. SolidRun states 'some click boards supported' - do you know if something like this board or this one would be supported to display basic info like IP, temp, # users ... ? Back in the day we used LCD4Linux, I'm sure there is a mechanism in Armbian for that? I have this 4 bay SAS/SATA cage. I assume this should be safe for adding and removing student drives on the fly? Thanks for tolerating all my questions, this is a significant project and I want to get the right stuff the first time. I appreciate the link from the other forum to the data above. Oh, and by the way while looking for SSDs I found this, not marvel but thought it was interesting if you wanted to add yet 3 more drives ;]
  14. I found the four port units thanks. Many questions :] Did either of you get yours with any of the options such as 2GB RAM or eMMC? I don't see any way of choosing the extra RAM or eMMC options on the Solid-Run webstore ... did you get yours through a distributor or ... ? In the Armbian Download notes for the Clearfog Pro it refers to the eMMC, confirm we are talking about the eMMC on the SOM unit? Solid-Run's sales data seems lacking, what is the port on the back and what adapter did you use there? Can I assume this port would support something like a USB3 adapter? I see there is a USB3 port, thought it was a slot for an adapter ... I assume then this port would be for a SSD or ... ? Armbian support something like this for wifi? Intel 3160 or AC 7260 And for USB3? Renesas NEC The renesas one looks easier to run power - but is it supported? Assuming you are running legacy? Anything I should have asked and didn't? ;] This board is looking like the perfect machine for our classroom server but I want to research well before diving in. Don't need Bluetooth but WiFi and USB3 would be incredibly useful.
  15. I guess I should have asked my question more thoroughly ;] The first photo in Mr. Kaisers Aug. 19 post - I assume clearfog pro - without enclosure but what are the sata boards and where do I get those? I was fairly sure RAID wan't the best idea on any ARM board but we have no need for that anyway, this is JBOD for convenience. I have a little 4 bay removable array that will be nice once I get a decent system running. Thanks for pointing out this board, it reduces several other pieces of hardware and introduces a nice way to package the whole thing. BTW, we always introduce our students to Armbian, because it behaves pretty much the same on any board so they have more in common right off the bat :]