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    Are there any plans to do another run?
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    Can I just say how delighted I am with my new Helios4? It’s a lovely piece of kit, and the online instructions are extremely well-written, too. Many congratulations to everyone concerned, a great job!
    I just have a minor query on the OLED screen, see attached pic.
    a) top line of the display is garbled, anything I can do about that?
    b) I don’t really need to display free space on the SD card, but would like to show the two volumes, /dev/dm-0 and /dev/dm-1. As you can see, dm-0 is not showing correctly, at the moment, showing total space as 997M when it should be 15.82TB. Current sys-oled.conf file is below.
    Again, thanks for your hard work!
    # Storage Device 1
    # Device name
    storage1_name = sd

    # Device mount path
    storage1_path = /

    # Storage Device 2
    storage2_name= dm-0
    storage2_path= /dev/dm-0