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  1. Without sd card have Android. With sd card and armbian, only LED green...
  2. But I have test with Android on microsd and It's ok. With all images of ubuntu My pi not have any boot.....
  3. I have HDMI. With android It's all ok. But with microsd, black screen and green led on board.
  4. Hello, I have a Pi Plus 2e. I want install Armabian. I try write with etcher the image into microsd. But, when I insert microsd, I have only led green on board. Without the microsd, there is Android on the eMMC. Do you have any idea for installarion? Excuse for my English, but I'm Italian..... I try the fel mode. The fel-sdboot write correctly. But I not have any way for install Armbian (Pi Plus 2e not have any led). Thanks for any help.