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  1. Ah never mind. 19.5 volts vs 12 volts.
  2. I wonder if I will join the same failed PSU club... I have two power supplies that are the same as the one included EXCEPT for the fact that they are female connectors, not male. Any way to adapt them so that they work? Also, does anyone know if kernel 5.7 is stable? I'm running on 4.19.63 as 4.19.108 or w/e it was had stability problems (random reboots). Same with some of the earlier 5.4 kernels.
  3. Has anyone gotten nextcloud with docker working? I downloaded the official docker container from docker hub but I can't seem to get it to connect to my local MariaDB instance. Keep getting Connection Refused.
  4. Thank you for this answer. Makes sense.
  5. My kernel right now is 4.19.63-mvebu. Is this the latest version? It doesn't sound like it is.
  6. Then why don't those modules appear on my Helios with lsmod? Running Buster. Only af_alg shows up.
  7. Those instructions won't help when the necessary kernel modules are missing.
  8. Bah kernel issue. lsmod says only af_alg is loaded. algif_hash and algif_skcipher are also needed. Actually I'm not sure about the former since hashes are a bad idea to hardware accelerate.
  9. Anyone able to get hardware acceleration working with OpenSSL? I installed cryptsetup and ran benchmark. I saw that the crypto engine was being used as it generated interrupts (/proc/interrupts) but not with OpenSSL. I recall cryptsetup giving me 80MB/s on some AES setting and 20MB/s when I did rmmod on marvell_cesa. I can't get it working with OpenSSL though.