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  1. Lol i got a lot of feedback about https being an undesirable default. Major reason being those on small connections heavilly rely on caching proxies to make life better. And yes persisting protocol based on request would be ideal. How are you at python?
  2. yeah sorry about the trouble.. I/we had some bad defaults with that, and I had changed them on the direct server, and I think your older install at the apt setup that way.
  3. Short answer: No. This cannot explained with just a few sentences. Man we really need to write the definitive sermon on this and add it to faq / documentation. I think there might be an issue open for it somewhere
  4. spice-vdagent in linux the VM. not sure what's going on there.. can't really help.
  5. You need to install UTM rather than trying to run it from the disk image... UTM is a hypervisor.
  6. I donr have the why but downgrading the uboot package to an older one from our deb archive does seem to solve.
  7. make `userpatches/lib.config` try put the following in NO_APT_CACHER=yes APT_PROXY_ADDR=PROXYHOST:PROXYPORT you may also want to your standard proxy environment variables to it export ex: export HTTP_PROXY=
  8. So Armbian bare-metal on M1 is really contrary to our mission... but I do hope the community can run with the work I've started with the virtual-qemu image... because virtual armbian on M1 is fun and practice.
  9. the WIP file is for building with the armbian build tools... I have some crappy tips in there for qemu. okay so here's a really quick n dirty download UTM for Mac Download zip and extract. this UTM config there will be a .utm file and a u-boot.bin file download one of the virtual-emu images from our nightlies or try whatever is here don't forget to extra xz file find utm and right click and choose show package contents(edited) [8:15 PM] then you'll expand and put this u-boot.bin in this subfolder open the UTM file then clone it to a new virtual machine edit the new virtual machine goto the drives tab click that little trash can to delete the previous image click import drive to load the new image that you downloaded and make sure you set the interface to virtio because it will default to IDE you'll need to fiddle around with display settings possibly.. the high dpi flag etc. I think I've added to default on the newer images. make sure spice-vdagent is installed. .. this is all I can help with for now. You're on your own from here Please turn this into some better documentation if you can. ideally someone needs to figure out a process around this and document it
  10. This should be handled by the userpatches customize-image script. Please dont send a PR to add this feature
  11. I tried adding me to users.conf and I didn't win yet
  12. PPS Werner can u help add me to meetbot?
  13. PS see meeting notes here