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  1. How to check it? I think that script thinks that my SD is internal EMMC because every file copied console says "file changed as we read it" and also after installation my SD is wiped and box won't boot.
  2. maybe script is thinking that SD is internal eMMC. And that is likely possible because every file copied console says "file changed as we read it"
  3. There is no such a script on this directory.
  4. Thank you very much for this great tutorial. I have still problems with copying SD to eMMC. I run the install to eMMC script. After it is completed I restart the box, and it just stays on splash screen. When i plugged in SD it also didin't booted. I've inserted card to PC and it was empty. I burned linux ISO to SD again and it's starts again from SD. How to force it to boot from eMMC after installation? (I didn't had any android/windows related files/folders on SD when installing to eMMC and also edited both files with good .dtb file).
  5. So these without desktop is without GUI only terminal right?
  6. What are the differences between these images?
  7. Hello does armbian support video output through AVout Composite connector? My HDMI is somehow damaged and won't work so I use composite. I configured user through SSH and linux seems to be booted but it sends black screen through Composite out. I have SSH connection and can use sudo but screen on AV is black.
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