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  1. It's not dead, you just don't have the correct dtb. For me it was trial and error until I figured out which worked the best. I don't have your box though. I have 2 identically looking boxes from the outside but the internals were different.In my opinion It's best to open it and see what the CPU is.
  2. if by multi-boot you mean holding the reset button so the box will boot from USB/SD Card then I was doing that as by default it boots to android. I've information about the but from my understanding it will do the same thing as when I'd hold the reset button won't it?
  3. Hey I'm pretty new to this community. I have Mini M8S II which is running libreelec just fine with the stock dtb. I want to turn it into a small server with armbian but it always fails to boot. The box apparently has S905X which should "translate" into this dtb gxl_p212_2g_kvim.dtb. Libreelec refuses to boot with it but when I used older built of Coreelec it booted with gxbb_p200_1G_1Gbit.dtb which should be S905 not S905X. Armbian and libreelec refuses to boot with that dtb. I've tried most of the included dtb even putting them to main directory and renaming them as dtb.img (Yes I've read that I'm supposed to change the location in config file) At this point I think it must be something with the Armbian version. I'm trying the latest 5.90 but I've also tried 5.41, 5.84. None of them is able to boot. I'd like to ask if there is someone who has it working and is able to help me. EDIT: I was able to boot it just fine. The issue was that I was using older dtb as I've had no idea those dtb were different in newer builds. Special thanks to Reddwarf who pointed me to the right direction