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  1. How about you start with the build you are using and what instructions you are using?
  2. Issues? Are we supposed to guess what issues you are having?
  3. These are not Armbian images. Where did you get them? This is not part of any Armbian image. Images prior to current nightlies and after 23.02 are known not to work with the s905x3 based boxes. But current nightly builds should work.
  4. @audio kees You really need to take your questions elsewhere. You are off topic for this thread. Please take your libreelec questions to to their support channels. If you want to talk armbian on raspberry pi then open a new thread in the proper location in these forums.
  5. Please start by explaining the exact issue you are having. Including all versions of the components.
  6. If you can connect and the firmware upload starts but fails and this works on another device, I think you have faulty hardware.
  7. Does the tool connect, see your box? and allow you to choose your android firmware image file to upload? What options are you choosing during the burn?
  8. Find an original android firmware for your box and use the amlogic USB burning tool with a USB male to USB male cable
  9. My understanding is that post 23.11, only supported boards get stable releases. All community maintained boards, like this one, only get rolling releases going forward.
  10. What build are you using? What instructions are you following?
  11. You should submit a PR (you have already found the code location and have the change in mind), just formalize your request into a PR. https://docs.armbian.com/Process_Contribute
  12. I'm not aware of an armbian-ddbr. ddbr is what Armbian ships with.
  13. @Andr1k If you have one of the community nightly builds installed, you should be able to apt update/apt upgrade to the current build and then apt install linux-headers-current-xxxx. At least that works for me, but I work with amlogic boxes, not the rockchip ones.
  14. What do you mean by this? And what image did you put on your SD card? Also are you following the instructions in the FAQ: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/33676-installation-instructions-for-tv-boxes-with-amlogic-cpus
  15. It depends on what you mean by normal. Currently the OVERLAY_PREFIX for this board is set to: OVERLAY_PREFIX="sun50i-h616" as the overlays are currently being shared between the h616 and h618. So if you rename the overlay with that prefix it should be picked up by armbian-config.
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