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  1. I think I would go this route. In modern kernel it's not needed in standard environments (MTU 1500).
  2. On a second thought though these properties may not be available in legacy If so then going with the ethtool may indeed be the only option.
  3. I think we should try to fix it for legacy in a similar manner as we did it for both current and dev. In dev the patch is gone as it is already upstreamed. I did not try to fix it in legacy as I thought it was not a problem there ;-)
  4. This shouldn't be the u-boot's HDMI issue - this got disabled in master some time ago. I am suspecting dev's transition to 5.7 I will look into that over the next few days.
  5. Did you change the mac address of the interface by using `btmgmt` according to this message? Without it the device is using default mac address from firmware and thus is set to `DOWN RAW` status.
  6. Boot with SD, insert eMMC module after booting and see the last paragraphs of the following post:
  7. @dogshome @Kyra what exact monitor models do you own?
  8. @dogshome yes, the HDMI is the culprit. It (HDMI) was enabled for rk3399 boards in u-boot v2020.04. It works for me with WQHD monitor (although the text is garbled in u-boot phase) but I have already seen one similar report for OrangePi 4 after u-boot upgrade. I will disable HDMI in u-boot for all rk3399 boards that we support.
  9. @dogshome @Kyra I have just tested Armbian_20.05.2_Nanopim4v2_buster_current_5.4.43_desktop.img.xz and it boots fine with my M4 V2. I have one suspicion though... Can you try to boot with HDMI cable disconnected and then insert it again when the green led starts blinking? Does it boot this way?
  10. piter75

    Rock-Pi-4A 1G

    I am glad it worked! The fix is pretty straightforward ;-)
  11. piter75

    Rock-Pi-4A 1G

    From your log it seems that the issue is way before u-boot - in DDR blob from Rockchip. Can you check if booting this image is successful for you? It is built using Armbian master with DDR binary downgraded from v1.24 to v1.20 - the version used by Radxa to build their images. Both versions work on my 4GB unit but I guess v1.20 was thoroughly tested on 1GB unit by Radxa ;-)
  12. @Marko Buršič if you have already cloned then in "build" directory: git checkout v20.05 To go back to master you can checkout master branch. Of course you can also clone again into new "build" directory with v20.05 checked out: git clone -b v20.05 https://github.com/armbian/build
  13. The version is actually 20.08.0-trunk which means it is a work in progress that will become v20.08.1 one day just as v20.05.1 that was released last weekend ;-) If you would like to use the stable release branch you can checkout v20.05 branch.
  14. It is fixed for some time already. It's just that there were no releases built for the board in the meantime. It is however part of v20.05.1 - after you upgrade you should not see it disappearing again.
  15. I did not see you edited your post in the meantime indeed ;-) The fix is actually in the u-boot but it is patched for mainline u-boot only. RockPi 4 did get it as part of the u-boot switch to mainline. IMHO the easiest way for you to get it in local build would be to rebase your build repository on top of master.