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  1. Android on s912 is based an on old 3.14 kernel, so it won't work with kernel 4.x. For corelec, I don't know the kernel version they use. If it close enough to the linux kernel you want to use, it may work or it may be not to difficult to build one. I have one (not sure of the wifi chip) and was able to boot a recent Balbes image with vim2 dtb, but ethernet and wifi were not working and I don't investigate further.
  2. With this budget, any well supported board with rk3399 and a good sata2usb3 converter will make the job. The NanoPi M4 with its big heatsink can be nice for less than 72$ without shipping fees. For similar price you've got also the rockpro64. The Odroid N2 (or Khadas Vim3 launching soon) could be nice also, but amlogic S922x is a recent soc and current boards are not officially supported event if there are good progress. If you absolutely want a sata port, an odroid hc1 is cheap and interesting but there is no hdmi output. For both sata and hdmi, you can look at the Odroid H2 (based on intel J4105) but it's out of stock and you have to add ddr4 ram. The main advantage of this last one, is that you are on an x86 soc, so any "standard" linux distribution may work quite out of the box.
  3. Hi, Staars and I, we have compiled an image locally from his config pushed to armbian build script. LakeI is available in csc tv boxes when launching I have a slow connection and no cloud system account, so it will be faster for you to compile an image by yourself. For zidoo x8 the device tree may be different, so you'd better try to extract the android dtb to build one for linux from lakeI dtb.
  4. Hi, I also noticed this issue with other debian images since 2 months. You have to edit manually /etc/environment to set you locales and LC_ALL settings. It seems to be a debian issue, not armbian specific.
  5. Yes and even if you use these server images you can easily install the desktop environment using armbian-config command-line tool (some specific packages for mali graphics better support may be used and downloaded from Balbes repo, but I never tested them).
  6. Did you look at the 1rst post of this topic? Maybe it's more interesting to take an image from this one: You mainly have to check if ethernet or wifi are working for your box with kernel 4.xx images. Ethernet is often working well on the contrary to wifi, but it depends of your needs.
  7. Hi, Did you look at the first post of this topic?
  8. You have to open the box to find the uart pins and use an usb2ttl device to connect to another computer with a serical console software.
  9. For this option, you must not upgrade to a kernel 4.X otherwise you may not be able to boot. For the option 1, I don't know. Have you tried to use updatebackup from an usb stick?
  10. I fear that you won't be able to easily use internal memory. If I remember well some posts of balbes, nand is not supported because of a lack of driver in kernel. IMO SD card or usb seems the easiest way to boot armbian.
  11. Yes you are right. I forgot that point about double boot which is not possible with jock image due to outdated uboot not able to boot from sdcard. I have no solution for you.
  12. Hi, Finally I use jock image and it work except for bluetooth. So you can use the following instructions and image: I didn't try latest build, but maybe I will look at it soon. Don't hesitate to report here your success or fails.
  13. It's not an official armbian image, but balbes150 custom images based o armbian build tools than can be downloaded from here:
  14. Hi, I have the same box and I run armbian with desktop on it and I installed it on emmc. I use the default vim2 dtb (q200 or q201 are not working so well) and most of the hardware is working well (wifi, not sure to have tested ethernet). The sata port is behind an usb2sata adapter, so you may be able to start from it without modifying the emmc, as a bootable usb device (never tested due to thickness problems with my 2.5" hard drives).
  15. I'm currently using a GT1 ultimate with 5.75 release of Balbes150 and vim2 dtb. I don't use it as a desktop but with another s912 box used as a desktop, I use also vim2 dtb successfully.