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  1. It can be useful to have a system that is able to use the usb devices right from the first login, on a desktop configuration. Adding the support of U2F usb security keys is straight forward on a system running udev already, it's just a text file. I do not know how much it can be useful on server and headless installations, but again the udev rules file if tiny. 70-u2f.rules
  2. I remember once, I had to modify /etc/fstab to direct / to the right uuid to get a booting system.
  3. Hello everyone, I use a cheap generic chinese sourced sata multiplier that works with no issues with the patch The dd tests are conclusive also. But I do not see much improvement with common commands like cp, mv and rsync when transferring massive amount of files between disks. Is there a kernel tuning parameter (about block sizes maybe) that could help transfer speed between hard drives ?