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  1. yeah just not enough gusto with A64 module... kind of DOA if you ask me... If they had an updated module it would be worth taking a look at... Would also be constraints by the single gigabit interface to the cluster board itself and the rest of your compute. When building out a big cluster of SBCs.. having POE is a HUGE win for cable management and sanity.... also you can reboot by just killing POE on the switch... N2+ is definitely top dog for brute force crunching. But just probably not the ide
  2. I was trying to keep the Bill of Materials low but yeah a header or breakout or whatevs would be cool.
  3. Suggestion for a (near future) product. We're still lacking a good SBC out in the wild for small clusters.. Recent SoC performance is good.. Currently all the homelab and k8s nerds are just using RPI4s because they have a header for POE support. We know there are better options. We had pitched this to orange pi but weren't receptive. Just sharing my idea here. A Lean SBC exclusively for server tasks. "The Ultimate Homelab SBC" Real 802.11at POE+ means only 1 cable for your compute node Use SPI flash for custom provisioning configuration
  4. @JMCC It's turtles all the way down for this
  5. lol
  6. We have a realtime status page for primary Armbian web resources available here:
  7. You should be able to enable the watchdog in systemd by uncommenting some lines in /etc/systemd/system.conf
  8. Well we have a big arm server already configured as a github runner. I suppose we could chroot an armbian rootfs or place in a container So i guess something that can test armbian-config works as expected
  9. what are you trying to solve? Most can use systemd and the hardware watchdog.
  10. Id like to know more about this. Not sure if it’s enabled on all our kernels its possible you can disable via kernel arg in /boot/armbianEnv.txt
  11. Follow some bash tutorials. Maybe the advanced bash scripting guide. then just use a text editor and mess with the code
  12. I'm curious how the pine phone performs relative to your Galaxy 5.... Man Librem5 is kind of a tragedy.. at least you even got one.