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  1. You're effectively introducing a layer2 switch loop when plugging them both in. It was mostly good fortune when it worked previously. Unfortunately because of the way the espressobin's onboard switch connects to the cpu (sgmi) peak network io to cpu would be 1 gig. There's dialog about the espressobin's network limitations earlier in the thread. Its kind of a bummer for sure. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. lanefu

    Burn ISO Image to Micro SD Card That should get you moving
  3. lanefu

    OV5640 driver

    FYI Xunlong finally has a official OV5460 camera... not that makes driver support any better.
  4. lanefu

    fix the basic -

    Okay I see what you're driving at now! Work that's being done, which impacts a subsystem rather than a component (ex: all sunxi vs a single board) should be done overtly. The best way to make that overt is to have a feature branch visible in the main Armbian repo. ....As opposed to someone working from a fork and then just surprising the world with a pull request. Standard contributions can (and should) of course come from forks and pull requests.
  5. lanefu

    fix the basic -

    And @TonyMac32 nominates @TonyMac32 lol. I appreciate the idealism around not having an executive or inner circle, but I think that's something best suited for when the project was smaller or when it levels up to the next level of maturity and there's enough committed maintainers for individual components. Even if there is an inner-circle, it's still self-organizing and not some evil scenario. IMHO, In Armbian's current state, having a small set of individuals to help make quick decisions when needed and continually articulating a clear vision/mission for the project is critical for maintaining momentum. I do want to emphasize the continually articulating vision/mission. Repetition minimizes confusion. Well said. I really do like the idea of branches for some of the core architectures, but I think for it to be successful, the branches would need dedicated maintainers, curators and are keep them healthy and in sync with development. It lines up nicely with what things could look like in the next level maturity state that I touched on above., but I think there's probably an intermediate step of living closer minimalist gitflow process that may need to occur first.
  6. lanefu

    fix the basic -

    Sorry. Hmm does that mean I wasn't helpful or blabbering too much?
  7. lanefu

    fix the basic -

    I also nominate Igor as benevolent dictator, and Zador and Tkaiser as the other members of core development team. A group of 3 is easy to vote when hard choices come up or there's unclear vision, and there's no such thing as a split decisions.
  8. lanefu

    What does your workbench look like?

    This explains why I'm posting again.. I finally have a work area! The
  9. lanefu

    fix the basic -

    Right so let me stab at delineation between supported, WIP, and CSC. Supported - Board has a documented maintainer listed in the board config file or elsewhere... (Documented maintainer could be "armbian core team" woudlnt have to 1 person, but would have to some sort of consensus WIP - A board with a documented maintainer in config file that is intended to be "supported", but legitimately is a work in progress. CSC - A board with contributions, but no documented maintainer. Use at own risk. No image builds... or maybe nightlys, at best. If code is clearly atrophying, and doesn't seem to have any popularity, Core armbian maintainers (lords of master branch) purge at will. As a general rule of them board related commits should not have any code impacting the build system overall and merge requests would be rejected. Naturally a CSC board could get promoted into a WIP and ultimately a supported board, but that can be up to the Armbian core developers.
  10. lanefu

    fix the basic -

    So for serious.... if master was locked down to just like Igor and whatever deputized player he sees, it could truly be used to reflect whatever the official stable release of armbian is out there...... Occasional hotfixes could be cherry picked in, otherwise it's left alone until the next release. RC's would allow for feature freezes while debugging prior to release. Everybody else works out of the development branch.... and by work I mean they use feature branches which are rebased to development prior to merge request. To eliminate confusion or overlapping, Following issues closely would help.
  11. lanefu

    Librecomputer Tritium H3

  12. lanefu

    fix the basic -

    Wrangling new dialog regarding branching under this thread. Original from a tangent on the tritium h3 thread I will paraphrase: @tkaiser Random Dev branches aren't helping anything.. It trashed me work -- I'm going to jump.... for real this time. @Tido Things will continue come apart until we suck it up and document a process and live with it @chwe Perhaps a different directory structure with more segmentation for board or platform can keep branching simple @TonyMac32 How about a few branches for the top 3-ish common architectures and we make sure things are re-based prior to merging @Igor Play nice @lanefu Anybody heard of git flow?
  13. lanefu

    Librecomputer Tritium H3

    It does appear the project is now at a size where discipline around feature branches and merges. Who are the principle contributors at this point... cuz it used to be like Igor, Zador and Tkaiser, so a flat branch was managable
  14. lanefu

    Librecomputer Tritium H3

    @tkaiser Is there anything out there now that is as exciting as the H3 was? I got an h5 tritium because it has 2 gigs of ram, and I figured it would be fun to add to my nomad cluster (for stuff that doesnt need a lot of network). I think my pre-order was cheaper than what the cost of a Opi prime would be.... PS Primes are back in stock.
  15. lanefu

    Librecomputer Tritium H3

    Okay so I searched around on the forums a while back for this and really struggled for a final conclusion. Maybe you can help me understand the difference. DFS - Dynamic Frequency Scaling ?? -- cpu changes frquency through magic? DVFS - Dynamic Voltage Frequency scaling?? -- cpu changes uhhh frequency through a regulator?