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  1. On x96max+ with sm1-sei610-2 (from dgm78) hdmi sound works perfectly(sd card). However, after installing to emmc i have got dummy output.If i boot from sd card-i get sound from hdmi. dmesg(emmc) [ 15.702435] fe.dai-link-0: ASoC: no backend DAIs enabled for fe.dai-link-0 [ 15.702501] fe.dai-link-0: ASoC: no backend DAIs enabled for fe.dai-link-0 [ 15.703137] fe.dai-link-0: ASoC: no backend DAIs enabled for fe.dai-link-0 [ 15.703793] fe.dai-link-0: ASoC: no backend DAIs enabled for fe.dai-link-0 [ 15.705342] fe.dai-link-0: ASoC: no backend DAIs enabled for fe.dai-link-0
  2. Could you please say what exactly you have done? I mean step by step
  3. Did anyone try to start wayland от armbian? Here is the good news about bifrost. It gives hope to run video in firefox hw accelerated like in this video.
  4. Is there any chance to get video hw (panfrost) working on armbian like on ubuntu ? here
  5. It is important to know exactly what model of wifi/bt soc does your tv-box have.I ve read on 4pda forum that version 4/32 has ampak soc, but in fact it is MT7668RSN.Found it out when i opened the box.There is no compatible driver for the BT available. Balbes150 helped me to remove information about wifi/bt module in .dtb and Armbian started successfully with meson-g12a-x96-max-rmii.dtb.Sound trough Hdmi or spdif-toslink is working by default.Ethernet 100 works also. Thank you balbes150! https://github.com/150balbes/Amlogic_s905-kernel/blob/master/arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic/m
  6. Planing to buy external usb card and usb wifi.I dont have enough knowledge to edit DTB.Thank you Balbes150!
  7. I am haveing a trouble to enable audio on AML.Version 20200326 Could it be because i use u200.dtb?
  8. OMG it booted with meson-g12a-u200.dts and now 1 see 4 cores instead of 2 on N2. There is no wifi. I cant check eth because i dont have a cabel right now... ip a still says "Down" but i see avahi deamon and ip adress in ip a/ Its already something!
  9. I cant realy understand what you mean...I can only show you ip a in N2, because when i use rmii.dtb system doesn boot, it actually boots but i see what is on image from the first message. If it possible to explain it in russian in personal message?
  10. here it is. On the secong image i use rmii.dtb and i can see eth is up, is it righ?
  11. I have lan 100, and it`s working on rmii.dtb(i have eth up) A95X-F2.tar.xz
  12. Hello, i`ve successfully started Armbian_19.11.5_Arm-64_eoan_current_5.5.0-rc6_desktop_20200127 on my A95X F2 device with meson-g12b-odroid-n2.dtb. I know that it is not correct dtb which i should use for my box, but it is the only one that worked. If i use meson-g12a-x96-max-rmii.dtb i get stuck on this: http:// I also have got the original android dtb file. But i dont know how to add it here.