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  1. Hi Christos, You will need hostapd version specific for 8192eu module. I've just tested compiling it and it does compile. Not sure if it will work. Please try and let me know. git clone https://github.com/shahidali55/rtl8192eu-driver cd rtl8192eu-driver cd wpa_supplicant_hostapd tar -zxvf wpa_supplicant_hostapd-0.8_rtw_r7048.20130424.tar.gz cd wpa_supplicant_hostapd-0.8_rtw_r7048.20130424 cd hostapd make arch=ARM cp ../../rtl_hostapd_2G.conf ./ Then follow this guide to setup and launch hostapd
  2. Hi Christos, Please follow the below steps to compile and deploy the kernel module for 8192EU: git clone https://github.com/shahidali55/rtl8192eu_3 cd rtl8192eu_3 make ARCH=arm sudo make install If all the above steps complete without errors, reboot the board. ifconfig should now show wlan0
  3. Does "iw dev wlan0 link" show as connected to SSID ? If not, try "sudo ifup wlan0"
  4. This error is due to incorrect headers being used to build the module. Please provide the output of below command: uname -a
  5. Can you connect the rtl8188 dongle to a Windows PC and let me know the VID and PID of the USB device ?
  6. I've been waiting for the OPi micro/Zero from a long time now. Hope it has HDMI out
  7. Make sure to uncheck "send key combinations" from "Action" menu and try again
  8. Must not be the PSU then. I do not own that particular PSU sold by the seller, but have used the USB power cable they provide and it was of good quality.
  9. What is the resolution of that screen ? What version of Armbian are you running ? Please provide the output from uname -a
  10. Random freeze and reboot is most likely due to a bad PSU. Try swapping the power supply with another one and maybe try a different cable as well. Please provide the output from below commands with the USB WiFi dongle connected: lsusb lsmod uname -a
  11. Try below driver. Works with 0bda:818b git clone https://github.com/shahidali55/Realtek-RTL8192EU-driver cd Realtek-RTL8192EU-driver/install_folder/driver/rtl8192EU_linux_v4.2.2_7585.20130524/ make arch=ARM sudo make install sudo shutdown -r now
  12. Install TeamViewer wget http://download.teamviewer.com/download/linux/version_11x/teamviewer-host_armhf.deb dpkg -i teamviewer-host_armhf.deb Install dependencies: apt install -f Get ID: cat /etc/teamviewer/global.conf | grep ClientID Finally, try logging in from another desktop using the TeamViewer desktop client Add a permanent password: teamviewer passwd my_password
  13. Hi abcd567, Install linux headers first: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-sun8i Paste the output you see for when lsusb command is run with the dongle connected. I've tested all possible WiFi N chipsets from Realtek on armbian 5.14 with legacy kernel and confirm good performance, even with some real cheap ones. On the other hand, Mediatek MT7601 dongles are stuck to 54Mbps no matter what I do.
  14. Just tested this out. Bridging D48 momentarily resets the board and begins boot of OS after it was shutdown via "sudo shutdown -h now". Now I can finally replace my slow and aging Raspberry Pi A+ with a fast and shiny Orange Pi One
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