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  1. Have you tried the uboot from balbes stored here: ? You have also some other rk3399 ones here:
  2. I can confirm that with 4.20, temperature is in same range as you. Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.75 user-built Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.20.5-aml-s912 System load: 0.02 0.08 0.05 Up time: 54 days Memory usage: 21 % of 2849MB Zram usage: 5 % of 1424Mb IP: 192.168.X.XX CPU temp: 40°C I have not tested recent kernels on this box. As I remember, with other s912 boxes with various kernels from 4.14 to 5.4, the temperature is more around the 60°C like the values you have with kernel 5.5. I think that gt1 ultimate has a better cooling than most other boxes, but it is a bit strange to obtain these values with latest kernels.
  3. Images without the desktop suffix are just built without xserver (but it can be added after) and they intended for headless server use. The different names correspond to debian or ubuntu variants. Prefer bionic (ubuntu) or buster (debian) images and you'll have to test which image is the more stable for you. Start first with those in the allwinner directory and test with the available dtb.
  4. I think that the problem is twrp. You should come back to the factory configuration for the boot process.
  5. One of the gxm dtb. The vim2 and q201 may work.
  6. Try buring again your sdcard, but without n2 uboot. I think balbes write somewhere else that for tv boxes based on amlogic soc, uboot is not mandatory.
  7. Choose another dtb. The one of vim2 or maybe q201.
  8. These are debian and ubuntu release names. Prefer buster if you want debian or bionic for ubuntu.
  9. I don't which SoC is MXQ pro 4k, but nand is not supported (no driver in kernel) and s905 does not support install to emmc, due to old uboot not supporting emmc structure when installing armbian.
  10. Have you tried with an usb key without using the emmc flash? Tonymac32 flash emmc with a specific procedure: It seems that burning emmc like usb key does not work.
  11. I suppose that the one you use for the firmware upgrade is ok. How do you copy armbian to the usb key? Echter is one of the recommanded software. You can also try to use a usb2ttl dongle to have access to the serial console form more info about the boot process.
  12. I haven't tested recently since I currently use this box as my home server (with armbian on sdcard+homeassistant+others). I use an image based on a recent kernel (4.19 or 4.20) and latest images from balbes should also work well. You'd better test the images from this topic: You just have to find the relevant dtb file for the box. The khadas vim2 is often a good choice or the q201. The only advantage of kernel 3.14 image is mali support, but with latest images panfrost can also work (not tested) and your use case seems to be a headless server.
  13. Start first with that and try to upgrade the spi firmware: The readme explain how to do step by step.
  14. What is your install media (emmc or usb)? I tested armbian with one of the latest image (1 ou 2 weeks ago) and it worked using an usb key. Have you updated the spi-nor firmware? Have you tried several usb keys?
  15. Hi, for that type of request, you can also have a look at freaktab forum for instance: Be careful to flash an original firmware if you want avoid weird issues.
  16. You may have to use Amlogic USB Burning Tool to burn a compatible firmware from a windows computer. Try to ask your vendor for a img file to download.
  17. Try khadas vim2 dtb, it can work better.
  18. LaFrite too! I get stuck to kernel loading step. Here is what I got on serial console:
  19. Of course, I understand and agree. Here is the dmesg in the case it is useful to somebody: EDIT: I also tested to unload and load r8723bs module without the ant_sel option and it works. So just reloading the module is enough even if signal strength is not always detected.
  20. Hi Igor, The proposed fix doesn't work for me, but after googling I found a way to connect with wifi ( After removing the module and adding it with an additional parameter I was able to connect using nmtui and run apt update successfully. The two commands I used was: modprobe -rfv r8723bs modprobe -v r8723bs ant_sel=1 After a reboot, I have to write again these commands to be able to connect again. During boot NetworkManager service failed to start and after log in, if the network seems associated, there is no ip for wlan0. Adding the ant_sel option to /etc/modprobe.d/r8723bs.conf does not change anything after a reboot. Only unloading and loading of the module is able to make wlan0 connect even if it is not always able to detect the wifi signal strength. I'm installing DE to be able to easily post the dmesg output and test the stability of wifi during download (~10min).
  21. About 1 year ago, I reported that wifi works on kernel 5.0.5, but I didn't use this board recently: I think I have made a test with a kernel 5.3, but I don't remember if wifi was working.
  22. Hi, I tested several sbcs: - buster image for pine64: - buster image for OPi+2E: - buster image for pineh64-b (wlan0 visible, but not able to connect to my wifi network):
  23. I tested the dtb you provided, but no working ethernet, even if eth0 appears in ifconfig, but not able to get a dhcp address nor ping with a static ip.
  24. I used an image from this folder: and burnt it with etcher. I used the n2 uboot from the folder you indicated.