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    Levent Erenler thanks so much for sharing your discovery!
    I was able to get audio working on my Lime-A64 using the provided overlay.
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    Platform : Kernel 5.9.5 Pine64+ A64 buster server
    Analog sound working ! After a few days, i figure out the analog sound problem. There is a widget property in sound definition at sun50i-a64-pine64.dts file.  This mainly specifies audio off-codec DAPM widgets (Dynamic Audio Power Management for Portable Devices according to devicetree/bindings/sound/widgets.txt) In my case this widgets disable analog sound and i couldnt find a way to enable it I remove widget line and linked routing properties from dts file and rebuild it and it works. If you dont want to rebuild armbian alternate way is using a custom overlay.  Dont forget to unmute HeadPhone with "m" key and increase AIF1 DA0. I hope it will help to someone.  Unfortunately i could not enable microphone input, any ideas?? Thanks