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  2. In the meantime I found out that the UART was simply disabled in the device tree. After reactivating it, it works again as expected. Thanks anyway for the quick response! Rgds
  3. Hi. I'm new here and have a small issue. Situation is: I'm using the T4 board for an amateur radio repeater controller. The repeater works in an unmanned relay station 10 kilometers from the my home. To have access by remote even if the boot hangs for some reasons (maintenance mode), I have connected the debug uart (ttyS2) to a serial-to-IP adapter to have access anyway. Because the IP adapter cannot set up to 1.5 MBps, I have reduced the speed down to 115 kbps by changing the kernel argument in the boot.cmd from console=ttyS2,1500000 to console=ttyS2,115200. That worked well with the Armbian 5.69 stretch 4.4.167 kernel. Now I have made an upgrade to the latest buster 4.4.190 kernel, but the UART speed seems to stay on 1.5 Mbps. In the dmesg I can see that the argument with the lower speed will be passed correctly to the kernel. Is there another chance to change the baud rate? Thanks in advance for a hint... Rgds