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  1. Hi ALL, I got it compiled in the docker environment without problems. In Debian Buster some needed tools like: debootstrap, gaparted, losetup and maybe others are installed in /sbin, that is not in my PATH when I'm su. So I just added also the /sbin directory to my PATH before calling the ./compile.sh script and it also compiles without problems. The compile problems are now fixed, the questeion for this debootstrap problem is answered an this topic can marked as solved. I'll give the newly created image a try later on. Many thanks to all fo you wollik
  2. Hi Werner, thanks for this hint, I setup not a docker environment on my Debian buster system and give it a try. Reards Wolfgang
  3. Hi Igor, I can't find the problem in the logs, here are the logs from today and the older onse. Regards wollik logs-25_06_2021-12_02_01.tgz logs-23_06_2021-21_11_33.tgz
  4. Hi NicoD hi Igor, I'mu building on on a native environment. Latest Buster running on a X86 (64 Bit) PC with 16 GB of memory. wolli@localhost:/proc$ neofetch _,met$$$$$gg. wolli@localhost ,g$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P. --------------- ,g$$P" """Y$$.". OS: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) x86_64 ,$$P' `$$$. Host: 5864B24 ThinkCentre M90p ',$$P ,ggs. `$$b: Kernel: 4.19.0-17-amd64 `d$$' ,$P"' . $$$ Uptime: 4 mins $$P d$' , $$P Packages: 1853 (dpkg) $$: $$. - ,d$$' Shell: bash 5.0.3 $$; Y$b._ _,d$P' Terminal: /dev/pts/0 Y$$. `.`"Y$$$$P"' CPU: Intel i7 870 (8) @ 2.927GHz `$$b "-.__ GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 310 `Y$$ Memory: 502MiB / 15976MiB `Y$$. `$$b. `Y$$b. `"Y$b._ `""" I'm cloned the armbian-build 4 days ago so it should be one of the latest built versions. cat for the file VERSION in my build dir gives: 21.08.0-trunk is that good ? The headline of the semigraphic when execututing the ./compile.sh script shows: Armbian building script, https;//www.armbian.com | Autor: Igor Pecovnik I'll try it today again and will check the output logs. Thanks Wolfgang
  5. Hi members and developers, I've tried to compile buster with using the latest armbian build environment for an Banana R1 SCB but it failed whith this errors: ... [ o.k. ] Installing base system [ Stage 1/2 ] /home/wolli/build/lib/debootstrap.sh: line 185: debootstrap: command not found [ error ] ERROR in function create_rootfs_cache [ debootstrap.sh:190 ] [ error ] Debootstrap base system for current lamobo-r1 buster yes first stage failed [ o.k. ] Process terminated I know that this SBC is EOS thats why I need to compile it by my self. Even when I try to compile a supported SBC linke the Bananapi I got this same debootstrab problems: ... [ o.k. ] Installing base system [ Stage 1/2 ] /home/wolli/build/lib/debootstrap.sh: line 185: debootstrap: command not found [ error ] ERROR in function create_rootfs_cache [ debootstrap.sh:190 ] [ error ] Debootstrap base system for current bananapi buster yes first stage failed [ o.k. ] Process terminated Please can somone help me how I can come around this problem and explain what the debiitstrap is trying to do ? Here are the lines 184 to 191 from my debootstrap.sh in .../buld/lib 184 eval 'debootstrap --variant=minbase --include=${DEBOOTSTRAP_LIST// /,} ${PACKAGE_LIST_EXCLUDE:+ --exclude=${PACKAG_LIST_EXCLUDE///,}} \ 185 --arch=$ARCH --components=${DEBOOTSTRAP_COMPONENTS} $DEBOOTSTRAP_OPTION --foreign $RELEASE $SDCARD/ $apt_mirror' \ 186 ${PROGRESS_LOG_TO_FILE:+' | tee -a $DEST/debug/debootstrap.log'} \ ${PROGRESS_LOG_TO_FILE:+' | tee -a $DEST/debug/debo$ 187 ${OUTPUT_DIALOG:+' | dialog --backtitle "$backtitle" 188 --progressbox "Debootstrap (stage 1/2)..." $TTY_Y $TTY_X'} \ 188 ${OUTPUT_VERYSILENT:+' >/dev/null 2>/dev/null'} 189 190 [[ ${PIPESTATUS[0]} -ne 0 || ! -f $SDCARD/debootstrap/deboo$ 191 Thanks wollik
  6. Hi All, this was caused by a hardware problem during the detection of the second USB-device. The system tried to create the node, but becaus of the hw failure it created a regular file. If someone tried to delete this file, the system recreated this wrong regular file again, what can be seen on the new I-Nodenumber. This situation persists even after a reboot without the failing USB-Stick! Here is my solution how I fixed this: I rebooted without any USB-device, and then reconnected each USB-2-Serial stick again each after the other. Regards wollik
  7. Hi Werner, I don't know what is missing so I put some additional informations. I'm using a A20 SBC so I put it here, please can you move it to the right forum section ? I don't think this is a bug, I just want help how I can get rid of this wrong device. Regards wollik
  8. Hi Linux Admins, I have a wrong device in the /dev direcrory and can't delete it. Here is what I get when I do a: ls -la /dev/ttyUSB* pi@armbian_test: ls -la /dev/ttyUSB* crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 188, 0 Feb 15 20:47 /dev/ttyUSB0 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1 Feb 15 20:48 /dev/ttyUSB1 You see that the device ttyUSB1 is not character device and has no major device number assigned. Also the device belongs not to the dialout group. The causing USB_2_Serial Stick is disconnected and the device entry is still there. Trying to remove this devis is also not working. pi@armbian_test: sudo rm /dev/ttyUSB1 pi@armbian_test: ls -la /dev/ttyUSB* crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 188, 0 Feb 15 20:47 /dev/ttyUSB0 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1 Feb 15 20:48 /dev/ttyUSB1 pi@armbian_test: Pleas can somone help me to fix this wrong device ? Regards wollik
  9. Hi Brosinski, this image is still Armbian 5.31 sunix 4.9.7 and so you can’t use it with the newer armbian-config (Version 5.90) II‘m currently using the image found on the bananian forum 2020-04-21-armbian-buster-lite.k419img.zip That is still 5.31 but sunix 4.19.62) You need to modify the armbian-config environment to get the additional functions to run. On one of my r1 boards the WiFi worked directky, on an other I'still troubleshoot the WiFi connections. I have had a Armbian 5.9x running, but my SDCARD breaks, so I will try to build my own image with the latest armbian version vor the A20 SOC and hope I get the other R1 specific stuf included. Regards wollik
  10. Hi Bosinski, I'll try this image, it seems to be the same as I allready tested without luck. My WLAN was working and also the switch. I'll inform you when I get the it up and running again. Thanks Wolfgang
  11. Hi Werner, I just want inform you that is just booting half way up , it gets an IP via DHCP and tries this over and over again, but the IP is o.k. and you can ping it. I understand that there will be no support. My plan is to understand the bootprocess to trouble shoot my broken sd card, the fsck looks good on my card, but it don't boots, no prompt at all on the monitor. Do you know if there are any messages or bootinformations avalable via what tty? Regards WolliK
  12. Hi Werner, T H A N K S thats realy good news, I'll try tihs version right now and will give you a reply. Regards Wollik
  13. Hi Werner, I've had Armbian Buster running on this SBC but my SD-Card crashed, "no valid Superblock" I might have had running the Armbian_2020-05-2... that is also for the M1 with the Allwinner A20, but I don't remember what I have used in the past. I've already checked the internet, thanks for this hint but I thought that I can get a link via this forum members since I and hopevully also others are still using Armbian 20-xx on R1. Does anyone else knows which Armbian Buster Image runs on Lamobo R1 and where I can download it? Regards WolliK
  14. Hi there, I need help in finding the lates Debian Buster image for my R1. Please can you point me to the latest version ? Many Thanks Wollik