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  1. Thanks, I suspected it was nothing to do with Helios4, but had a nagging doubt re SD card. Link very much appreciated. P.
  2. I haven’t used my Helios4 for about a week. On logging in to the web interface today, it seems to accept my credentials, but then throws me back to the login page again. Not the same as a failed login attempt. Just no CP. I can access via SSH, have changed web admin password, still the same problem. No idea what to do – any suggestions appreciated. P.
  3. Not a problem, very easy to fit a switch into the power cord, or to plug into a wall socket Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a patch I should have applied.
  4. A minor question. The fans on my unit go to “max” if it is shutdown (via OMV). This isn't a temp "cool-down", they will stay in this state until the unit is repowered. Other than isolating the unit from the mains, is there any software remedy for this? Thanks.
  5. There are some really nice examples of even more creative uses of the OLED display over on GitHub, including a graphical clock, vertical scroller, display sysinfo, a Tweet scroller, weather update, and so on. Unfortunately, they all need some adapting, which is beyond my pay grade. But hopefully, a coder might be interested…?
  6. Yep, been cycled several times now.
  7. Can I just say how delighted I am with my new Helios4? It’s a lovely piece of kit, and the online instructions are extremely well-written, too. Many congratulations to everyone concerned, a great job! I just have a minor query on the OLED screen, see attached pic. a) top line of the display is garbled, anything I can do about that? b) I don’t really need to display free space on the SD card, but would like to show the two volumes, /dev/dm-0 and /dev/dm-1. As you can see, dm-0 is not showing correctly, at the moment, showing total space as 997M when it should