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  1. Cheers, mate. As I said, pretty sure we've all been there. Even I thought at first that Armbian forums have a bit "weird" structure until I realized it's all about what boards are "Supported" and which are not, etc. Once you get your head around that it starts to make sense. Also see the "Where to post?" link in my signature. The TV Boxes area specifically has been somewhat problematic, which is part of what led to writing that sticky, and further forum re-arrangement has also been discussed.
  2. I cannot speak for TwisterOS devs, however in general I can state there have been a lot of problems around supporting "TV Boxes." In fact, so many problems that balbes150 stopped supporting Amlogic based boxes, and ultimately we had to write up a sticky to point people at because of never ending stream of questions / problems.
  3. "Latest legacy" then, it all makes sense now. Also, in that case, the article I linked does not appear to be relevant... So, must be something else... EDIT: I completely forgot until now, I remember reading about V2 have some kernel instability perhaps... And if that's true it is probably going to take some time and effort to track that down. In fact if I recall correctly, the recommendation (for NAS use, anyway) was to stick with M4 V1 because of that. One more data point, I don't know if related or not. @NicoD is a big fan of these, in fact they are
  4. How about documentation? I know there is some info in there about connecting various screens. I never tried and I don't know if it's directly applicable, but maybe something in there will helpful?
  5. I feel a bit bad now for quoting you publicly then. Thanks for the correction, at any rate! --- In a more general sense, I cannot help but wonder how many more boards could be in "mostly / completely blob free" category if we are willing to forego some things like graphics and/or Wi-Fi, which I know are typically big sources of blobs. In other words, "server" boards (which honestly, is mainly my interest anyway, and many others, too)...
  6. Someone brought up the subject of freedom / blob less booting recently, which got me digging through my old thread beginning mid-2019 about the same looking for some references. I realized as I was reading through it however that that some of the recommendations made later on in that thread (beginning Jan 2020 with Helios64 announcement) are not only just about blob-free booting, but in fact are about about RK3399 based boards in general and therefore quite relevant to current discussion. The TL; DR I guess, is, back when I picked up my ODROID-XU4, it was largely becaus
  7. Finally I get around to replying to your thread @forestj. I had started asking such questions on this forum back in middle of 2019 (which was one of my very first posts in fact) however I had been lurking and researching this issue for much longer (years?) before that. Hey! I resemble that remark! Do you have a moment to hear the words of our Lord and Saviour rms? All jokes aside, this is actually one of most common misconceptions about the Free Software movement. There is actually an article I read not too long ago, right on FSF (maybe GN
  8. Well, you guys here in this thread do seem to "get it" and I for one certainly appreciate that. And in fairness, probably even the majority do. However, and unfortunately, a few others do not. And that just wears on Igor after a while. He is only a human bean like the rest of us, after all. In fact that is one of main reasons I try and help out around forums, to try and relieve some pressure from devs by not only taking care of some "low hanging fruit" type issues, but also some times act as some sort of buffer. Because I see both sides of the issue. And I really worry that I
  9. FWIW, this thought crossed my mind, too. Resolving otherwise intractable dependency situation is one of the main use-cases for containers (not saying that is necessarily the case here, but it could be). However if you are new to it all, it's probably not a bad idea to do it at first "the old fashioned way" as you will definitely learn some things in the process. At any rate, I applaud your efforts towards self-hosting. On that note, I had started a thread specifically about homelab, containers and self hosting you may be interested in, as well. Let us know how you
  10. Beside your current problem, they are super cool, anyway! I mean, if you are into SBC, maybe you are (or will get) into these, too. Many of us are doing Home Automation stuff, as well, with our SBCs! There is a whole world of different radios you can use, but for this the Wi-Fi based ones (searching Tasmota will get you started, but there are others, too) will probably fit your need best. Wi-Fi switches (Tasmota especially) are even quite easy to get working these days, there is a pretty big community around them, etc.
  11. Windows / Microsoft tried hard to kill GNU/Linux and F/LOSS for many years. They don't deserve any Nice Things, IMO. Let them die off already. And ESXi is proprietary software. Which also does not therefore deserve any community support, IMO.
  12. Yes, if you took no other steps, this is expected. I wasn't saying to let it run longer, I was suggesting that for some reason the kernel is not loading (seems like). This is U-Boot environment, not GNU/Linux shell. Type help (like it says) to see what you can do there. Basically, you should need to just tell the kernel to boot. Either manually, or fix the boot settings so that it works every time. You may find something helpful in Recovery section of docs. There are also some additional commands here.[0] [0] It's on my list to add
  13. I don't understand this comment. Are you on latest (which is, at time of writing, 5.9.y for M4 V2) or legacy (which would be 4.4.y at same link)? It's a particularly relevant detail, because I was just last night reading some article where guy built one of these setups, and as of 2020-10-16 he issued an update stating: If anyone else has any feedback regarding this (one way or the other) please comment!
  14. It sounds to me like you are maybe half way there already? Patches welcome.
  15. Well, would you care to share, for the benefit of others who may come along later? Not sure what to make of this, maybe you guys know each other and this is some kind of inside joke? Maybe just trying to be funny? I try to assume good intent, however... Otherwise I think uncalled for towards someone who is trying to help you?