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  1. As a whole your inquiry kind of pains me... but here's the truthiest answer: If you have data you want people to have, don't store it on the device. Have it pull from the cloud and store in memory. Or encrypt on disk, and decryption key is pulled from cloud and stored in memory. Luckily for you, that means it can be solved via network and application layers.
  2. Ya you nailed what id been thinking. Some pretty big projects work out of github. So i think learning to master its functionality and even look at github bots if needed is a great path forward If the process above is properly captured in documentation and a clear policy for moderators to guide forum issues into github would be a huge step in the right direction without forklifting things to a new platform. I tried design a process a few years but, but i got it backwards and was trying to redirect issue dialog back to the forums. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. Ya I kind of meant what's an open source project similar to armbian and how do they handle development vs community interaction...etc
  4. So what exactly is the dividing line we want to achieve between what belongs in a forum and what belongs in a bug /issue tracker? How do other projects do it? Any comparable projects we can look at for a case study?
  5. Okay im not gonna lie...that makes me pretty excited.. i cant believe im saying this but id gladly admin jira. I have it running in my nomad cluster on one of my opis. (I dont recommend such insanity btw)
  6. lanefu

    Just a test

    link didnt work.... but hey I'm glad to see you, wonderin where youve been
  7. Hey @Igor Here's an alternative version of the board maintainer text. Feel free to tune as you see fit.
  8. For board maintainer it could literally be one board ? Extreme example: just opi one but not lite?
  9. lanefu

    Helios4 Support

    so i copied the boot.cmd from the helios4 armbian 5.67 image and then made the boot.scr from it and put it on the sd card... booted up cleanly. the file size between the old boot.cmd and the failing one is significant... failing one is like half the size here's a diff
  10. lanefu

    Helios4 Support

    In the spirit of me too... here's my console output of failed boot and here's what printenv says uhh /boot is there a way to cat a file in u-boot?
  11. lanefu

    Monitor for M4

    Hey @brodon Your question is pretty vague. Can you restate what you're asking and provide details or errors?
  12. lanefu

    Where to get linux-headers-next-sunxi64_5.65

    did you try installing the headers via `armbian-config` ?
  13. Quick suggestion --- also add donate link in plain site at top of forum.... I was further along in the thread, and I impulsively decided to donate, and so I scrolled to top of forum and no link so i had to work for it ;P
  14. lanefu

    Helios4 Support

    just an anecdote. I received my Helios4 (from second production run) on Christmas eve.. what a present! Anyway I've got it up and running with just the stable armbian stretch image with OMV running raid 5 on 3x3TB enterprise drives and the thing is just a work of art. I wish we'd get more SBCs on the market like this thing... not everyone needs a TV box.
  15. can you go into a little more detail about managing bug list? I have an embarrassing quantity of allwinner boards.