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  1. Hi I have same problem with PC+ with Armbian5.25 Ubuntu xenial 3.4.113 and even i downgrade hostapd to 2.1 and still it doesn't accept password and I can't connect with PC and mobile .
  2. I correct my fstab file but still i can't automount sd card (there in no any u-boot sectors in sdcard) /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt ext4 0 1
  3. Hi first of all Please excuse my poor English ! I install ubuntu lagecy server on my orange pi pc + and then install it on nand using : $nand-sata-install now when i power on my board with sd card (sd card without any image file) my root file system will mount on mmcb1k0p1 and if I insert my sd card after power on root will mount on mmcb1k1p1 (I now both mmcb1k1p1 & mmcb1k0p1 are my emmc) Now i need to automount my sd card and in my case I insert sd card before power on and as a result I add this line in fstab file #/dev/mmcb1k0p1 /mnt ext4 0 1 but it doesn't work ! how can i mount my sd card automatically ?
  4. Hi first of all sorry for my bad English .I have an OPI PC + ,I install Ubuntu on my sd card and after boot i used nand-sata-install command to use may nand but when i tryied to use my sd card (after format sd card) it did't work and after reboot i receive "panic= boot argument" how can i use my sd card and mount it when my dist installed on nand? even i checked this link for Cubietruck but it wasn't useful for OPI , and then i checked this and it was really hopeful but I don't now how can i exactly implement this .Actually I need to auto mount my sd card as a result when I reboot my OPI PC + I need my OPI boot from emmc instead of sd card. thank you for your attention
  5. HI again I tried to add selinux and(or) Apparmor to my kernel modules , after kernel compile with Xenial, Jessie and wheezy dist on my OPI pc plue and OPI lite i installed this two modules packages and i tried to set them in enforce mode but i couldn't . some errors are like : check-selinux-installation ../proc/1 kernel.. SELinux is not enabled. The init process (PID 1) is running in an incorrect domain. or : $sestatus SELinux is disabled even when i set it in enforce mod or permissive and reboot my system still it was disabled Anyway has anyone tried it before? and anyone has any idea for my problem ? thanks.
  6. Hi I tried to install selinux on my OPI Jessie but i find out selinux-policy-default has problem with debian jessie and even it's not integrated with kernel .after all i tried to use apparmor but it's not integrated too.I find this doc to cross compile and add apparmor or selinux but seems it's not work because git clone https://github.com/orangepi-xunlong/u-boot-orangepi.git doesn't exist ! After all ,how can i use selinux or apparmor on my OPI?
  7. I understood something about it , can I change it ? how ? where is firmware sources and compiled firmware location(/path) ?
  8. Hi, I have Cubietrauck and I installed legacy Jessie on SD card and after configuration hostapd for using it as access point only 5 devices were able to connect to my device. After search I’ve added max_num_sta=20 but it didn’t solve my problem. I tried to use other distribution like vanilla Jessie and vanilla trusty server but I had same problem. Here is my hostapd configuration: How can I change max devices connection? Is this problem relate to the wifi module and how can I fix it?
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