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    Mangix got a reaction from gprovost in Random system freezes   
    Yeah I know. I removed them. Simply posting for more info.
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    Mangix got a reaction from gprovost in Random system freezes   
    More info on DFS brokenness: https://gitlab.nic.cz/turris/openwrt/-/issues/347#note_195030
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    Mangix got a reaction from gprovost in Helios4 performance concerns   
    A more performant alternative to AF_ALG... https://github.com/cotequeiroz/afalg_engine
    Not a solution to your issues unfortunately.
    IIRC, there was a way to overclock the helios to 2.0ghz or 1.8ghz. Don't remember the details.
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    Mangix got a reaction from aprayoga in XOR on Helios 4   
    Is it me or it the mv_xor driver being loaded late?
    [    0.007976] xor: measuring software checksum speed
    [    0.164062] xor: using function: arm4regs (2534.000 MB/sec)
    [    0.316068] raid6: neonx8   xor()  1096 MB/s
    [    0.452063] raid6: neonx4   xor()  1378 MB/s
    [    0.588069] raid6: neonx2   xor()  1610 MB/s
    [    0.724066] raid6: neonx1   xor()  1346 MB/s
    [    0.860075] raid6: int32x8  xor()   328 MB/s
    [    0.996072] raid6: int32x4  xor()   369 MB/s
    [    1.132082] raid6: int32x2  xor()   332 MB/s
    [    1.268063] raid6: int32x1  xor()   285 MB/s
    [    1.268067] raid6: .... xor() 1610 MB/s, rmw enabled
    [    1.665163] mv_xor f1060800.xor: Marvell shared XOR driver
    [    1.694139] mv_xor f1060800.xor: Marvell XOR (Descriptor Mode): ( xor cpy intr )
    [    1.694257] mv_xor f1060900.xor: Marvell shared XOR driver
    [    1.722115] mv_xor f1060900.xor: Marvell XOR (Descriptor Mode): ( xor cpy intr )
    I see that /proc/interrupts shows no action despite me using RAID5.
    edit: from looking at kernel source, it seems btrfs uses xor_blocks instead of async_tx. The former seems software only.
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    Mangix got a reaction from TRS-80 in Random system reboots   
    Progress update: kernel 4.19.70 fails. .65 works. Testing .67 now.
    edit: .66 has not crashed yet. Will wait to see if it can stay alive for 12 hours.
    I'm trying to compile kernels based on commit. It doesn't seem to work though. I'm trying
    --- a/config/sources/families/mvebu.conf
    +++ b/config/sources/families/mvebu.conf
    @@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ fi
     case $BRANCH in
    -               KERNELBRANCH='tag:v4.19.66'
    +               KERNELBRANCH='commit:46b306f3cd7b47901382ca014eb1082b4b25db4a'
    Which gives
    [ error ] ERROR in function compile_kernel [ compilation.sh:379 ]
    [ error ] Error kernel menuconfig failed 
    I'm trying to see which commit is responsible for the failure based on https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux.git/log/?h=v4.19.158&ofs=9800
    Current theory is this commit: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux.git/commit/?h=v4.19.158&id=46b306f3cd7b47901382ca014eb1082b4b25db4a
    It says it's for 32-bit.
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    Mangix got a reaction from Werner in Random system reboots   
    I found the issue. It's some local armbian patch that messing things up.
    I recently cloned https://github.com/armbian/build and removed 5 pointless patches. That PR was merged. So I built that and same issue.
    Then I deleted a bunch of patches from the mvebvu-current directory.
    So far with this kernel, I am not getting any issues. My git status currently is this:
        deleted:    patch/kernel/mvebu-current/0044-gpio-report-all-gpios-in-debugfs.patch
        deleted:    patch/kernel/mvebu-current/40-pci-add-irq-change-handler-sspl.patch
        deleted:    patch/kernel/mvebu-current/402-sfp-display-SFP-module-information.patch
        deleted:    patch/kernel/mvebu-current/412-ARM-dts-armada388-clearfog-emmc-on-clearfog-base.patch
        deleted:    patch/kernel/mvebu-current/92-mvebu-gpio-add_wake_on_gpio_support.patch
        deleted:    patch/kernel/mvebu-current/92-mvebu-gpio-remove-hardcoded-timer-assignment-2.patch
        deleted:    patch/kernel/mvebu-current/92-mvebu-gpio-remove-hardcoded-timer-assignment.patch
        deleted:    patch/kernel/mvebu-current/dts-disable-spi-flash-on-a388-microsom.patch
        deleted:    patch/kernel/mvebu-current/fix_time_drift_remove_global_timer.patch
        deleted:    patch/kernel/mvebu-current/general-increasing_DMA_block_memory_allocation_to_2048.patch
        deleted:    patch/kernel/mvebu-current/unlock_atheros_regulatory_restrictions.patch
    My theory is that the pci patch or one of the GPIO ones is causing the issue.
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