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    pi-rat got a reaction from guidol in Buster: keyboard trouble with german umlaute   
    I am just trying to set up Armbian Buster on my Banana Pi and I am experiencing a strange problem with the keyboard settings: I choose de-UTF8 for system wide locale and system wide language, I set the keyboard to German, but still I couldn't type umlaute (öäü). If I typed "ä", nothing happens. If I typed "ü", it retrieved commands from the bash history, that I typed in earlier. If I typed ö", the input line displayed
    (arg: 6)  
    After long search I finally found a kind of solution: if I uncomment this line in /etc/inputrc:
    # set convert-meta off  
    I can type "öäü", but now I also can delete as many characters from the prompt as I typed in, when I press BACKSPACE. For example the normal prompt says
    Next I type "äöü"
    Now, when I type BACKSPACE 5 times, the prompt looks like this:
    If I type "öäü" again, and press BACKSPACE 3 times, the line looks like this:
    This is funny, but at least the "umlaute" are working now.