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    root-stas got a reaction from Tucano2000 in H96 Max X3 Specifics only   
    Hello, I have too this box and working on getting good clear DTB file for them.
    My results after compare DTB from VIM3L / Odroid-C4 / H96 Max X3 Android 9:
    1. BT now is working, for get this - put to folder "/lib/firmware/brcm" file bcm4335c0.hcd from:
    with name "BCM4335C0.hcd" and reboot.
    PS: if you have records in dmesg for different BT, download your own file from presented source. Chines like put different hardware for same box's
    2. IR works and gat messages from remote.
    PS: I don't know how to use that, but if you try exec:
    cat /sys/class/input/eventX eventX- rc mounted pointer, check your dmesg for know that. Lirc work, if kernel put that pointer to lirc folder, to do that, I think, need add that instruction to DTB file
    3. System LED working and ready to configure.
    PS: heartbeat mode set by default, but you can change that:
    echo timer > /sys/class/leds/sys_led/trigger  
    4. VFD need proper configuration on bus@40 but that is real.
    Don't get working yet 3D acceleration in X11 but dmesg tell me about proper loading wifi, eth, bt, vpu, gpu and fb.
    My files:
    Use ...test8.dtb file for get sound work 
    If someone get GPU work, tell here please.