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  1. Hi everyone, I found out that even a Chromium already installed and connected can become "not-login-able" (Chromium Arm64 from Ubuntu LTS 18.04). It seems to me the servers from Google side are rejecting some browsers at first login; probably from user-agents. A solution to this issue for now is very simple: - Launch Chromium with a user-agent changer from the Chrome extensions store using a Firefox user-agent label. - Login to your Google account, it will probably work this way. - Check the box "remember this machine" You can then uninstall the extension, restart Chromiun and use it back again as itself. Tested with: * Chromium (Developer Build) 32 bit armhf (Armbian Focal - H3) * Chromium (Official Build) 64 bit arm64 (Armbian Bionic) * Chromium (?) arm64 (Armbian Focal - RK3399) Best regards.
  2. Hi everyone, I would like to pick the brains of our fellow armbianers about powering the small boxes. My experience is that quality of the outlet, the in-the-wall circuit line, the health of the power strip, the actual voltage out of the plug, etc ... very much matter. How to best plug a system made of 5-6 devices (sbc+hard-drive+sata multiplier, dac, usb hub, usb wifi keys). Does phase, pluging orientation change something ? Is it possible to monitor via software the quality of the power signal from within the SBCs ? Interferences ? What kind of off the shelf instruments can help to monitor the power signal ? Do ferrites help ? On which cables ? What about power conditioning versus UPS devices ? Is anyone using individual solar panel for 5V supply, etc ? I use a USB Power Meter to monitor from my power supply the amount delivered to a system. My experience is that a power supply that delivers only nominal 5.00V drops fast in delivery to below 4,80v once the SBC is busy with plugged USB devices. Some commercial wall adapters produce 5,30V to account for this to keep a good voltage while the systems are running. I am gradually moving to them. How do you guys battle with the power issues ?
  3. It can be useful to have a system that is able to use the usb devices right from the first login, on a desktop configuration. Adding the support of U2F usb security keys is straight forward on a system running udev already, it's just a text file. I do not know how much it can be useful on server and headless installations, but again the udev rules file if tiny. 70-u2f.rules
  4. I remember once, I had to modify /etc/fstab to direct / to the right uuid to get a booting system.
  5. Hello everyone, I use a cheap generic chinese sourced sata multiplier that works with no issues with the patch The dd tests are conclusive also. But I do not see much improvement with common commands like cp, mv and rsync when transferring massive amount of files between disks. Is there a kernel tuning parameter (about block sizes maybe) that could help transfer speed between hard drives ?
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