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  1. My BPM1 runs Armbian and kernel "4.19.57-sunxi", the one that apt installed. But accessing the SSD is still very slow. I guess that means the patch has not yet arrived in repositories?
  2. Hello! I am just trying to set up Armbian Buster on my Banana Pi and I am experiencing a strange problem with the keyboard settings: I choose de-UTF8 for system wide locale and system wide language, I set the keyboard to German, but still I couldn't type umlaute (öäü). If I typed "ä", nothing happens. If I typed "ü", it retrieved commands from the bash history, that I typed in earlier. If I typed ö", the input line displayed (arg: 6) After long search I finally found a kind of solution: if I uncomment this line in /etc/inputrc: # set convert-meta off I can type "öäü", but now I also can delete as many characters from the prompt as I typed in, when I press BACKSPACE. For example the normal prompt says root@bananapi:~# Next I type "äöü" root@bananapi:~#öäü Now, when I type BACKSPACE 5 times, the prompt looks like this: root@bananapi: If I type "öäü" again, and press BACKSPACE 3 times, the line looks like this: root@banana This is funny, but at least the "umlaute" are working now.
  3. Thanks again. To be honest: I haven't made up my mind yet, if I will keep the Banana Pi or if I will replace it with a more "modern" SOC. When I started to setup my cloud server, I chose the BPM because of its SATA connector. The first version of my personal server was Raspberry based, but the performance was very poor, no matter if I used the sdcard only or an attached USB memory. Then the Banana came out and I was happy, because I could connect an SSD to it. I know that the Banana's SATA connector is not a real SATA connector, it's a kind of USB to SATA converter. But still, read/write access to the SSD was much faster than accessing the USB devices on the Raspberry. But now the Raspberry 4 is out, and it provides native USB3 ports, which are much faster than the Banana's SATA connector. And (no offence meant!) I believe that the Raspberry and Raspbian will have a longer lifetime than the Banana. And more and faster memory will also make its use much more fun.
  4. Sorry for the misunderstanding! When I asked about the expected length of support, I was referring to Armbian. As far as I understand it by now, Armbian comes in two different flavours, derived from two different distributions: Debian Stretch and Ubuntu Bionic. I wanted to know, which Armbian flavour will be the one that will be supported longer.
  5. Thanks for your reply to my questions. If Armbian Stretch and Armbian Bionic are identical, it is simply a question of support: which version will be supported longer?
  6. Hello! I am new to Armbian, so I need a little help and advice here. Until now, I've been using a Banana Pi M1 with Bananian on it, and running NextCloud as my personal cloud server. Unfortunately, Bananian is dead, so there won't be any updated PHP version ( < 5.6), which are needed for recent NextCloud Version: NC 14 requires PHP 7, but Bananian (Debian 8.11) is stuck at PHP 5.6. Soo sad... That's why I need to switch to Armbian, and as far as I know, this project has no sword named "EOL" hovering above its head — at least not yet. ;) My questions are these: - Which version of Armbian would you recommend running NextCloud: Bionic or Streched? - Which one will run more smoothly on the Banana M1? (I am using this model because I can connect an SSD to it, which really is quite a performance boost compared to USB drives!) - Can anyone kick me to some good migration instructions, please? My idea of how to proceed is this: I want to install Armbian onto a second BPM1 and when the system is running, I want to copy NextCloud's and MariaDB's data directories from the old system onto the new one, thus making a perfect copy of the old NextCloud server, a copy that is now running on Armbian. When this is done, I want to update NextCloud to the most recent version available. Would you recognize this procedure or is there a more convenient and/or secure way of migration? Many thanks in advance for any help and clues!