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  1. I appreciate all the work and time you put into this, do you know what's the problem or still investigating?
  2. I think the problem is in the latest kernel, i switched to an older kernel 5.8.16-sunxi64, and now ethernet works without a problem and everything else.
  3. Suddenly my ethernet stopped working, i didn't touch anything, just updated, upgraded and rebooted, the cable is ok i tested it on my pc and the ethernet works, also ethtool says the link is up and detected, i have no idea what's the problem?, any help, also set static ip 2 weeks ago worked fine until now, also the lights on the ethernet port are lighting, the orange is constantly lit and the green occasionally flashes, orangepi3, the log is too long, putty doesn't save enough of it
  4. I need some help with using pwm on my orangepi3, i installed wiring pi and turned on leds, but i don't know what pins are pwm capacble nor don't i know how to use pwm, i also want to add an ir remote to then change modes of led strip, can somebody help me with that or will it be easier to just use a microcontroller since i have a lot of experience with programming them but almost no with orangepi3 help would be greatly appreciated soft pwmlibrary? also installed ir support, but can i get data from the ir sensor with wiring pi?
  5. I tried sudo /etc/init.d/networking start and got an error which is in the picture, i'm pretty sure that's why the ethernet doesn't work but i don't know what the error says it's wrong or what should i do
  6. I am having problems with ethernet, the sbc was connected to 100 mbps network and it worked normally, but recently i relocated it and connected it to another cable, the problem is that now i only get 10mbps, the cable is ok because it tried in my pc and got 100mbps, but i only get 10mbps on the sbc, then i found how to fix this in settings, but i acidentally removed ethernet connection that i was using and now the ethernet doesn't work, do i have to change something in network interfaces? also it says no link detected
  7. Cool, i tried purging z28pro and then installing the orange pi 3 image but it says package not found, tried with root and it's the same
  8. Oh ok, but weird how it works, when the image is made for z28?, thanks for the help and it's cool that armbian vas made by slovenians, btw how do you even make these images/os when a new board comes out, do you adjust the stock debian or ubuntu images for the hardware on the board, how much time do you spend making an image then testing and optimizing?
  9. Thanks, is there any risk that the os crashes and is unable to boot?, because i just set a server and don't want to do it all again
  10. No, i didn't, but i remember that i was following a guide for installing nextcloud and i added a repository, i think it was for php named ondrej something, but then nextcloud didn't work and i got an error when i tried to update, so i manually removed ondrej repository, but i don't recalling removing any of the official loaded repositories
  11. I really don't know how this happened and how it is running, but now it's not lagging anymore, it works normally, here's the dpkg_log dpkg_log
  12. Sorry for not replying, had some other stuff to do, anyway here's the complete log https://justpaste.it/2f037
  13. The opi 3 is lagging while doing nothing and randomly freezing then losing connection to vnc, for a few seconds then reconnecting, armbian monitor -u doesnt show the link, used armbianmonitor -U but i don't know if i copied everything, because it wouldn't let me go up the terminal more, how i got here huh, honestly i don't know, i didn't modify any system files, just installed tightvncserver, edited it xstartup file, then installed nload, mariadb, apache2, mysql, php, and downloaded and extracted nextcloud and then edited user.ini and php.ini files, btw are you from slovenia, because you have a slovenian name, i'm from koper log
  14. So recently i noticed that the os image that i am running on my orange pi 3 is for Z28 pro, that's a tv box, when i firstly booted this board i booted it in an image made for orange pi3 and in the cli when i booted it it said running debian buster based armbian for orange pi 3, i have no idea how it switched to Z28 pro image, i don't even know where to find this image, i didn't modify any of the system files, i just set a nextcloud server, is this normal or not?
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