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  1. sudo apt install weston copy the weston.ini file (available at the top of the tread) in ~/.config/ lauch weston with systemctl sudo systemctl restart weston.service
  2. Hi, Yes, dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg will download, compile and install it apt search libdvdcss ... libdvdcss-dev/now 1.4.2-1~local arm64 [installed,local] library for accessing encrypted DVDs - development files libdvdcss2/now 1.4.2-1~local arm64 [installed,local] library for accessing encrypted DVDs libdvdcss2-dbgsym/now 1.4.2-1~local arm64 [installed,local] debug symbols for libdvdcss2 I would like to know if someone as already read a dvd with armbian.
  3. Hi Dan, I can not help you so much : I do not have a s905x3 nor 4k monitor. I can only share with you that I disable hwdec (v4l2m2m-copy) in my mpv config for better results in h264. I did not mange yet to upgrade my kernel up to 5.9.14. Regards, Laurent. mpv.conf
  4. Hi, I would like to play some DVD (armbian/balbes on x96max with weston). I follow the instructions from https://wiki.debian.org/CDDVD#Watching_Video_DVDs # apt install libdvd-pkg # dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg Then I launch # mpv dvd:// I've got some error to decrypt and the sceen stay black :/ Is anyone manage to play dvd from our favorite boxes?
  5. Hi, That's a great peace of informations, thx. If I want to boot from emmc, I have to rename it to u-boot.emmc?
  6. Few days ago linux-image-current.meson64 package from armbian was updated. But I can not manage to boot on it : my screen stay black that's all. I have to come back to the previous version that you can find here : https://us.mirrors.fossho.st/armbian/apt/pool/main/l/linux-5.9.14-meson64/ To avoid future update, I use the following command : sudo apt-mark hold linux-dtb-current-meson64 linux-image-current-meson64 I also try with linux-image-arm64 from debian (bulleyes) which is also a 5.10 kernel. I've got the same results : no boot, black screen. I did not manage to run a 5.10 packaged kernel on my x96max.
  7. I came back to kernel 5.9.0 from balbes image but I got this error with mpv after few seconds : DRM_IOCTL_MODE_CREATE_DUMB failed: Cannot allocate memory To avoid this message and enjoy beautiful video playback, I haved to install the following packages (dtb and image, not the headers): https://us.mirrors.fossho.st/armbian/apt/pool/main/l/linux-5.9.14-meson64/
  8. I want to do this so when I install linux-image-current-meson64 or other kernel package I do not have error because it looks like the package's script is expecting a ext3/4 partition.
  9. Hi, I tried but did not manage to boot on the last linux-image-current-meson64 (5.10 kernel) from armbian. I will try soon with the debian linux-image-arm64 and let you know. Regard, Laurent.
  10. If you want those files you can install armbian-firmware-all package. This is what I do here :
  11. Hi everyone, I made some new tests this last weekend and realized what I said was not really true. If you want to use hardware accelerated decoding you need to install armbian-firmware-all (package I just discovered). This package contains the firmware files needed by mpv in /lib/firmware/meson/vdec. Combined with mpv options hwdec-codecs=all and hwdec=auto ( or just v4l2m2m-copy ), cpu usage really drops from 50% to 20% ( and cpu temp from 70c to just over 50c ). But it is a little bugged : no seek forward or backward, and I've got a crach after one hour of movie (just when the bus fly the highway gap in "Speed", damned!). I imagine that the improvements of video playback quality ( no more little tearing ) I experimented last week was due to weston using GL for render what I was not able to do with X11/picom before. You do not really need hardware decoding : the s905x2 is really capable to decode x264 without any problems. Here the commented containt of my mpv.conf file : # very usefull to understand what mpv is doing msg-level=all=v # video output ( wayland ) vo=gpu gpu-context=wayland drm-connector=HDMI-A-1 fs=yes # hardware decoding ( nothing to do with rendering, uncomment to test ) #hwdec=auto #hwdec=v4l2m2m-copy hwdec-codecs=all # Personnal preferences sub-font='FreeSerifBold' sub-file-paths=Subs:Sub:subs:sub slang=en,eng alang=en,eng
  12. ok it is not perfect with vlc : if video is not the size of screen the video is cropped and moved up... with mpv it is perfect : you can ssh to your machine, sudo su - vlcd, export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/109 and launch mpv mpv.conf or aliases : function play_movie { sudo su -P -s /bin/bash -c "export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/109 && mpv --sub-auto=all --sub-file-paths=Subs $1" vlcd } function play_serie { sudo su -P -s /bin/bash -c "export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/109 && mpv --sub-auto=exact $1" vlcd }
  13. It is now 2 weeks I run linux-image-current-meson64 with no problems. I manage to get rid of tearing while playing video with vlc by using wayland/weston instead of X11/openbox (picom did not help). While playing video cpu goes from around 40% in X11 to 20% with weston \o/. You can find vlcd.service, scripts and config files in attached files. TODO list : - Move vlcd.service to weston.service and try to replace vlc-xxxx.sh scripts with ~/.config/systemd/vlcd.service - format /boot in ext4 vlcd.service vlcd-start.sh vlcd-stop.sh weston.ini vlcrc.wl
  14. I tried today. To test I use an sd card with last aml/balbes images, chroot to it and apt update apt install linux-image-current-meson64 edit /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf I manage to boot on it. \o/ So I reboot on emmc, backup some original /boot files and install the package. I set manually the package to "install ok installed" in /var/lib/dpkg/status to avoid futur error when updating. Now running on a 5.9.14 kernel. Will see if it is as stable than with 5.9.0 /boot partition (u-boot) can be ext3/4 on x96max?
  15. How to use linux-image-current-meson64 package? Is it compatible with x96max tv box?
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