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  1. Hi, for that type of request, you can also have a look at freaktab forum for instance: Be careful to flash an original firmware if you want avoid weird issues.
  2. You may have to use Amlogic USB Burning Tool to burn a compatible firmware from a windows computer. Try to ask your vendor for a img file to download.
  3. Try khadas vim2 dtb, it can work better.
  4. LaFrite too! I get stuck to kernel loading step. Here is what I got on serial console:
  5. Of course, I understand and agree. Here is the dmesg in the case it is useful to somebody: EDIT: I also tested to unload and load r8723bs module without the ant_sel option and it works. So just reloading the module is enough even if signal strength is not always detected.
  6. Hi Igor, The proposed fix doesn't work for me, but after googling I found a way to connect with wifi ( After removing the module and adding it with an additional parameter I was able to connect using nmtui and run apt update successfully. The two commands I used was: modprobe -rfv r8723bs modprobe -v r8723bs ant_sel=1 After a reboot, I have to write again these commands to be able to connect again. During boot NetworkManager service failed to start and after log in, if the network seems associated, there is no ip for wlan0. Adding the ant_sel option to /etc/modprobe.d/r8723bs.conf does not change anything after a reboot. Only unloading and loading of the module is able to make wlan0 connect even if it is not always able to detect the wifi signal strength. I'm installing DE to be able to easily post the dmesg output and test the stability of wifi during download (~10min).
  7. About 1 year ago, I reported that wifi works on kernel 5.0.5, but I didn't use this board recently: I think I have made a test with a kernel 5.3, but I don't remember if wifi was working.
  8. Hi, I tested several sbcs: - buster image for pine64: - buster image for OPi+2E: - buster image for pineh64-b (wlan0 visible, but not able to connect to my wifi network):
  9. I tested the dtb you provided, but no working ethernet, even if eth0 appears in ifconfig, but not able to get a dhcp address nor ping with a static ip.
  10. I used an image from this folder: and burnt it with etcher. I used the n2 uboot from the folder you indicated.
  11. Hi, writting from my box. I use the latest image from balbes150. base don kernel 5.5.1 with meson-sm1-sei610.dtb. Trying to use the color trick for g12 board doesn't work for me, the board does not boot at all. Without considering the color problem, the desktop experience is smooth and the soc stay cool even if I have remove the heat sink (<50°C without heavy loads and go up for 60°C when watching test videos on mpv or chromium). eth0 is visible but not able to send/receive data. wlan0 not visible, I use an usb dongle. Bluetooth seems active but not able to detect a bluetooth audio speaker. Stop here since the blue color is not comfortable, but a more detailed report can be found here:
  12. Currently amlogic s922x or A311D are the most powerful socs (4xA73). The first one can be found some tvbox like beelink gt king or ugoos am6 and the second one in khadas vim3. I think that most rk3399 boards have better supported than amlogic ones. For your second question, it mainly depend on your use case.
  13. Yes and with twrp on a sdcard, I was able to run it, but even like that I'm not able to flash another firmware. I don't remember the error.
  14. The main problem is that it does not exist for other kernels than the one in android. You can try to decompile it and generate a new one by merging things in a s905x2 dtb for instance since socs are quite similar (only A55 instead of A53?). I will try to burn n2 uboot on a sdcard to check if it boots. I was thinking I had to use the aml_autoscript way, but current update app, in orginal android rom, can't update from a local zip file. I have tried to use an alternative firmware (eg: x96air, ugoos x3cube, beelink gt1mini2), but usb burning tool fails each time at about 3%... Same result with burn card maker... This board seems very close to the amlogic reference board. If you look in some android app detailing hardware, the board name is franklin as bellink board:
  15. Hi, I got the same board, but I'm not able to boot from sdcard. Have you open the box and can you share what is written on it, please? On mine, it is written x88pro and in android the amlogic dt-id is sm1_ac213_4g.
  16. I would say that Allwinner H3 boards (like OPis or NanoPis) are the most stable boards, even if the soc is a bit old. For more recent soc, H5 and RK3288 boards seems to have good support also. I have no experience with the samsung soc of the HK boards like the one of the xu4, but it seems also well supported. Other than my personal opinion, I think that the organization of the forum defines how SoCs are supported: the bugtracker section is for most well supported SoCs/SBCs and the development section is for not enough mature ones. The soc itself is important to be able to use main features of a SBC, but other chips can also provide problems in term of support (pmic, eth, wireless,...). Some boards can also have a good support, but issues come from their design (like micro-usb with current greater than 1A).
  17. jeanrhum

    Panfrost is live

    Yes, and you can use JMCC media script to install most of the stuff for that. I don't know the current situation with mainline and rk3399, but you can have a look at this (also availalbe for other socs):
  18. You can try to search older 3.14 based version of Balbes work, but I don't think the images are still available. You may look here:
  19. Nand flash is not supported in recent linux kernel. If you have emmc, in the root folder you'll find to do what you want.
  20. I can confirm that current image starts well on sd card with the 3G version (server image + installation of desktop with armbian-config).
  21. It's rk3288, but I didn't really need this update, since I use another box on my TV. It was just to illustrate the fact that ugoos maintain their product for a long time and that is what decided me in buying am6 pro instead of another brand.
  22. I agree, the support from ugoos is excellent (armbian also )! I fear that my ut3s won't never receive android 7, even if there is a beta since more than a year. However, I have an s912 box with the am3 firmware and I got an update a few month ago.
  23. For the same price, I prefer to buy an ugoos am6 pro (what I have done). The sdcard with coreelec is not so interesting compared to what you can get for balbes150 excellent work.
  24. Here is the output of armbianmonitor -u with the latest dev image on km8p (vim2 dtb): The experience is similar to the recent g12 only images, ie. wifi and bluetooth not working (using an rtl8188eu usb dongle to get internet).