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  1. @hexdump Thanks, I forgot about that, on llvmpipe Blender 2.8 working with 2-5 sec input lag but possible do sculpting job my intel gpu don't do that @NicoD thanks for sharing your experience, "legacy" means driver from mali site? I order orange pi 4 and try work with panfrost driver when get board .
  2. @NicoD Hi, can you post here score for rk3399 from glmark2 and glmark2-es2 on panfrost driver, I will be happy for that
  3. Good to know that S912 too has 8 core, but looks like end life of support? For Blender 3D I mean Linux have open GPU driver and granted nice performance (300 or more score in glmark2 I think good representation of that). Can you post here score for rk3399 from glmark2 and glmark2-es2, I will be happy for that
  4. To finish our discussion, Orange Pi 4 board is nice for Blender 3D working or do not ready yet? Or you know something better by 50...80$? Or now better wait few month to get new one SoC?
  5. That is problem. our box connected little bit different way ))) ethernet@ff3f0000 { compatible = "amlogic, g12a-eth-dwmac\0snps,dwmac"; reg = <0xff3f0000 0x10000 0xff634540 0x08 0xff64c000 0xa0>; <-!!!!!!!!!! reg-names = "eth_base\0eth_cfg\0eth_pll"; <-!!!!!!!!!! interrupts = <0x00 0x08 0x01>; interrupt-names = "macirq"; status = "okay"; clocks = <0x02 0x38>; clock-names = "ethclk81"; pll_val = <0x9c0040a 0x927e0000 0xac5f49e5>; analog_val = <0x20200000 0xc000 0x23>; pinctrl-names = "external_eth_pins"; pinctrl-0 = <0x11>; rst_pin-gpios = <0x12 0x10 0x00>; <-!!!!!!!!!! mc_val = <0x1621>; mc_val_internal_phy = <0x1800>; mc_val_external_phy = <0x1621>; internal_phy = <0x00>; phandle = <0x94>; }; Try another one DTB, from g12a tree too, if you found where ethernet is working - copy that part from there Write your dmesg here.
  6. @Albert Barcelona you welcome! I take a time to rest for week or month, after that I hope mesa start working on G31 I don't know where is better place to left dtsi file - armbian or mainline kernel repos... @mradalbert that is looks like EDID part broken in s905x3/s905d3, khadas have workaround on their build pipeline, but armbian use newer u-boot. Edit xorg.conf and add your resolution in "Screen" section. And yet you don't have GPU, all image rendered on CPU, don't make him pain
  7. Thanks, no one on AmLogic SoC? @Armin don't rename u-boot - copy them with new name. On different DTB ethernet has 100M or completely don't working. If you need only server ability why do you use desktop img version?
  8. @Armin Hi I think your problem not in Armbian image, as @SteeMan tell and @balbes150 mansion on another thread, your bootloader in emmc broken now and you need write stock firmware on them. Try proper one, not made yourself by dd, from there: https://hd-mediaplayers.ru/firmware-tv-box-x96-air-p3/ Direct link: http://geekbuying.mediafire.com/file/m7t06iirsnqhpic/X96Air_P3_20191220-2048.img/file Use USB Barning Tool: http://uploaded.net/file/5h4z3646 If your problem already stay in dd made snapshot, they not despaired himself when you reburn same snapshot few times again. @balbes150 I understood your position about tv box vendors, last one, can you list your hardware/box model where you test your work? I found here you have Allwinner H6 one, that's correct?
  9. I know, but if that helping, why not? All presented TV box on S9005X3 yet (~8 models) on same board, only have manipulation with wifi/bt modules and some have USB hub on pcie line. I'm working on get proper dtsi file for them. Anyway, if you want, I'm on board
  10. How can I help you with testing/debugging? Or order one TV box with that chip to you? I'm in Ukraine.
  11. @balbes150 can you have time to add this patch? https://github.com/hyphop/fenix/blob/6aa6a0d509902724e2dba6a29d2a83efffde0ed4/packages/u-boot-mainline/patches/caad316b3165615f1a4848901811a4a084444c9d/0220-hdmi_edid_fail_try_full_hd.patch On old HDMI TV that's fix jumping image on screen. Yet to workaround need boot with video=1280x720 uEnv.txt command and add in Screen section records about 1080p to xorg.conf. Thanks
  12. @balbes150 terrible negotiator Can you explain, why do you delete from panfrost kernel module power regulator checker? That's temporary workaround or not important behavior? From your experience, how long we need wait until G31/52 has working driver for X11 or Wayland? Copple of month, or years?
  13. Please add few words about what is new or wat is fixed by you? If that not heavy Thanks for your work
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