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  1. All really great points, Zador. Honestly it was meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I tend view all the non-raspberry development boards as something for more advanced users. The Raspberry eco-system is just hard to beat for newer users. I recognize the price is a important consideration for new people as well, which is probably how many start off with allwinner-based stuff
  2. Save your words. Just give them this link Orange PI FAQ
  3. No More Orange Pi plus 2E ?

    Don't lose hope.. I asked Steven Zhao on Ali in late sept. His response: steven zhao 17/09/24 20:19 Yes, we are purchasing the materials for Plus2E now, it will be on stock next month
  4. Although it does look like GPIO at a glance, It's actually usb-based SATA. The NAS board connects to some additional USB ports the orange pi zero has broken out in a separate pin header. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. Orange pi zero random hangs

    What are you seeing in dmesg before and after?
  6. how's the current versioning system work? The codebase has always felt like a rolling release.
  7. Orange Pi R1

    Still shows XR819 for wifi Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. feel free to update adn send me a PR.. then i'll go back and sanitize and get it ready for armbian docs
  9. I agree we need something clearer.... I made a gist a long time ago.. I'd welcome your CPUfreq tips.... I hadnt messed with the project in a while, so I'm trying to get a good picture of where things currently stand.
  10. I've been super fascinated with the DSA stuff since my espressobin first exposed me to it's existence. The thing I don't quite grok with DSA is if I'm trying to do any layer 3 stuff on the switch ports, such as inter vlan routing is whether or not I'm always limited by the RGMII or whatever link the DSA chip is using to connect to the SoC. You have described a pretty ideal board. A DSA with a cheap 4 core SoC is enough horsepower to brute force doing all sorts of cool network stuff without being so reliant on hardware offloading like on my EdgeRouter Lite. Now that VyOS has ported their build over to supporting Jessie, I've been hoping to eventually rig up a VyOS installer armbian similar to the OMV userpatches installer.
  11. What's STP? I was really excited about the switch as well.. currently disappointed about its single gig bus to the board. But this board is a HUGE bang for buck so I can't complain. it just needs time and contributions.
  12. So i did some digging on this a while back.. Essentially network manager is unable to classify the device type of the DSA-based ethernet ports, and consequently fails. The bridge configuration is a nice hack that gets around that constraint. Sorry I thought i had some notes posted on here about it.. can't find it now.
  13. How to make installed armbian smaller?

    Hi @jessicajung You'll need to build your own image. You can customize what packages are selected to install during the build process by modifying the configuration. The image building process takes a little bit of time to get used to, but it's fun and very flexible.
  14. i got a new build host going so got to tinker a bit... I was having trouble with the toolchain not being in path when building espressobin using latest armbuild build tools checkout. I set UBOOT_USE_GCC='> 7.0' in mvbe64.conf and that took care of it...... I send a PR later this weekend after i tinker some more. What's everyone's preferences on u-boot? Are most using the built in u-boot on SPI, or using u-boot from sdcard?
  15. lanefu