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  1. No. Armbian is meant for the single board computer alternatives to the RPI
  2. I'm running an Odroid N2 as a desktop at 2460x1440@60hz typically with 3 terminals, and chromium with hangouts, homeassistant, plex, slack, and armbian forums always pinned. i'd tried ARM desktop in the past with my le potato and tritium h5... wasn't quite there...... I used an Atomic Pi and it was sufficient--but ultimately 2 gigs of ram wasn't enough even with zram compression. Finally I tried the N2, and I think it's there.. even with bruteforce fbturbo doing the video.. I'm running Armbian bionic, with vendor kernel and Mate Desktop... pretty happy with it.
  3. Well.. looks like Igor has a solution for now Anyway if it comes up again. I'm glad to set it up. I don't mind covering the cost as it should be modest.
  4. hey @Hijax how's your testing going?
  5. Which kernel are you running? armbianmonitor -u can help supply more troubleshooting info.
  6. Hi@lope thanks for sharing your research on modern crypto options. Kernel 5.x for allwinner CPUs is available as the armbian dev kernel. You can switch to it via the armbian-config tool. An image is also available via the "other downloads" link on the download page for your chosen SBC.
  7. Signaling voltage... TTL serial is 3.3V - 5V signalling.. RS232 is 12v. You'll definitely want to use the USB TTL serial on your PC.
  8. Just confirming--- you're using a USB TTL serial adapter right. not USB-RS232?
  9. Perfect. Locking thread.
  10. If you're in the states and interested in selling your Helios4, DM me.
  11. I'm sorry you're disappointed. That's a pretty harsh accusation. I'd rather you reach out to Kobol directly than to post this as a bug in the Armbian forum. Fortunately Kobol is pretty responsive, and I'm sure they'll reach out to you. I'm sure you could think some alternate strategies for managing your data including LVM rather than a flat filesystem.
  12. hmmm.. that's odd. try apt clean and then possibly check on the contents of /etc/resolv.conf and make sure its got a usable DNS server. otherwise don't really have any ideas.
  13. Tips: use spoiler when adding a long text, use when adding a code, be concise.