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  1. Please read the FAQ entry: There are a couple of comments in that post that are relevant to your question. 1) balbes is no longer working on amlogic cpus, 2) the current state of the TV box code (espeucally for amlogic) is suitible for server use only, don't expect much graphical support to be working. Also in a comment just a few posts ago, balbes expressed his opinion that he doesn't work with proprietary binary closed source code (like the legacy mali drivers). The open source drivers are only beco
  2. Moved to new topic. This question has nothing to do with kernel recompilation which was the topic this was originally posted in.
  3. @vice I suggest you repost your question in the thread as @jock is very good at helping, but he likes to focus his efforts on posts in that thread. Something else that would be helpful is to provide more information about what build you are attempting to use and where you downloaded it from.
  4. @cracker Have you checked and installed the armbian-firmware-full package? The default armbian-firmware only has driver firmware for the supported boards and since TV boxes are not supported the firmware you need may exist in the more comprehensive armbian-firmware-full package.
  5. I split this out into its own topic. Even though the information is all derived from the thread "Armbian for TV box rk3328" I think it makes it easier from a forum search perspective if someone is looking for rk3318 information in a search to have a separate thread.
  6. The short answer is you can't. The boot process for armbian and libreelec uses the native uboot installed on emmc to start the boot process. So if your emmc isn't working you can't boot these from an sd card. Theoretically it is possible if you have a complete proper uboot installed on the sd card, but such a thing doesn't exist around here as that hasn't been the approach to how we have supported amlogic based tv boxes. Are you sure your emmc is broken? Have you tried to restore your android firmware to emmc?
  7. There are many posts in the forums talking about this same issue. Please search the forums for an answer, If you still are not able to find a solution, then please post more information about what you have tried including what you mean by 'I have already found a way' in your last post.
  8. I have been focused on the wifi changes that I perhaps have overlooked something else. Do you have armbian installed on emmc? The reason I ask is that I have multiple boxes where if armbian is installed on emmc, they sometimes will not reboot. The work around is to install an sd card (with a bootable version of armbian installed, including the correct dtb configured), boot once from the sd card and then remove the sd card and the system will then boot normally from emmc.
  9. @Thang First off since you are working with coreelec you will need to restore the box to a clean android firmware before attempting to work with the armbian builds that are out there. The coreelec install changes things in incompatible ways to how the armbian builds expect the system to be in order to work correctly. I have two of these boxes (don't know if they are the exact same hardware as you have reported as I haven't opened them up recently) One of these boxes I am running as a production web server and the other I use for testing. I am currently using the meson-g12a-sei5
  10. Also moved this post to the correct forum as this related to TV Boxes not a supported Armbian board.
  11. First please read the following FAQ item in the TV Box FAQ: In that FAQ post you will see that no one is any longer supporting amlogic s9xx TV boxes. So you have the following hurdles: TV boxes are not supported by Armbian. The developer (bables150) who was working on these boxes in his community fork no longer is (but he never supported the x905x3 even when he was working on amlogic), and this is such a low priority type of item, that it wouldn't likely get attential anyway (see the setting exp
  12. @Sevillano I'm not quite sure what steps/instructions you are following. But start by reading the two TV Box FAQ posts: and There aren't steps that require you to compile the entire system on a virtual machine. So I am assuming you are trying to perform a regular build of armbian, but armbian doesn't support TV boxes. That is why this forum exists and there are the forked builds that attempt to get a worki
  13. I am assuming you can still run from the SD card. What steps did you take to install to emmc? What dtb are you using (have you tried others), what u-boot.ext file are you using?
  14. Can you provide anymore information? When you say the box doesn't start properly what exactly do you mean. Especially as you also said you have wifi working. Those two sentences seem to contradict each other, so there must be more information that you could share. Also is this happening from an install on SD or emmc? When did it stop working? What changes did you make between successfully working and your new problems?