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  1. Two questions: 1. In addition to the above NVME SSDs, how do I know whether other NVME SSD, say ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 256GB, can be used ? 2. Does the above steps still work for Armbian v21.08 ? Thanks
  2. I understand that this problem is not related to armbian. I tries asking NexDock but they don't know how to make it. So, I just wonder anybody knows how to let armbian on Rock PI4B work with NexDock 360's keyboard ? I know when using Raspberry PI, I can add a line dtoverlay=dwc2,dr_mode=host to /boot/config.txt. But when using armbian, there is no config.txt in /boot. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I just bought a Rock Pi4B v1.4 recently. I tried to boot it with https://dl.armbian.com/rockpi-4b/Debian_buster_default_desktop.7z and https://dl.armbian.com/rockpi-4b/Ubuntu_bionic_default_desktop.7z However it was all in vain. I also had tried SDCard and emmc but none of them worked. Any suggestion? Thanks
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