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  1. Here is an update. TL;DR: happy to report that zfs 2.0.2 seems to work fine on Armbian Hirsute. I am planning a reinstall of our "family production NAS" with the aim to do as little hacking/customization as possible to get ZFS to work. First I tried both the current (Mar 2021) Buster and Focal images but failed at the 'apt install zfs-dkms' step due to "exec format error" and basically failing to produce a working kernel module for ZFS. I suspect this is caused by the older binutils on both images. So then I downloaded the Ubuntu Hirsute unstable image with
  2. So I'm just curious, what's the status of this fix? Do we need to wait till 5.11 lands in Armbian or has it been fixed (temporarily) downstream in Armbian's 5.10.x code? Great find by the way, thanks.
  3. Wow thanks Igor. Clear. I will wait a bit to see if the cross-compilation issue is fixed soon. Otherwise I'll stick with the out-of-tree module build that I had done last year.
  4. So, reporting in here after over a year of smooth operations on the Helios4 with zfs 0.7.x. Soon I'd like to upgrade (clean install) and I see a lot of things happening with ZFS 2.0.x on Helios64 with Armbian. I am a bit lost, so: what is the current best/easiest way to install ZFS 2.0.x on Helios4? I'd like to move to an LTS kernel if possible (not a hard requirement). Ideally future upgrades are 'easy' but again not a hard feature, I can live with a reinstall once a year. edit: please move this topic to the Helios4 section, thanks :-)
  5. And I'm back, and back to square one. After 3 months of enjoying ZFS 0.7.13 on Helios4, I noticed that 0.8.2 was available in the backports. So, after doing apt-get update, I did apt-get upgrade and lost my ZFS. Basically I have spent the whole afternoon on this and I am fully stuck. If I use apt-get to try and reinstall ZFS, I end up with the "configure: error: *** Unable to build an empty module." If I manually use dkms to build the ZFS 0.8.2 from the sources left around by apt-get, I get a successful build, however "mobprobe zfs" gives me a Exec Format Error. dmesg shows: zlua:
  6. @gprovost many thanks for sharing your full log. I have it working!!! I kept not doing an "apt-get upgrade" before doing the "apt-get update". On a clean image (dated 2 Aug 2019 on Kobol website) I can confirm I have successfully built the ZFS stuff, taking the above steps into account.
  7. Exactly the same issue with the image from Armbian ( downloaded yesterday) which was a few MBs different from the Kobol image. The problem is in the configure step of spl-dkms.
  8. @gprovost what image are you using exactly? I am using the ones from and still have the same issue, see transcript below. This is Armbian_5.91_Helios4_Debian_buster_next_4.19.63.7z from dated Aug 2, 2019.
  9. Unfortunately, on the Kobol supplied image Armbian_5.91_Helios4_Debian_stretch_default_4.14.135.7z, I get exactly the same problem: (clean install) root@helios4:~# apt-get install linux-headers-mvebu > works, headers for 4.14 root@helios4:~# apt-get install spl-dkms [...snip...] Loading new spl-0.7.12 DKMS files... Building for 4.14.135-mvebu Building initial module for 4.14.135-mvebu configure: error: *** Unable to build an empty module. Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 4.14.135-mvebu (armv7l) Consult /var/lib/dkms/spl/0.7.12/bu
  10. @qstaq wow. I will try the Debian 9 Stretch 4.14 image (from tomorrow in the mean time (with backports) and will report here.
  11. Even with a clean image (downloaded from dated August 2nd) I still get the error in spl-dkms. Steps to reproduce: start with image #apt-get update #apt-get upgrade edit 90_zfs for backports #apt-get install linux-headers-next-mvebu #apt-get install spl-dkms > same error # more /var/lib/dkms/spl/0.7.13/build/make.log DKMS make.log for spl-0.7.13 for kernel 4.19.63-mvebu (armv7l) Tue Sep 10 14:52:48 UTC 2019 make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop. #
  12. Can't get it to work. I am starting with a fresh image and will report tonight.
  13. I am still stuck with spl-dkms. I am now on backports. #apt-get install -t buster-backports spl-dkms Loading new spl-0.7.13 DKMS files... Building for 4.19.63-mvebu Building initial module for 4.19.63-mvebu configure: error: *** Unable to build an empty module. Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 4.19.63-mvebu (armv7l) Consult /var/lib/dkms/spl/0.7.13/build/make.log for more information. dpkg: error processing package spl-dkms (--configure): installed spl-dkms package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 10 Errors were encountered while processin
  14. Thank you all for chiming in. And yes my requirements are modest: 2x 3TB in mirror, no dedup. I got a bit further but the DKMS part is failing, any suggestions? EDIT: it looks like this is a common error, found some info elsewhere, still working on this...
  15. I am aware of the memory “challenge” but my sizing is modest, so thank you for the warning but I will handle that just fine. Anyone suggestions on how to get this to work?