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  1. My board is rockpi4b After starting, unplug or restart the display, the display will display armbian desktop directly, indicating that armbian is started normally, but there is no normal signal to the display.After restarting, you must switch the monitor power or unplug the hdmi cable to display. This is not a problem if you use the official debian of rock and the armbian5.67 downloaded from rock's official website. And i want to use gpio lib in armbian such as libmraa ,how should i do?
  2. hi guy, i want to know how do you get the log use serial? I seem cannot get info from serial port, i only get messy code in putty
  3. As the title, I successfully flashed my spi flash according to Radxa official course but my board could not boot. I found when I inserted the SDcard and connected the nvme disk which both was flashed lastly Armbian buster image, my board can boot and boot from nvme disk. It looks like an SD card can boot nvme because start the sd card central subsystem first and then run the system in nvme. now i want to boot Armbian from nvme disk and don't insert SDcard, what should I do?