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    dacen reacted to Igor in How to boot from nvme in Rock pi 4B?   
    Armbian has nothing to do with Radxa official SPI flashing. We don't provide boot from SPI at the this moment, especially not from 3rd party boot loader. 

    That is expected to work - such install way is officially supported. I don't know if nvme boot is supported ...
    In theory? (if nvme support exists in u-boot) Adjust SPI boot loader sources that will be looking for Armbian boot boot.scr script. Recompile, flash to SPI and boot the board. Most likely - without looking into the code or their official images - the only difference is that they have FAT boot partition, while Armbian boots from EXT4. Some small adjustments ... I am out for vacations and will not look into the code for some time.