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  1. That's pretty sweet!. Are you using NFS images, or just swappign sdcards?
  2. Stuck with 1920x1200 resolution this works on 4.x kernel setenv display_autodetect "false" setenv hdmimode "2560x1440p60hz" If I remove ODROIDN2-UBOOT-CONFIG from boot.ini.. my display gets a 1080p signal.... but no actual display, host boots, responds to ping for a while and dies
  3. Let me see if I can get setenv hdmimode "2560x1440p60hz" to work with the 5.4 kernel this time... i tried a month ago and it wouldnt.. went back to 4.x
  4. Ive had decent luck with armhf docker containers on 64bit in the past. Might want to look into that
  5. Well it appears to have survived the test this time. Nice work.
  6. i built uboot and installed package. installed latest armbian-config nightly. i cant find install update bootloader in armbianconfig. did you mean nand-sata-inatall?
  7. Well.... that seemed to take it down pretty quick
  8. If we adjusted would it be possible to ship overlays for the "unstable" speeds?
  9. I'm interested in this as my Opi Prime has been bulletproof for months with the existing configs.. Let me know how I can help test..I also have a PC2 that i can use for testing
  10. There may be better ways to approach... but you could disable the connector by creating a device tree overlay
  11. Here are the patches currently used in the v20.02 kernel
  12. A quick follow-up.. I sincerely tried to update the documentation, but I didn't see any opportunities to clarify anymore in a way that made sense. Existing References Explicitly Referencing the Ubuntu requirements:
  13. Beating your head is half the fun. Glad you got it working and thank you for sharing your notes.
  14. Hi Jason See the CLEAN_LEVEL options here In your case, where customize-image is all thats being tested you could eliminate all clean flags.. sudo ./compile CLEAN_LEVEL=""
  15. I'll update the documentation so that it's clearer. You don't run the build script on Debian. The build scripts require Ubuntu. NicoD was kind enough to make a nice to create a video on using the Armbian Build scripts. See it here