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  1. guidol

    Kernel update -> no longer bootable

    uEnv.txt isnt available on a armbian-system (I think), because as I know armbian does use the 2 files - /boot/boot.scr and - /boot/armbianEnv.txt ( did you read about teh uEnv.txt at ?) /boot/boot.scr isnt directly a editable file, because it seems to have a small binary header and then says also: # # Please edit /boot/armbianEnv.txt to set supported parameters # If you are using a armbian-system and do update via "apt update" then apt would do everything for you to set the new kernel active. If you upgrade your armbian you should be able to get kernel 4.19.y. See the images at:
  2. guidol

    Soundcard vanishing on OrangePi Zero

    because alsa is normally installed I do install additionally "alsa-utils". With that I use "aplay -l" to display the soundcards and their numbers. When you got "no soundcard" after boot do a "dmesg -w" and reconnect the USB-Speaker to see if it is recognized or what error-message will occur. Also check the USB-Bus with "lsusb" if your USB-Speaker is recognized. For verification you could also activate the internal soundcard in armbian-config -> system - > hardware (analog-audio) then reboot and check if there is now a soundcard and which number they have. I never got a good usage of pulseaudio - for me alsa allways did work better.
  3. When it (named the Mecool KM8 P) is in your previous posts why not tell the name? Many boxes wouldnt boot in armbian I also got a Amlogic 912 Box running armbian. Mine is a Sunvell T95K Pro which isnt as cheap as yours. But maybe some people will give a cheap box a shoot and then it would be better if many people do work on the same box. So then would be a bigger chance to get things running and not every one here is buying another box with different Ram/Ethernet/Wifi-Chips. If you wouldnt recommend your box, pleae write a note why to help other people buying the "right" one
  4. And now - tell us the name of the Box ( and maybe a link)
  5. guidol

    NanoPI M4: Disable LEDs and WiFi

    for the LEDs you can try the following: ls -l /sys/class/leds (here as example from a NanoPi Neo2): lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Feb 20 21:50 nanopi:green:status -> ../../devices/platform/leds/leds/nanopi:green:status lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Feb 20 21:50 nanopi:red:pwr -> ../../devices/platform/leds/leds/nanopi:red:pwr then echo none to the trigger of the led-name: echo 'none' > /sys/class/leds/[name_of_the_led]/trigger so it should look like this: echo 'none' > /sys/class/leds/nanopi:green:status/trigger You only have to check the led-names of your board and add the commands in /etc/rc.local before "exit 0"
  6. Debian Bug report logs - #922478 upgrade linux-image-4.9.0-8-armmp-lpae:armhf from 4.9.130-2 to 4.9.144-3 renders many systems unbootable A german webpage also mentioned some other boards Lemaker Banana Pi, Cubox i4 Pro, Cubox i4x4, Wandboard Quad, Odroid XU4, Odroid U3, Firefly RK3288 and the Cubietruck @Igor: are you (or the dveelopers) aware of this?
  7. guidol

    Pi-Hole Update to v4.2(.1) Hotfix Release Of Pi-hole v4.2.2 telekrmor 2019-02-18 Updates 1 We released two small updates to Core and FTL, which will bump both to version 4.2.2. In the Core codebase, some users experienced crashes if their systems were without libcap support which caused FTLDNS to run as root, later dropping to the unprivileged user pihole. As the shared memory objects used for FTLDNS are created before this switch, issues such as failing to access, reallocate, or delete the shared memory were seen. For most of you, this update will be transparent. Meanwhile, the release of FTLDNS will let FTLDNS continue running as root if necessary on the given system. This will let FTLDNS retain access to its shared memory. We’ve added one related feature that reports both the user pihole-FTL started as and the user pihole-FTL crashed as in case it crashes and generated a crash ticket in pihole-FTL.log. Also included, is a fix for the blocking status display for NODATA and NXDOMAIN blocking modes, which were incorrectly reported as OK (cached) although they were blocking just fine by FTL v4.2. Finally, there is a fix that also fixes FTL crashing by adjusting the overTime data structure. Thanks for reporting these issues and help us making Pi-hole a better software!
  8. the board reminds me at the AcmeSystems Aritetta: or the WiFiG25: Module.html They also do have a 256MB version of the Arietta, but they wouldnt send it to turkey
  9. guidol

    T95Z Plus

    take a look at this thread: does work for my Sunvell T95K Pro - also with S912 CPU, but you should boot from sdcard. If you mess up the internal eMMC then your box can be bricked ____ ___ _ ____ / ___|/ _ \/ |___ \ \___ \ (_) | | __) | ___) \__, | |/ __/ |____/ /_/|_|_____| Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.72 user-built Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 5.0.0-rc3-next-2 0190125-aml-s912-g494367cb5-dirty System load: 0.02 0.02 0.00 Up time: 2 days Memory usage: 9 % of 1837MB IP: CPU temp: 49°C Usage of /: 17% of 15G
  10. guidol

    How does the ARMBIAN versioning work?

    As I have seen (after compiling with the armbian-build-system and installing .debs like kernel-image, dtb, u-boot and headers) the version seems for armbian only to change in the welcome-message if there is a new root-deb-package like (on my Neo2) linux-stretch-root-dev-nanopineo2 5.73 arm64 Armbian tweaks for stretch on nanopineo2 (dev branch) So check for a root package with dpkg -l|grep root A long time ago @Igor did wrote, that not every time the kernel-number changes also the armbian-version does change. I also dont know, why thos root-package is created in /build/output/debs/stretch while the other ones are only in /build/output/debs/ When will the root-package created?
  11. because you did ask since weeks I have to "mouseover" or click on User-Icons and "Like"-Numbers to see whats behind. As I did remember right it was shown without that every time (like who did like or the User-Statistics). I did like the statistics because then I know if I do answer to a beginner or a "pro"
  12. I also own a Jide Remix Mini 2G/16G, but Jide didnt delivered a unlock solution after they dropped the Remix OS-Support for the Remix Mini Remix OS isnt bad with the Keyboard/Mouse/Window-Support
  13. guidol

    Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip

    please tell us the solution
  14. guidol

    Ubuntu 18.04 build environment

    you only need a mini-server image of 18.04 64bit and the git instructions from this page....after that my build-system did work without installing (manually) any other packages:
  15. guidol

    htop has strange "layout"

    you could set a UTF8 language in armbian-config at the SBC-side and in puTTY terminal you could under configurations you could also set utf8 both together should show you the right screen in htop