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    t-bob got a reaction from renard in OPiWin - stretch testing   
    the hdmi part of linux doesnt work yet so you'll see the part of the booting up process and then nothing. we dont have an eta on hdmi working yet
    buy a usb-ttl device and hook that to the serial connection
    the ethernet port may not work either as they have pulled support for that for the moment. wifi only

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    t-bob got a reaction from tkaiser in Orange PI Win+ - apt upgrade issue   
    The gpio/i2c were just there as examples not as the truth
    OK, let me think further on this and i'll see if i can come up with something that may be usable .. then put it up for comment. I would like to help but I'm not really a kernel coder ... sysadmin/dba/integrator yes ....
    I know that one of the 'problems' is that users keep asking the same question over & over ... in general terms is it more about the status of X or 'this doesnt work' ?
    Again, not trying to be annoying but trying to find out where I can help. Do you have any suggestions as to where I could help to make your lives easier ?
    Yes, I have several users here I'd pay to be sent to a CIA re-education camp Perhaps we can get a bulk booking discount
    With users downloading WIP images, if when they click on the link to get the image could you put a dialog window that says something like "This is an unstable image and should not be used for anything other than testing. Somethings may work or not blah blah blah. Press 'I understand the risks' " ? I've found you really have to get in their faces with stuff as they dont read the page, they just want the image to run on their board.