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    Povl H. Pedersen got a reaction from Werner in Information for users of TV boxes on the Amlogic platform   
    If what balbes150 is doing is just dropping support, then everything is fine with me. Forked what I believe are the relevant github projects.
    My current boxes are running fine, but really wanted an upgrade before moving more onto it. I have 3 S905x3 boxes BTW.
    If balbes150 is pulling everything offline, and releasing intentionally destructive builds, as I read it, then it is bad.

    Now, Amlogic is an american company, and I really would expect them to fork over some money to help Armbian. They likely spent money getting Android running.

    I would like everybody to reach out to Amlogic, and try to have them send money in the direction of Armbian.  I guess that is the easiest way to get more support. The cheap chine copycats likely do not want to put money in that direction.
    Personally, I buy TV boxes because they are way better value for money than the Pi 4. For less money I get a faster CPU, I get eMMC onboard, I get hardware crypto support (Raspberry foundation did not license that), I get a box, and I get a PSU.  So the TV boxes are way better value for money.

    Now, if the Armbian project would recommend brands or models of TV boxes (they seems to be best value for money due to mass market production), I would plan that for future purchases.
    Maybe some vendor (Beelink whatever ?) would be willing to contribute money for Armbian support. 

    For me, I need 64-bit, 4GB memory,  1 Gbit, ethernet, preferable WiFi,  quad-core - good performing CPU not too hot, Hardware crypto, USB 3.0. Don't really care about graphics/sound, as they run headless. And I can do without the I/O of the Pi, using ESP32 for sensor integration. OrangePi, Odroid C4 etc are valid options. But way more expensive. Have some hot running, not too good performing OrangePi devices. Only using one for my 3D printer.

    I likely do not have the skills  and surely not the time to take over support. But as long as we have the current release to start from,  then I am happy. Then I can always look at upgrading the kernel if I need. Otherwise, I will just have a stable running box (I hope) for many years to come. Saving the environment lots of CO2 compared to my old AMD x86 based server.
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    Povl H. Pedersen got a reaction from Werner in H96 Max dead - Can I revive it ?   
    Spoiler inserted.
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    Povl H. Pedersen got a reaction from TRS-80 in Armbian for Amlogic S905X3   
    Answer to myself (and others) - you need the right dtb. Did that, and it boots.
    Found in the single Armbian image thread. Only issue now is funny colors, and that it reboots (nice shutdown) on entering root password.
    Tried using ssh and I am asked to change password. Strange behaviour.
    No way to install to eMMC - tools not included - tried eoan. Now trying Bionic.
    Both aoen and bionic fails to reboot from SD. Goes in a reboot loop. Powercycle and it boots ok.
    Next problem,  no install menu option, and no nano-installs script. You have to look in the homedir of root :-)