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    Vanitarium got a reaction from lanefu in [Moderation] Q&A for New (and Old?) Mods   
    Hiya everybody,
    Could I add a Reply to the drop down menu? If not, could somebody put this in there for everybody else, please...
    Thank you so much....
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    Vanitarium reacted to TRS-80 in Help on forum moderating   
    One of my first thought was wondering if there were enough of these type of little advices to make a wiki page or moderation sub forum, or maybe just a sticky post?
    I think such a resource would help to get new moderators up to speed more quickly, and also lessen the impact of inevitable turnover. Maybe as I get to grips with how to perform this new job over the coming days and weeks I could start to collect some brief notes (from perspective of someone brand new to it) and see if such thing will even be necessary...
    I am really excited about being able to contribute to such an important project! 
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