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  1. Re: potential NFS related MacOS issues, just for info: I've now had my Mac on all weekend, going to sleep maybe ten times: there are now 425 NFS connections to my Helios 4 / Debian Buster server, all allocated in the 'well known ports' (0-1023) area. The impact on memory is minimal (20-30MB), but I wonder what happens when the below 1024 port area is exhausted? Instead of finding out, I'll umount the three mounts...
  2. @gprovost FYI: I've had zero issues past 6 months after starting umounting MacOS NFS mounts when no longer using them. When I forget to do this (which is often) & Mac goes to sleep a few times there will be tens of NFS daemons running on the Helios/Debian server. I do believe there is an issue related to NFS between MacOS & Debian. Issuing 'netstat | grep nfs' every now and then might help to confirm this.
  3. @gprovost (how do I refer to a person/userid in this forum?) re: "how to debug" I've had no further crashes after the two incidents ≈10 days ago. With little to back this up I suspect the issue is related Mac OS NSF client implementation with Armbian server: - the issues in my 10 months stable system started after I started working at home (due to the corona virus restrictions): I had my laptop NFS mounted to Helios for weeks - the two crashes took place when I was not working: the Mac had gone to sleep. They did not appeared when Helios was under heavy load. - Now I've (usually) unmounted the NFS disks after use: no issues past 10 days With this: if the NFS hypothesis is true I would not find anything with the suggested steps. However, doing it with NFS shares to my Mac OS client going to sleep might (in)validate my suspicion? I believe MACs don't sleep all that well: they keep on waking up and checking things. pekkal
  4. @gprovost I get 12.58 V, obviously w/o any load.
  5. How to debug? After running since August with no issues, my Helios4 has now crashed twice during past week: the OLED remains visible without being updated, the fan remains quiet (unlike after shutdown), all services are down. After unplugging & plugging the power the system starts & all services are OK, but obviously the logs are gone. After reboot log.hdd has very little, dmesg shows no errors. How can I move logs to permanent storage or what can I do otherwise post mortem ... or is it the time to rebuild the system on a new SD card? Regards, pekkal
  6. Thanks! Changing the display fixed the issue: tighten the screws with fingers only!
  7. Helios4 OLED I've just received my batch 3 Helios4 and gotten it running: moved drives, configured NFS, DLNA, SMB, FTP etc etc etc. Works beautifully and silently (especially when the drives spin down!). One issue though: the OLED display appears to be unreadable: Any ideas what went wrong ... the installation of HW and SW seemed easy enough with the wiki instructions...