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  1. While there are other differences, based on what you have described the biggest difference for you is that the "arm-64" builds are no longer maintained. Those builds from October 2020 are the last that will be made. Whereas the "aw-h6-tv" builds are being currently maintained by balbes150 and are current with the latest kernel patch releases.
  2. @extremeaudio both of your questions are answered by the FAQ posts in the TV Box forums:
  3. Moved post to the correct location in the TV Boxes forum
  4. @Tanmay Saha You didn't indicate what build you were using or what steps you were using. I would recommend starting with the TV box FAQ: and
  5. @supersmurfs Since above you state that your box is an Allwinner H616 box, the following thread is tracking the base Armbian development for supporting the H616 cpu. While support is progressing, it is a way from being stable/supported.
  6. This comment is likely superceeded by balbes and jock's posts, but I wanted to just provide my thoughts on the android dtb issues. The way I like to think about dtbs is they are glue code between the kernel and the hardware. We often think of them only from the perspective of the hardware, which once a box is built the hardware doesn't change (although boxes can change over the course of different manufacturing runs providing different board revisions). But the kernel is an evolving code base and even though the hardware may be fixed, the dtb glue may need to change over time as the kernel code changes. Thus technically dtbs are kernel version specific (but in practice the changes in the kernel generally are not significant over smaller periods of time). However.... When it comes to android kernels two factors come into play, one is that android kernels tend to be highly forked/patched from mainline kernels and second, android kernels tend to be based off very old kernels. So for example an android 4.4 based kernel is really a 5 year old kernel, and a lot has changed in the kernel over a 5 year period. Also, making this more complex is that fact that sbc/tv box support has only been added to mainline kernels fairly recently. So older android or legacy kernels that were supported were highly patched kernels. Armbian is generally focused on current mainline kernels (after all that is where the future support will all take place), and therefore a 5.10/5.12 kernel is very different in how it supports sbc/tv box hardware than a 4.4/4.x legacy/android kernel. The end result is to not expect an android dtb to work with a mainline kernel. That doesn't mean that there isn't a lot to be learned from an older dtb file, but the process is much more complicated than simply getting the old andoird dtb and using it on a mainline kernel and expecting it to work.
  7. @supersmurfs Welcome to the Armbian TV box forums. I want to thank you for your interest and apparent willingness to dig in and learn.
  8. Most of my TV boxes are amlogic based. I just bought an H6 box but haven't had time to do much with it other than to boot an armbian build on it. Armbian booted on the box but networking didn't work, so I need to find some time to look into that when I get a chance. I may be reaching out to you once you get your allwinner boxes up and running
  9. The first place to start is by reading the documentation: Armbian Developer Guide. The developer guide walks you through the armbian build process. The entire armbian build process may be more than you are looking for (not knowing what changes you are looking to make), but with an overall understanding of the armbian build process (simply being able to rebuild the image you are already running) you will likely be able to figure out a path forward for your needs, or at least be able to come back to the forums with a more specific question based on greater understanding of the system.
  10. @Clonazepunk Welcome to armbian. I was just reading your recent posts and it sounds like you have some good technical skills and a desire to help others. A combination that is in limited supply. As you are new to armbian, if there is anything I can do to help your learning curve please reach out to me. The TV Box community needs people like you willing to help others. It seems that you have an interest in both rockchip and allwinner TV boxes. While Jock and other provide great support for rockchip there really isn't anyone currently supporting allwinner. So if you are looking for a challenge... Again if you have any questions for me please reach out to me either in the forums or through PM.
  11. @foxluder Please read the TV Box FAQ items: and
  12. Please check out the two FAQ entries: and
  13. Your question was already answered the first time you posted your question. There is an entire thread dedicated to discussing how to install armbiian on an rk322x tv box: This is now the third the you are asking the same question. It you ask a fourth time, I will consider you as spamming the forum and proceed accordingly.
  14. Moved to proper forum for a TV box question. Please read the FAQ entry: Then search the forums for previous discussions on this topic.