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  1. Thank you for clarifying, i came across that post while i was looking for troubleshoot though i didnt took from it to make a more specific distinction as to whether a build is regarded as "official" or "community", you helped me a lot with valuable information. Although my tv box wasnt expensive, it comes with a quadcore, 4gb ram, 32gb ssd, gigabit lan and usb 3.0 and is eating like 13watt, if possible i will use it to do some home server stuff. I think i will ditch the effort to access its gui via xrdp and look for other solutions, until then i will configure the neccessary stuff with an e
  2. i understand that im not entitled to anyones sparetime and im happy about any help i can get but i dont understand why those armbian builds are supposed to be "from the internet", apparently the user balbe has a set of rather popular and lively discussed build that he shares in this forum, i dont know what qualifies something to be regarded as "our work" in these forums. Idk if @balbes150 does still share his insights into his work.
  3. why would the answer be no
  4. i tried to apply this fix to my s905x2 box running the Armbian_20.10_Arm-64_focal_current_5.9.0_desktop.img.xz build but with no success... in another forum somebody wrote the following concerning this fix: " also doing a chmod after you've changed the file is what some users might be forgetting." but im not sure what the means and how to do it
  5. since im using the focal build now, i wonder if any of the other builds will behave more like a regular ubuntudesktop, im having a hard time opening things like geany and nautilus with gui AND as admin but when i try to fit it by instructions the build im using seems to behave quite differently. i dont know how to explain it better in english im sorry. or in other words: is there something about the display server and desktop environment works in the focal build that a newbe like me should know about and that could help me understand the problems i encounter with trying to do basic stuff?
  6. i had to manually install armbian-config to run it, ran the script as well (v 1.2.1) with no luck... still blank desktop after rdp login :/
  7. One more question: I now copied the system onto the emmc, after copying, is there anything else that has to be done to make it fully functional? From the forum i found contradicting info that might also be outdated. And a bonus question that might not belong here but maybe you can give me an idea anyway: i installed xrdp to be able to access the box via remote desktop but when i connect the box desktop remains blank (it used to work with the old armbian ubuntu build i was using), now i read somewhere that the xrdp installation needs to be compiled in a way to fit the kernel. I have onl
  8. @SteeMan Thanks for your quick response! In the past i had a armbian ubuntu running wich was at some point no longer maintained. I then made an attempt to replace it with a newer armbian image but i didnt succeed and put my efforts on hold until now, because now i have a more pressing reason to have an armbian box to run things on. From reading through your comments and balbes original instruction i understand that its recommended to start from the X96 Max stock image thus i installed "X96 MAX 20181219.img" via amlogic usb burn tool , i found the image via googling for "x96 max stock
  9. Hi im trying to install Armbian on my X96 Max 4g/32g the old threads are all locked so i start this threat to try to get answers. Here user @pcconsult gave the following instructions: now at step 3 "3. Boot on X96 MAX. Insert prepared with image USB drive or memory card. From Android select UPDATE... from applications. Select file From your /Boot/ on the bottom. Then press Update." there doesnt seem to be any zip files on the burned image on my sd card that i could choose from when im trying to install the image via the android update menu? (this is t
  10. i got things mixed up sorry, i was refering to an image that i used wich i got from ( Armbian_5.98_Aml-g12_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.4.0-rc4_desktop_20191025.img.xz ) apparently its not longer supported anymore (e.g. i cant apt-get update anymore)... are there any alternative images that i could try that are still supported?
  11. apparently the ubuntu distribution this is based on is no longer maintained?
  12. could there be any substitute repositorys that i can fall back to?
  13. Hey everyone, im running armbian on a X96 MAX (S905X2) android tv box as a pihole server. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 19.04 Release: 19.04 Codename: disco unfortunately sudo apt-get update gives me this: (i did try to mess around with the repository settings in the meantime adding a ppa wich didnt help and potentially made it worse but i dont know how to revert the repository state back to its original state) Hit:1 groovy InRelease Ign:2 disco InRelease Hit:4 http://ppa.launchp
  14. edit: i reverted the x96 max back to stock image, now when i boot with the armbian sdcard it seems to load armian until it says "Ubuntu Bionic with Armbian Linux tty1" "aml login:" but i can not enter any input with the usb keyboard i attached... what am i doind wrong? (sorry total noob at work here) edit: i got i to work, i failed to enter the correct dbt file in the ini