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  1. Up time: 3 days 4:01 New record...
  2. Up time: 2 days 8:57 and counting Looks promising.
  3. Hi @piter75, I've just applied the patch, and rebooted the pi i5js@noldork3sN2:~$ dmesg | grep rk808-regulator.*buck [ 2.883990] rk808-regulator rk808-regulator: max buck steps per change: 4 I'll keep you posted. Thanks!
  4. Time to test 5.10.18 image... it just rebooted. 2 days and a half up. @piter75 Sorry for asking, how can install the image without reinstall the hole system?
  5. Yes! Welcome to Armbian 21.02.2 Focal with Linux 5.10.16-rockchip64 System load: 10% Up time: 1 day 23:13
  6. Record!! Up time: 1 day 2:26 Update: Up time: 1 day 16:43
  7. Hi @piter75 Thanks! I'll check it, and if new reboots comes, I'll try that kernel. I've not changed any constant yet.
  8. Hi @Glock24 thanls for your message, could you please share your frequency settings? Did you set with armbian-config right?
  9. Updated to the latest... let's see.
  10. Well, the cable is not the problem, the board rebooted 36 mins ago.... so frustrating.
  11. Now it's working with kernel 5.10.12 i5Js@noldork3sN2:~$ lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT mmcblk2 179:0 0 14.6G 0 disk └─mmcblk2p1 179:1 0 14.4G 0 part / mmcblk2boot0 179:32 0 4M 1 disk mmcblk2boot1 179:64 0 4M 1 disk zram0 252:0 0 1.9G 0 disk [SWAP] zram1 252:1 0 50M 0 disk /var/log nvme0n1 259:0 0 465.8G 0 disk
  12. The new cable arrived. It supports up to 4A so fingers cross.
  13. Can you share your armbianEnv.txt? I've just checked mine and it has not that setting.
  14. Thanks all for the messages, I've tried with another one, 6.5V, and it's the same, it was rebooted 3.5hours ago. I don't know if it could be a kernel problem, I'm using also a M4V1 with SATA hat, and kernel 5 and works flawless (Up time: 27 days 1:15), so I think it is related to the PSU/cable... My main problem here is I'm not good with electric stuff, meters etc, I have an standard meter, but I don't know even how to use it Sorry for asking @NicoD with the usb meter, should be plug and see? if so, I think even I could make it. I'm going to look for a good usb cable... Thanks.
  15. The cable made something different, since the board was up almost 1.5 days, but it was rebooted again. @Werner I'm very noob, can you explain how can I power it up from GPIO? or which other PSU could work? I read in the internet some guys are using Raspberry's Pi 4 PSU, but reading the specs, are lower than the official from friendelec. Many thanks.
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