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  1. Hi @gprovost I received my new power supply and all my drives are running again. That resolved the issue. Thanks for your help!
  2. New thread here! I'll add more to original post as old information is found.... Can't think clearly right now.
  3. There's been discussion in the past of switching to a YY.MM naming convention for releases (similar to Ubuntu) [citation needed -- I think it may be buried deep inside a github discussion] How does that impact us as a rolling release? What do we want to convey with our versions/releases? Should we do monthly releases? quarterly? I do think time-based releases would help us with priority.
  4. it literally modifies the file /boot/armbianEnv.txt and add and removes items to overlay=
  5. I just DD'd my armbian image directly to my EMMC flash and it worked
  6. @gprovost Issue is on the 12V
  7. FYI I just powered all the drives with a separate power supply and they're all online
  8. Okay takin it apart is actually easy ha... So i put my test lead inside the 12v connections into the back of the 4 pin molex connectors on the board. At powerup ..even with 1 drive, voltage is dropping to 9 or 10 volts. and the fans sometimes stutter. It goes back up to 12v after the drives fail to spin up 5v pins on molex seemed fine I think the noise is coming from the board, but its not a loud as earlier. Also I tried with different drives on both ports and got the same behavior
  9. Not yet, i was trying to hold off on full disassembly I'll do that next...
  10. Heliso4 Gen2--No longer powering up drives I came to my office this morning and i noticed my helios4 was running fans at full speed and not responding. I power cycled.. fans ran in burst intervals.. serial console stopped here: I unplugged power to all hardrives. Helios4 booted up. I tested each drive individually on another machine and they are all fine I plugged in 1 harddrive.. Helios4 booted, but did not see drive... I heard a bit of electrical squeeling from somewhere (couldn't identify source) I tested both pin pairs on the power supply.. both read 12.3 volts Any advise on how to proceed from here?
  11. woohoo i'll have to try i'm still using the hardkernel repo does the new uboot use boot.ini? or standard ubootness
  12. No. Armbian is meant for the single board computer alternatives to the RPI
  13. I'm running an Odroid N2 as a desktop at 2460x1440@60hz typically with 3 terminals, and chromium with hangouts, homeassistant, plex, slack, and armbian forums always pinned. i'd tried ARM desktop in the past with my le potato and tritium h5... wasn't quite there...... I used an Atomic Pi and it was sufficient--but ultimately 2 gigs of ram wasn't enough even with zram compression. Finally I tried the N2, and I think it's there.. even with bruteforce fbturbo doing the video.. I'm running Armbian bionic, with vendor kernel and Mate Desktop... pretty happy with it.
  14. Well.. looks like Igor has a solution for now Anyway if it comes up again. I'm glad to set it up. I don't mind covering the cost as it should be modest.