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  1. okay i added to release task list.. keep us posted... Not sure if this issue will impact you, but want to make you are aware
  2. so good catch on the mesa driver changes... looks like lima support was merged in... Can you try mainline kernel, but rolling back to the older mesa packages?
  3. That test was from latest checkout? Have you tried cleaning your cache folder?
  4. I'm sure everyone would love to have a brand new headless laptop. Fortunately having a regular release cycle lets us not have to cram things into a release. People can know its coming for the next release, and use a nightly in the meantime if they really want something
  5. A good start here
  6. I took a first pass at making a Google Sheet to track testing. I'd love some feedback. Feel free to modify.
  7. @balbes150 Do you work on your TV Boxes project fulltime... or just a whole lot of time
  8. Yeah you guys are inspiring me to just throw my 2 boards in the trash. I wanted to build an OMV box for my brother-in-law but I'm afraid to do so.
  9. I've added some more detail here on merge policy and release process. Keep an eye on it. I'll be updating it as we go through this process and to clarify.. I have cut an rc0 branch, but it's just to test the process. rc1 will be the first official rc branch and will happen on our freeze date.
  10. Added new section to release doc.. will continue to update as we go through the process for 20.02
  11. More words on moderation... Moderators are here to help users as well as help the Armbian devs.... The Armbian devs need to focus on relevant issues and keeping the project moving forward and not filtering through general support issues and enhancement requests from new users. See Armbian's Definition of Supported Needs: separate armbian specific issues regarding u-boot, kernel config, and armbian enhancements such as armbian-config, hardwaremonitor, log2ram from general requests that are more oriented around linux, debian, ubuntu etc. Issues that are not armbian specific should be moved to the Community Support Forums. separate feature requests and enhancement requests from Armbian specific issues empower the community to support themselves come up with positive ways to encourage the users to contribute when they solve problems or make enhancements Also FYI. for common issues we do have some canned responses in reply window. It's a plugin that we added. :
  12. Cool.. let me know what you find or link me to something and I'll be glad to key it into Jira
  13. Incomplete Tasks Targeted For Release AR-42 Merge packaging patches Moved to 20.05 AR-45 Make first login more user friendly Moved to 20.05 AR-50 Optimise armbian-config dependencies Moved to 20.05 AR-128 Adding support for Pinebook PRO <-- Is there anything in git repo for this.. i know its in a WIP state at least AR-87 Network manager randomizing wireless adaptor MAC Move out. Not sure if this is bug at all. AR-151 Integrate @JMCC 's multimedia script . Low Priority AR-152 Display issues with Bionic Mesa update critical bug