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  1. When was your PBP made? Is it from one of the newer production runs from past year? Mines from 2nd gen. (Pre covid era) I remember seeing Kali had a few extra patches for the newer PBPs
  2. Yep writing image directly to emmc should be fine. Has been the case historically for me.
  3. I downloaded xfce for PBP from armbian website, flashed to sdcard with etcher and booted successfully. Caveat I don't have emmc chip installed and nothing on SPI. So yeah could easily be manjaro uboot allergies to trying to pivot to armbian to boot. If possible just wipe emmc
  4. The quickest fix for the user will be to use armbian-config to select a mirror. The redirector dev may be able to add some exceptions but geoiop data will never be 100% accurate
  5. Don't confuse current circumstance with an overt decision. What have you done to troubleshoot and participate in diagnosing and solving the problem? Also look-up maintainer https://docs.armbian.com/Release_Board-Maintainers/
  6. The Armbian images shrink the filesystem down to a minimal footprint that then expand to the max of the sdcard on first boot. You're cloning the image after it's been expanded from first boot stage You'll want to shrink the root file system and the partition before imagine. Rather than making a golden image, using the Armbian build tool and the customize image hooks to install your packages would be a more appropriate solution
  7. Or I guess Balbes support is free and easy. Note this is balbes and not official support status
  8. Hi Judy, There's a lot of work involved in adding a device to Armbian. In your case, a new product without mainline linux support, it's an enormous amount of labor. It's unlikely there will be any community members willing to do the engineering required for free. Are you looking for a paid engagement? Are there kernel source code and device tree source code published and available for this product? https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_FAQ/#where-do-i-ship-a-board-so-that-armbian-will-add-support
  9. There's a service called lightdm that you'll need to look at. It launches X and the GUI login. Hope that helps
  10. lanefu

    Khadas Vim4

    I'm not familiar with that. What causes and issue with the wifi and USB 3?
  11. You're probably going to need to be a little more hands on with the tool you choose. I like borg and borgmatic.
  12. Hi great question. Def can be confusing. We're working to be more clear. GitHub issues (NOT PRs) are meant to be specific to the Armbian build engine and not specific to devices. Raise device issues on forum for conversation and hopefully find the attention of a maintainer. (Part of reason we do it on forum is it creates too much noise on GitHub for such a small team of devs) If it's an issue a maintainer or armbian developer thinks it needs to be prioritized, they will add to our Jira For those that don't like posting on forum anybody can open a draft PR with a proposed solution and explanation of what's being solved in GitHub
  13. Yeah that was my experience with libgpiod a year or 2 ago. No pull-ups etc. It's not ready for prime use. Sysfs gpio access is the most consistent method to deal with gpio accross different devices. And I'll gladly take it over 20 forks of wiring pi (which truly is deprecated in a much more literal sense) for background Even Adafruit jumped on the bandwagon libgpiod when it was announced but they quickly backed off quietly once the reality hit that it wasn't ready for their core customer base. Deprecated in Kernel land doesn't meant stop using immediately, it means don't extend and start preparing/be aware for the (long-term) future
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