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  1. I guess you got an usual rk3229 box with fake Android OS. 😉
  2. Hey vice, Maybe you can tell me a bit more about the issues after erasing NAND... Actually I also have issues since erasing NAND with system stability... What were you're experiences and how did you solve the issues?
  3. Hey guys, wanna chat about the possibilities to use TVboxes with TVheadend with VPU Encoding/hardware accelleration. There is VAAPI support for some devices like RK3229 with legacy kernel 4.4. Does anyone have any experience or experiments ongoing? I read that @JMCC did some experiments with TVHeadend. So maybe we can have some research here. Cheers and happy developing
  4. Hi Jock, I don't know what's wrong with my box... Do you think it has to do with NAND? If I send a ping after 20h operation there are misterios outputs in my eyes...
  5. Ok, @fabiobassaI'm sorry. I didn't know that's important for source code... Maybe if someone is interested here is my armbianmonitor - u output. Perhaps someone sees what's wrong with my device... Fabiobassa which image do you use? Maybe the buster minimal image has more problems than focal images.... I just wanted to safe space and took this image because at the moment I don't need desktop mode.
  6. Hi, does this maybe help? There is also source code for my Q9377 Queen! - Unfortunately I don't know how to implement it into the working image at S912... But don't wanna continue off-topic here, maybe via PM Here is source code of SSV6051 as far as I see: Unfortunatly I can't see what the f.. problem with my device... - BTW... I read that SSV6051 should still achieve maximum MCS7 mode by -72 dBm! So I think you should have a good RX at the device, but with maximum 15 dBm you need a bett
  7. Hey guys! It's nice seeing such a big community developing popping out! Just wanna give a feedback about my experiences. Unfortunately also with maximum 1,3 GHz the box hangs after a while with some debug erros like I postet already. I also think it could have something to do with the good SSV6051 Wifi. I know you said already there is no support, but just wanna give my information and experience into this forum. Here is a datasheet availabe: I haven't found anything about H
  8. Hey, thanks for your answer @fabiobassa! As I said I use now the offer of "Softy" in armbian-config. This includes also Tvheadend Version 4.2. I also noticed if I limit the maximum CPU speed to the second highest then the box becomes more stable and haven't seen an error like in my above post yet. The device works overnight already without errors. I also noticed that wifi issue is still ongoing and TX performance is usually worse than RX even when it's connected with full speed (72 Mbit/s up and down @50dBm). Well it seems like I need to cut my
  9. Hey guys, don't wanna bother you, but independent of my tvheadend topic there appear more and more storage errors like the ones I posted... Any ideas what could be wrong? The device looses it's accessability also then... root@rk322x-v88mini4k ~ > df -h Dateisystem Gr��e Benutzt Verf. Verw% Eingeh�ngt auf udev 486M 0 486M 0% /dev tmpfs 100M 5,2M 95M 6% /run /dev/rknand0p1 6,9G 1,5G 5,3G 22% / tmpfs 497M 0 497M 0% /dev/shm tmpfs 5,0M 4,0K 5,0M 1% /run/lock tmpfs 497M 0
  10. Hey guys, thank you very much for your replies! I don't wanna continue off-topic discussions even if I would love to discuss with you longer. But just a hint that in armbian-config menue there is a Point for "Softy" and there you can directly install Tvheadend. Unfortunately it is stable release, that means Version 4.2 and I wanted to try unstable 4.3. There is a possibility for transcoding via VAAPI and hoped maybe it works since VAAPI should work with that devices, don't they?
  11. Hi, I already use it with focal images on my Banana PI, but wanted to replace it to 322x. I don't know why the paic appears it seems like this always happens if a lot of data get extracted, but the RAM shouldn't overflow. I start wie 100MB of 1GB RAM usage and pull around 200 MB. So it shouldn't be full and the panic happens on diffrent stages of pulling.
  12. Thank you very much to both of you! Unfortunately even if I use now the Ethernet Interface instead of wifi there are constantly Kernel Panic Informations; root@rk322x-v88mini4k /tmp > docker pull version-dbaa0f85: Pulling from linuxserver/tvheadend a40841fad2a0: Already exists acbbceb19698: Already exists 56eb82dc2361: Already exists 402d271dd404: Already exists 7041d1197031: Already exists 369be319bd57: Pull complete 6d5d33f3b1b3: Extracting 122.6MB/134.4MB 3049e89ec5b4: Download complete a5727aec668b: Download c
  13. You're really the rk322x-god! Reboot worked the first time. After I ran rk322x-config I haven't tried, but will reply if reboot is still working then. Unfortunately the wifi-issue is still onging... I need to ping my wanted remote device from V88-box before I can get ssh into it. So that's still very annoying, but guessing it is because of the good ssv6051 chipset... Yes, you are right. I meant of course kernel 4.4 I also tried the iperf3-test again and guess!! root@rk322x-v88mini4k:~# iperf3 -sD root@rk322x-v88mini4k:~# ip
  14. Hey! Good news! Luckily the Buster-minimal-image with kernel 4.19 boots up! You're the master! I'll reply after finishing booting. - Actually my prefered system is always ubuntu because of some ppa for tvheadend and so on... maybe I'll change later again.
  15. Hi Jock, actually i did it as you said and it recognises the NAND again. - I just don't know if I did a mistake again because I read somehow something with "NAND Jump" and did this in multitool. - Afterwards I installed as usual Armbian with legacy-Kernel 4.19 to NANA via sTep... Anyway... after finishing the device does not boot. The HDMI output stays black. I just do a minimal buster installation with 4.19 kernel now and write back in a minute... Maybe if the device works again I can provide you dmesg from armbian there... or I would also prov