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  1. You can try to search older 3.14 based version of Balbes work, but I don't think the images are still available. You may look here:
  2. Nand flash is not supported in recent linux kernel. If you have emmc, in the root folder you'll find to do what you want.
  3. I can confirm that current image starts well on sd card with the 3G version (server image + installation of desktop with armbian-config).
  4. It's rk3288, but I didn't really need this update, since I use another box on my TV. It was just to illustrate the fact that ugoos maintain their product for a long time and that is what decided me in buying am6 pro instead of another brand.
  5. I agree, the support from ugoos is excellent (armbian also )! I fear that my ut3s won't never receive android 7, even if there is a beta since more than a year. However, I have an s912 box with the am3 firmware and I got an update a few month ago.
  6. For the same price, I prefer to buy an ugoos am6 pro (what I have done). The sdcard with coreelec is not so interesting compared to what you can get for balbes150 excellent work.
  7. Here is the output of armbianmonitor -u with the latest dev image on km8p (vim2 dtb): The experience is similar to the recent g12 only images, ie. wifi and bluetooth not working (using an rtl8188eu usb dongle to get internet).
  8. With an Armbian 5.98 g12 image, I have no kernel panic with my s912 km8p. The soc temperature seems also cooler with ~47°C for kernel 5.3 5.98 against ~57°C for latest generic 5.4 next image.
  9. Armbian_5.99_Rk3399-tv_Debian_buster_next_5.4.0-rc7-next-20191115 and desktop images boot on a km8p (2/16gb) with several gxm dtb, but I think that gxm-q200.dtb the best one since only fast ethernet. As expected, wifi not recognized. For the desktop version, X11 does not launch properly and there is nothing in Xorg log file. I was able to launch manually startx as root and it worked a few minutes before freezing. With the server image, I face kernel panics. I'll try another image with a more stable kernel to be sure the hardware is ok.
  10. Just to be sure, we have to use script to do that?
  11. You give the answer in the question . So if you don't know, buster is the name of debian 10.
  12. Hi, You'd may look at this topic: With jock image, I'was able to boot my ut3s. I didn't take time to customize a dts to have a better support, but it was useable for a light desktop.
  13. The WIP image, on a usb key, works well on two 1080p screens (Sony TV and Samsung monitor). There are only strange images and colors between the integrated bootloader and the kernel starting like on your 7" screen. As a server image, it seems to work well and after install armbian-config, I was able to configure the board as easily as other sbcs supported by armbian. I suppose that simply halting the board is not possible since it reboots when you ask for it.
  14. Yes and no, it is built using armbian with additional elements to fit most tv boxes based on these chips. So it may not be to difficult to build a dedicated armbian image for this board.
  15. For those who want a server image, I was able to boot Balbes latest image changing extconf to use s805x-libretech-cc.dtb.