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  1. Check that kernel has CONFIG_COMPAT disable, I will enable and recompile it to test.
  2. Yes, only typing error. Maybe my kernel compiled without support?
  3. Hi! I installed libhybris on my armbian 19.11.5 (kernel 5.5.0) to use mali user space drivers from android. After done, I have verified that my system can not run armhf, so not calling libhybris libEGL.so. I already ran apt --add-architecture armhf; update; install libc6:armhf, but still can not run 32-bit armhf, why?
  4. I will install today... Can you provide headers 5.6.0-rc2? Thanks.
  5. Hi! I need to compile out-of-tree module. Where can I get headers for 20.05 (5.5.1)?
  6. Hi! Is It possible to make this image to Armhf/32-bit? I want to run with S905X3 tv box to make possible use Android Mali GPU blobs?!
  7. dtc -I dts -O dtb -o output.dtb input.dts
  8. Can't access others terminals, need to boot from sd and mount eMMC to see the logs. The problem was missing/corrupted libwayland_egl.so, so lightdm was aborting (missing something like wl_window_destroy), copied the working library from sd and now OK again.
  9. Hi! I powered off my tvbox directy by power cord, and after boot can not enter in Xorg anymore, the screen go to black like successful Xorg start and back to console (each try delay 1s - slow blinking) and repeat this process ininterruptly. Maybe related to lightdm? How to start in console mode to try to fix it? This already happen with two different tv boxes (with buster and now with bullseye).
  10. Hi! Which ARM processor? Would be RK3399? Armbian support is good? Second question: What is the best cost-benefit option?
  11. If you limit max_speed in DTB/DTS it Will get IP, but don't know why
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