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  1. a USB-ethernet adapter will help you to get a Network connection
  2. you could try the socat command which supports some raw-configuration. I use it to "copy" the stream from /dev/ttyUSB0 to /dev/ttyUSB1 for connecting 2 USB-serial devices on a armbian-SBC
  3. because we can If you dont like other SBCs like the RPi (I did read all your content on this forum) then do ua a favour and use only RPI-SBCs. If you also could see we didnt support here the RPi. If you want to help us its OK, but only to tell that we use "garbage" SBCs isnt helpful. And many here can use this "garbage" very well and they arent a copy, because they use very different hardware. If they were a cop they could use the "great Raspbian". But for us armbian is mostly better. The Raspberry and Raspbian has a much wider user-base and more support from companys - that
  4. @Igor I replaced (by the meaning of u-boot) linux-u-boot-nanopineo2-dev with linux-u-boot-nanopineo2-edge ( linux-u-boot-edge-nanopineo2_21.05.0-trunk_arm64.deb ) But Iam searching for the -edge replacement for linux-buster-root-dev-nanopineo2, because apt has only for "linux edge": [EDIT] this was created at ./output/debs/buster/linux-buster-root-edge-nanopineo2_21.05.0-trunk_arm64.deb Did edit the instructions above
  5. maybe a stupid little question Is there an "official" way to update kernel-package from dev to edge without recompiling/installing the newest image? I did manually for one of my NanoPi Neo2: apt remove linux-u-boot-nanopineo2-dev -y apt remove linux-dtb-dev-sunxi64 -y apt remove linux-image-dev-sunxi64 -y apt remove linux-buster-root-dev-nanopineo2 -y dpkg -i ./linux-u-boot-edge-nanopineo2_21.05.0-trunk_arm64.deb dpkg -i ./linux-buster-root-edge-nanopineo2_21.05.0-trunk_arm64.deb dpkg -i ./linux-dtb-edge-sunxi64_21.05.0-trunk_arm64.deb dpkg -i ./linux-image-edge-sun
  6. Do you generate - with the build system - only "current"-images? Because in DEV for H2+/H3 I got 5.11.2 on the NanoPi Neo (sunxi): 5.11.2-sunxi #trunk SMP Tue Mar 2 18:14:30 +03 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux and 5.11.3 at he H5 CPU with a NanoPi Neo2 (sunxi64): 5.11.3-sunxi64 #trunk SMP Mon Mar 8 23:00:36 +03 2021 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux
  7. If you want to use a "real" Terminal - instead of SSH / Ser2Net- like the TTGO VGA32 FabGL ANSI-Terminal and you dont have a 3.3V <-> 5.0V logic level converter available then using the NanoPi K1 Plus (or any other armbian device with 2 USB-ports) as a "mediator" may be possible using the "socat"-command To use socat we should disable (disable for every boot or stop until the next boot) the ser2net service: Usage: /etc/init.d/ser2net {start|stop|restart|reload|force-reload|status} sudo service ser2net restart sudo service ser2net stop sudo service ser2net start sud
  8. The Z80-MBC2 is a 4-chip Z80-computer which can run CP/M and has a 5V TTL-serial-port. The Z80-MBC2 is powered and accessable via a USB-TTL-serial-adapter (configured to 5V - not 3.3V) type CP2102 seen as /dev/ttyUSB0 The easy way would be to connect the USB-adapter to a Pi-style computer wth armbian, login via SSH and start minicom for the port. But that way doenst look as good - to me - as the following way First we need to install ser2net and telnet (telnet doesnt seem to be installed as standard) in armbian via apt install ser2net telnet Th
  9. find at all downloads - Alwinner /banana Pi A 20 - Udoo Quad Makerboard Rev. D. - Orange PI Prime rev 1.0
  10. @9acca9 No wonder the RPi Zero is only a Single-Core SBC with max. 1GHz. OK - this sounds much for a normal chess-computer, but not for stockfish. You also get what you paid for You did better buy something like a Orange Pi Zero ( a chep QuadCore SBC). I dont know (az this time) how to setup a Win10-Chess Server, because stockfish for Windows is only a commandline program and I dont know how to connect it externally via TCP or serial. All Windows GUI Chess programs can use the command-line UCI connection to use stockfish ( )
  11. where did you get the .deb for the linux-image (5.10.21-meson64)? Why didnt you used armbian-config (System -> Other -> Switch to other Kernel) to change the kernel/image? When you did selfcompile the image via armbian-build-system....did you try to update the packages like u-boot, firmware and so on before the linux-image?
  12. @Elclaudio I have only power (Single-USB-Power 5V/1A from an old "Palm"-Power-Supply (PSU 157-10108-00)) and ethernet (100MBit) connected. For you I switched a short time my C2 to the 1GBit-Switch rebooted/tested - works also: [87945.551990] meson8b-dwmac c9410000.ethernet eth0: Link is Down [87967.818374] meson8b-dwmac c9410000.ethernet eth0: Link is Up - 100Mbps/Full - flow control off [88095.093734] meson8b-dwmac c9410000.ethernet eth0: Link is Down [88097.665953] meson8b-dwmac c9410000.ethernet eth0: Link is Up - 1Gbps/Full - flow control off root@odroid-c2-
  13. Only Orange Pi Zero Revision 1.5 (printed on the mainboard) is a LTS-version and should run cooler
  14. @Igor @Elclaudio My C2 did already work/reboot with U-Boot 2021.01-armbian (Mar 03 2021 - 14:32:21 +0300) odroid-c2 But today I compiled the new u-boot U-Boot 2021.04-rc3-armbian (Mar 08 2021 - 18:12:26 +0300) odroid-c2 which does also work/reboot fine on my C2 System diagnosis information has been uploaded to [EDIT] does also work with newer dev-kernel FROM Linux 5.10.19-meson64 TO Linux 5.11.4-meson64 System diagnosis information has been uploaded to # dd if=/dev/mmcbl