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  1. If someone wants to do the work we'll gladly review a pull request for it. Just not something that the Armbian devs are going to work on themselves.
  2. never got a PR
  3. You can still build images with the armbian build tools, but yeah we need the community to step up and maintain the ebin unfortuantely.
  4. see if this is helpful
  5. RK3399 - based SBCs are the only thing I would recommend as a desktop. H6 can do accelerated video but it won't be out of the box. You'll have to assure a video player is built with cedrus libraries etc. Others can hopefully provide clearer answers than me.
  6. That reminds me that armbianmonitors light ping test frequently fails and causes it not to upload to
  7. we probably need to remove the desktop-install feature from Armbian-config.. we have new code for our more complex desktops and its not in armbian config.
  8. This is great thanks for sharing. Will have to try this
  9. We really need someone to manage the outreach and bug tracking for RC testing... we've done some attempt of that in the past, but it's been hard to get the attention needed.... and even harder to manage the issues. and also need another attempt at recruiting Maintainers/owners for specific devices that can perform tests and track issues... (and develop if they want )
  10. We have always published nighties. Goto the download page find the device then choose other downloads and scroll down to test builds.
  11. The critical difference is the user has to opt-in to upgrading releases. the default behavior would not be people's shit by a routine `apt update`
  12. I have slightly different approach to going's solution, but this would be compatible with it
  13. Every quarter some one apt updates and breaks something after a release.... This can be prevented. We need to produce a repository per release for our debs just like Debian ubuntu etc aka lane@blipsqueak:~/GIT/lj-tools$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list deb focal main focal-utils focal-desktop becomes lane@blipsqueak:~/GIT/lj-tools$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list deb focal main focal-utils focal-desktop
  14. yeah unfortunately the kernel and armbian packages have effectively been a rolling release, but I hope we can switch them to be bound to a release in the future. one of the issues is we depend on aptly and it..needs help