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    Ztrawberry reacted to moshem in eth0 network down all of a sudden, update?   
    my S912 box was untouched for the past few weeks, I tried to connect to it and couldn't I tried direct access and turns out my eth0 (wired lan) is still detected but marked as down
    the green/yellow light on the box and on the router is not blinking for it.
    nothing changed in my setup, maybe a armbian update was done recently? my uptime is 7 days but I am not sure I recall restarting 7 days ago..
    ifup eth0 image attached
    what can I check or do to revive it? any help appreciated as the box is currently offline and useless
    armbian 20.04 on a beelink GT1 TV box using a fast SD card

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    Ztrawberry got a reaction from Alex83 in CSC Armbian for RK322X TV Boxes   
    Not sure if this is related... Today I cloned the build scripts from https://github.com/armbian/build and created a legacy Ubuntu desktop image for CSC RK322x. Everything worked well and I only had to use Multitool again to install the NAND bootloader (previously I had the Debian test image from 2 days ago installed via StepNAND). After the bootloader reinstall it booted straight from the sdcard. Armbian-config works etc...
    I have to say this is a major milestone and well done @jock and team!
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    Ztrawberry got a reaction from Alex83 in CSC Armbian for RK322X TV Boxes   
    Hi @Mark Khevin Rogacion, what worked for me multiple times from complete soft bricked state (once I did rkdeveloptool ef and the other time was when I wrote a legacy image to my NAND) was with AndroidTool 2.51 and a copy of the original firmware. Key is the workable firmware and watch out for whether it is NAND or eMMC. 
    As long as you can get the device to be USB recognized you should be fine. In some cases you would need to press the reset switch inside the AV port, but in a worst case scenario you would need to short the NAND or eMMC pin. I found a picture on which chip and pins to short on forum.freaktab.com. From my attempts, I could not get the firmware to install via rkdeveloptool once I destroyed the bootloader, it showed completed but did not boot.
    Hi @jock, @fabiobassa, @knaerzche, just wanted to say a very very big thank you for your work. This has certainly kept me sane and entertained during these crazy times, as well as busy.
    If you want me to try anything, I have 2 x Scishion V88 4K RK3229 (MX4VR-01) devices with NAND and I am okay to go experiment with losing my bootloader :-)