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  1. is it causing any problems? or are you just looking at it from a housekeeping perspective.
  2. Very nice! Did you build from desktop branch or master? Legacy kernel?
  3. What parameters are you passing to
  4. @peterbmckinleylook at the nmcli command
  5. Sweet feel free to ping me in irc (or whereever) if you have any questions
  6. As Igor Mentioned in there's some on-going stuff. Log shipping would be an ansible task. So could use a role, or favorite galaxy role and collaborate on options for strategy there. I think I just want to go old school and just do rsyslog shipping and have an intelligent file layout. But certainly open to logstash or fluentd solutions as well.
  7. Yep that repo is the python code. Technically apt is a branch in that repo. It's a flask app that runs in WSGI containers. 2 instances running one for and one for both reverse proxies behind nginx I entertained just doing it with nginx but didn't want to go down the wormhole of exotic nginx configs wormhole or figure out lua Anyway moving the redirect code to using a yaml config to indicate regions and other granual info is like the next step to making other improvements and I'd love a PR for that. Then we
  8. @TRS-80 Can you post the ls -la of /boot and contents of /boot/boot.cmd
  9. it matches your keyboard
  10. the distro natively packaged versions are new enough for my use these days.. I just do code { font-family: Consolas,"courier new"; color: crimson; background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2); padding: 2px; font-size: 105%; } apt install
  11. Issue created
  12. Yep I'm experiencing same thing with 5.9.5 as well as 5.10.0-rc2 on my opi3
  13. small heatsink. I have a fan that lightly blows on the whole cluster. I power it from a 10-port USB charger. temp was probably in 42C after boasting I to you about it I messed something up accidentally shutdown and now it won't boot lol.
  14. Your question is clearly sincere. Thank you for being thoughtful in your post. I recommend reading the sunxi wiki from head to toe. Even if you're not interested in allwinner they do a good job of covering a lot of the theory.
  15. I have an 82 day uptime on my headless Opi3. sorry I can't speak to panfrost.