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  1. @Arek Rybak Use google to find the spec sheets for the ram chips you have and figure it out.
  2. You are not going to get watchable YouTube on a cheap TV box with Armbian currently. The state of the open source video decoders (vs the generally closed source used in Android) is still a work in process. Right now I would say the best supported CPUs are the Rockchip ones. On the box side balbes150 is working on the Station M1/P1 and jock is working on general Rockchip TV box support.
  3. @jhg I understand the fascination, it is why I'm here trying to help others foster that same fascination. But I would caution you on your expectations. When you talk about 'desktop computer' you are likely to be disappointed. The current state of these boxes (once you get one working) is you can get a desktop gui running, but the performance isn't going to be something useful. They do make great servers however. If you want a usable desktop experience you are going to need to be spending around a $100 or so for an RK3399 box which is less fascinating and a stretch on the wallet.
  4. @jhg FYI the s905x3 cpu should be using a meson-sm1-* dtb. sm1 is the internal code for the x3 (glx is the s905 and g12 is the x2 family). So I would recommend starting to test with: meson-sm1-sei610.dtb
  5. @jhg If you really want to dig into this more, you would need to hook up to the colsole interface on your box. To do this you would need to identify the console connector location on the board, solder a connector to it and then get a usb adapter to monitor the low level u-boot output. The first stages of uboot output to the console only, then the chain loaded uboot (uboot.ext) will display stuff at later stages to hdmi.
  6. Are you following the instructions in the FAQ:
  7. @andybo your box does not have 8Gbyte of ddr3. The rk 32xx cpus only support a max of 4Gbyte, so there is no manufacturer that would install more memory than could be used. I suspect what you have thought was 8Gbyte is really 8Gbit which equals the reported 1Gbyte.
  8. I originally moved this to the amlogic tvbox forum based on the comments in the first post. However based on the latest comments this appears to be a rockchip based box so moving to the rockchip tvbox forum.
  9. If that message is talking about the kernel source, you do have the kernel source, it should just be an issue of putting it where your module build process is expecting it to be (or a link in that location). Between google and debugging the build process you should be able to figure this out.
  10. Please read the FAQ items below so that you are aware of the state of these TV boxes on Armbian:
  11. Look at the ram chips, look up the specs and figure out how much ram the box has (note chips are sometimes attached to both sides of the board)
  12. Please read the following FAQ items as the step you are performing are not going to work for an amlogic based tv box.
  13. In rereading, your original post, I don't think you need the kernel sources. The kernel headers should be sufficient to build against. The error message you originally got was because you didn't have the source for the Mali module if I am reading that correctly
  14. I'm not at my computer right now, but you should look at scripts/package/builddeb and mkdebian if I recall correctly