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  1. No problem here : ❯ dpkg -i linux-image-current-arm-64_20.05.5_arm64.deb linux-headers-current-arm-64_20.05.5_arm64.deb (Reading database ... 74883 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack linux-image-current-arm-64_20.05.5_arm64.deb ... Unpacking linux-image-current-arm-64 (20.05.5) over (20.05.4) ... Preparing to unpack linux-headers-current-arm-64_20.05.5_arm64.deb ... Unpacking linux-headers-current-arm-64 (20.05.5) over (20.05.4) ... Setting up linux-image-current-arm-64 (20.05.5) ... update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.7.0-rc6-arm-64 W: Couldn't identify type of root file system for fsck hook update-initramfs: Converting to u-boot format Setting up linux-headers-current-arm-64 (20.05.5) ... Compiling headers - please wait ...
  2. More information here : http://linux-meson.com "Work in progress"
  3. Hi, My x96max is suffering from screen tearing and I would like to update the kernel because it looks like g12a vdec is added in the last release candidate and I would like to test it. Is it possible to install the 5.6-rc7 kernel from the last armbian image to the current emmc installed with 5.6-rc5? I imagine to : - copy /mnt/sdcard/rootfs/lib/modules/5.6.0-rc7-next-20200326-arm-64 to /lib/modules/, - copy /mnt/sdcard/boot/config-5.6.0-rc7-next-20200326-arm-64, System.map-5.6.0-rc7-next-20200326-arm-64, vmlinuz-5.6.0-rc7-next-20200326-arm-64, initrd.img-5.6.0-rc7-next-20200326-arm-64 to /boot - copy /mnt/sdcard/boot/zImage to /boot/zImage-rc7 - copy /mnt/sdcard/boot/uInitrd to /boot/uInitrd-rc7 - copy /mnt/sdcard/boot/dtb/amlogic/meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb to /boot/dtb/amlogic/meson-g12a-x96-max-rc7.dtb (because the files differ) - edit /boot/uEnv.txt - run sudo /usr/sbin/update-initramfs -u -k all Do I miss something? Thx, Laurent.
  4. Hi, I'm used to compile my kernel on x86 with make bindeb-dpkg and then edit /etc/lilo.conf or create symlink to images and initrd files installed with dpkg. I have no clue how to do it with u-boot on a fat32 /boot partition. I tried with the following procedure (on debian bullseye) : - download sources from kernel.org - cp /boot/config-5.5.0 linux-source-5.5.7/.config - make menuconfig && make bindeb-pkg -j 4 (took 2 hours) - dpkg -i linux-image-5.5.7-xxx.deb (look like debian is able to manage uboot initramfs) - edit the 2 first lines of /boot/uEnv.txt and set image and initramfs - reboot (3 times) => black screen Few questions : - Is there any additional configuration to pass to make bindeb-pkg on arm compare to x86? - What about dtb files? Thx, for your help, Laurent. ps : on my x96max, I've already got some difficulties to boot on emmc : a simple reboot work 1/3 times. I have to boot on sdcard and then reboot (removing the sdcard) to boot on emmc.
  5. Hi, /var/log is full. /var/log/journal contains one big file. I executed journalctr --vacuum-time=1h but after a reboot the journal is restored and /var/log full again. How to get rid of it? I'm not familiar with zram and journalctrl but I imagine I can configure something somewhere to avoid getting /var/log full again. Thx.
  6. I mount an usb drive with vfat filesystem on usb3 (personal files, no system). I will try soon booting on it to test your next releases. Can it be the reason for my reboot problem that I have got a usb drive plug during reboot?
  7. Hi, just install Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Arm64_bullseye_current_5.5.1_20200213.img.xz on x905x2 (x96max 4/32, aml g12a) : audio via toslink, ethernet, vfat on usb3 and video on HDMI OK. First time install on emmc. Reboot does not work every time : I have to put back the sdcard sometimes, boot on it and then reboot and remove the sdcard to boot on emmc again. Do I miss something?
  8. Maybe, you have to change the name of the card in the g12_sound.sh script. On a x96 max, I had to change the name to card=G12AX96MAX. A command like aplay -l can help. g12_sound.sh
  9. Just a little feedback, but first a big THX for those images, they are great! I'm using an x96 Max TV box (4/32) which is a Meson g12a also reference as s905x2. (How many names these boxes can get ?!) 1 - I have to flash the box via usb with a recent android "factory" image to get it boot correctly on Armbian. I suppose the boot partition was not great out of the box. 2 - My purpose is to watch movies with vlc. Not all movies play well but with the 5.5.0-rc1 image I've got best results under X with panfrost module loaded and vout set to xcb_x11. At the beginning, I was using vlc from tty (vout set to fb) but most of the movies do not play well. 3 - Happy to see bullseye image ! 4 - I would like to find a way to rename audio output devices to get a mixer only showing : AV, SPDIF and HDMI. Today, I just configure alsa to only output on device 1 (spdif). 5 - serial-getty@ttyS2.service restart all the time. Do you know why? Now that there is script to install image on the emmc, I would like to know how to upgrade the system without have to reconfigure everything. Is that a kernel update is possible/enough? Or maybe just dd the u-boot partition?
  10. Hi, I'm trying to get the sound out of SPDIF on AMLG12 without success. First, maybe there is an error in the g12_sound.sh script. If I remove the redirection to /dev/null, I've got the next error: amixer: Unable to find simple control 'SPDIFOUT Playback',0 $ amixer | grep SPDIF Simple mixer control 'SPDIFOUT',0 Simple mixer control 'SPDIFOUT Playback Channels Mix',0 Simple mixer control 'SPDIFOUT Playback Gain Enable',0 Simple mixer control 'SPDIFOUT SRC SEL',0 Simple mixer control 'SPDIFOUT_B',0 Simple mixer control 'SPDIFOUT_B Playback Channels Mix',0 Simple mixer control 'SPDIFOUT_B Playback Gain Enable',0 Simple mixer control 'SPDIFOUT_B SRC SEL',0 Simple mixer control 'TOHDMITX SPDIF SRC',0 Is anyone able to get sound out of SPDIF/TOSLINK? "speaker-test -c2" execute without error, but without sound to.
  11. Hi, I would like to say that after restoring this box via USB (to the Android 9 firmware V311P), I got the Ethernet working on balbes150-Armbian 5.99! That's great! See you next time, Laurent.
  12. Hi, I tried this yesterday without success : pink characters on a light blue background with a "poor" screen resolution (maybe 640x480) and still no network. This morning I tried CoreElec version 9.2.0. I manage to connect via WiFi but not with Ethernet. I noticed that the dtb filesize differs from 41ko in Armbian (meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb) to 71ko in CoreElec (g12a_s905x2_4g_1gbit.dtb). I noticed to that CoreElec run on a kernel version 4. I imagine that I'm missing something : if there is a dtb call meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb I suppose that it is possible to connect it via Ethernet, no? Regards, Laurent.
  13. Thx! As I understand the 4/32 is a 1000M (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32947778094.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.55024c4dmVsp26). I will try again with menson-g12a-x96-max.dtb. How can I confirm that? lspci? lsmod? What I am looking for?
  14. Hi, Just try this version (debian server) on a x96 max (4/32). It boots well. I can change root password and create an account. But I don't get Ethernet working (not try wifi yet). I've tried with menson-g12a-x96-max.dtb and menson-g12a-x96-max-rmii.dtb without success. What is the differences between this 2 dtb? Regards, Laurent.