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  1. As is stated in which I linked to earlier: "7. You really shouldn't expect things like Wi-Fi, bluetooth, remote control, etc. to work." I have six different amlogic based TV boxes and wifi doesn't work on any of them. If you really need wifi your best bet is to use a usb wifi adaptor. Otherwise you can try different dtb files compatible with your cpu and see if you can find a better fit for your hardware or search the forums for others that have the same box as you and see if anyone has reported success in getting
  2. To your original question, you are not seeing desktop support because you have installed a server build with no desktop support. You need to install a build that has 'desktop' in the file name to have desktop support. In the last set of builds from balbes that includes amlogic support you have the following two desktop builds: Armbian_20.10_Arm-64_bullseye_current_5.9.0_desktop.img.xz Armbian_20.10_Arm-64_focal_current_5.9.0_desktop.img.xz (note no bionic desktop build)
  3. @riocoles Please read especially note the current status of amlogic cpus which is what your box contains. Have you tried different dtb files? You are using a dtb file that isn't part of the mainline kernel (thus it is a patch applied to mainline kernel). It could be the case that due to changes in mainline over time that the patch hasn't been well maintained and no longer works correctly. When dealing with TV boxes sometimes the best advise is to try all the relevant dtb files for your cpu to see which has the best sup
  4. Moved post to new topic as this post deals with 64bit cpu but was posted in a thread dealing with 32bit cpus.
  5. As a new user to the TV box forum I want to point you to the following "Please Read First" post: I have very little familiarity with rockchip based TV boxes, so there isn't much help I can offer. But from what I understand the RK3318 is a poorly supported chip by the manufacturer. Here is the latest thread that I could find in the forums that you could use to get started which has links to a couple of experimental builds:
  6. @alexx If I understand you correctly, you are currently running with the OS installed on an external drive connected via USB (no sd card and the original android still installed on the internal emmc storage). There isn't any reason you need to change that setup. As a general rule of thumb, SSD better than emmc which is better than SD card, in terms of quality and durability of the storage. So you should be fine running your current setup.
  7. You still didn't answer the question of which build you are using, i.e. what is the full name of the file you downloaded. Also what dtb files did you try, all of the s905x files or only the one you mentioned. By running script you have erased your emmc internal storage and replaced it with a copy of your armbian install from the sd card. So yes your android install is gone. To restore you will need to find an android firmware for your box and use the appropriate tools to reinstall that firmware.
  8. As is stated here: it shouldn't be an expectation that wifi is going to work with armbian on TV boxes. I have about 8 boxes now and wifi doesn't work on any of them. While there are exceptions, in general if you limit your expectations to using wired ethernet you can do some amazing things with these boxes. Since you didn't even mention which box you are interested in, I can't guess if wifi has a remote possibility of working for you, but my guess is not. There are only a couple of people currently engaged in voluntee
  9. @MX10.AC2N I think you are approaching your issue from the wrong perspective. As balbes already mentioned he "doesn't use this software and has no idea what it requires'. So essentially asking the same question in a different way isn't likely to get a different answer. You need to understand that the armbian project is about getting the mainline linux (debian and ubuntu distributions) to run on arm SBCs (and luckily that often works on TV boes as well). Information and support of the thousands of software programs that can then run on debian or ubuntu isn't something that armbia
  10. I moved the above to a separate thread as the content is distinct from the thread it was originally posted in.
  11. As I mentioned I was having problems using the chainloaded u-boots for s905x2 and s905x3 based boxes in loading 5.10 kernels (5.9 and earlier kernels have been working find). I had a little time this past weekend and I was able to successfully boot a 5.10 kernel using your u-boot mentioned above in place of the one in balbes image for s905x2. I was also able to do the same with a s905x3 box (boot a 5.10 kernel) but on this one ethernet didn't work. I didn't have time to investigate anything beyond getting successful boots.
  12. As a new user, have you read: You haven't told us how you installed your system. Lets start with some basics: what build did you use?
  13. I build my own from mainline kernel sources. Since I only am using this for server tasks, I can use pure mainline kernel without the need for any additional patches for my needs.