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    Watire got a reaction from lanefu in Cannot login google services using Chromium   
    Hi everyone,
    I found out that even a Chromium already installed and connected can become "not-login-able" (Chromium Arm64 from Ubuntu LTS 18.04).
    It seems to me the servers from Google side are rejecting some browsers at first login; probably from user-agents.
    A solution to this issue for now is very simple:
    - Launch Chromium with a user-agent changer from the Chrome extensions store using a Firefox user-agent label.
    - Login to your Google account, it will probably work this way.
    - Check the box "remember this machine"
    You can then uninstall  the extension, restart Chromiun and use it back again as itself.
    Tested with:
    * Chromium (Developer Build) 32 bit armhf (Armbian Focal - H3)
    * Chromium (Official Build) 64 bit  arm64 (Armbian Bionic)
    * Chromium (?) arm64 (Armbian Focal -  RK3399)
    Best regards.
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    Watire got a reaction from Werner in Adding udev rules for Yubico / Fido usb security keys   
    It can be useful to have a system that is able to use the usb devices right from the first login, on a desktop configuration.
    Adding the support of U2F usb security keys is straight forward on a system running udev already, it's just a text file.
    I do not know how much it can be useful on server and headless installations, but again the udev rules file if tiny.