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  1. This is already part of the instructions for balbes150 builds. From the first post of balbes150 thread: "Fix for correct color to G12 (Amlogic S905X2 S922X) For models based on g12 (s905x2 s922), which have a problem not the correct color , If you are starting the system from an SD card, you need to copy file to u-boot.ext, If you are starting the system from an USB, you need to copy file u-boot.usb to u-boot.ext When installing in eMMC, you do not need to do anything with your hands, the installation script itself will perform the necessary system configuration and when running from eMMC, the system will work with the correct color."
  2. If you have an A95X Max box as you say in a previous post, then you should have an Amlogic s905x2 cpu. For that CPU per the instructions you should not be needing to do anything with uboot. Just write the image to the sd card, edit the uEnv.txt file and boot from the sd card (toothpick method should work).
  3. Armbian is Debian based, and since arch isn't it isn't a supported distribution. But since this is open source, you are free to take the source code and add arch support for your needs, and contribute back to the community in that way.
  4. This is not the current build. The s9xxx builds are no longer maintained. The current development builds are found in this thread:
  5. You need to provide more details on what you are trying. What version are you trying to install (and from where did you download it). What are the steps you are attempting to install on your box?
  6. blind@TX3X3:~$ free total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 3684488 859436 2103944 24008 721108 2643560 Swap: 1842240 0 1842240 blind@TX3X3:~$ This is on a TX3 with s905x3 using meson-sm1-sei610.dtb And on a H96 Max with s905x2 using meson-g12a-u200.dtb: blind@H96MaxX2:~$ free total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 3365644 216796 1203640 21244 1945208 2966404 Swap: 1682820 0 1682820 blind@H96MaxX2:~$
  7. I don't expect that you will be able to get the remote control to work. I generally don't expect that you can get wifi or bluetooth working. The nature of these TV Boxes is such that if you get successful video and audio via hdmi and wired ethernet working you are doing good. Anything beyond that is more likely than not to not work. This is because there are probably a hundred different hardware configurations out there and none of them are supported by their manufacturers to enable the community to implement anything but the most generic features.
  8. This is an open source project. So therefore if you want a particular feature you are welcome to implement it yourself, or you could offer to pay someone else to implement it for you. To request or expect others who are volunteering their time to an open source project to implement something specific for your needs is not in the spirit of open source.
  9. It is theoretically possible. But since each box is different you would need to get information from the device manufacturer (and likely source code for the specific hardware in their box) to be able to write a custom utility to do this. I am not aware of anyone who had been able to do this successfully as generally the device manufacturers do not offer any type of support like this for their hardware. That is a primary difference between a single-board computer like an Orange Pi and a generic TV box. The SBCs are built for developers and generally include documentation and source code for the boards, but the TV boxes are generally completely unsupported (which is also why they often are cheaper for similar specs due to not needing to provide support).
  10. The dtb mechanism has support for a feature called "overlays" which is in theory designed for the use cases you are thinking about. But the basic problem is getting all of the dtb specifics in place for a particular box and then figuring out how to make the selection process easier. The hard part is the first part of that problem not the second. The first step is to get working dtbs for a set of different device configurations and then finding the best method to select them. While there are hundreds of different android tv boxes out there (even the same box based on outside markings can have many different clones/versions with different internal hardware) each requiring a different dtb to correctly map the specific hardware for each box, and only a handful of dtbs in the distribution, you have the situation we find ourselves in.
  11. It is theoretically possible. But I haven't seen this successfully done. To undertake a task like this you need access to source code and support from the underlying device manufacturers, which generally doesn't exist. (This is part of the reason that balbes150 doesn't support the s905x3 cpus as Amlogic does not provide support for their products under mainline kernels).
  12. Current builds for armbian on android tv boxes can be found along with current instructions for installing them in the first post of the following forum thread:
  13. You will need to be more specific in your question. What ubuntu distribution are you referring to? When you say ubuntu do you mean armbian? When you say "this" what exactly are you referring to?
  14. The AML specific builds are no longer maintained (thus why you are seeing no focal build and nothing current in the location you are looking). The current builds are now "universal" builds that support Amlogic, Rockchip and Allwinner CPUs for android TV boxes. Look at the first post in this thread: The instructions for installing are basically the same as the build you are using, but with additional options for the various CPU families. These builds are being regularly updated and is where you should be looking for installation images.
  15. From the information you provided you are running Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) which has python 3.6. I believe that Ubuntu 20.04 (focal) has python 3.8. So the easiest thing to do would likely be to use the armbian focal build instead of the bionic build.