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  1. Hi Dalekun I have been bashing my head against this problem for a while now and while i've made some progress I have hit a brick wall. For some reason my keyboard input isn't going to the board. I'm using putty (and have tried others) with 115200,8,1,N,N. I've followed this example here and have run ‘./’ which then populates putty with U-Boot 2013.10-rc4-g4c7d180-dirty (Mar 23 2017 - 15:50:02) CPU: Freescale i.MX6Q rev1.5 at 792 MHz Reset cause: POR Board: MX6-HummingBoard2 DRAM: 2 GiB MMC: FSL_SDHC: 0, FSL_SDHC: 1 Card did not respond to voltage select! MMC init failed Using default environment In: serial Out: serial Err: serial Net: FEC [PRIME] Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0 ## Executing script at 17f00000 Kernel image @ 0x10a00000 [ 0x000000 - 0x1d4ac80 ] ## Flattened Device Tree blob at 18000000 Booting using the fdt blob at 0x18000000 Using Device Tree in place at 18000000, end 1800cd2e Starting kernel ... Welcome to Buildroot buildroot login: But no matter what I try I can't get an echo from my keyboard. I've tried different USB cables, different tty boards, different jumper wires from the tty to the board pins, different Hummingboard2 boards and even different computers running different terminal packages but no matter what I try there is no keyboard entry. I do remember when I started fooling with these before this post I was able to halt an MMC boot from putty by hitting any key, however I can't do that now, which is very strange :-( So I'm stuck :-( Any ideas?
  2. Hi Russian NeuroMancer. Thanks for the suggestion. I gave this a try but it looks like U-Boot hasn't been built with the ums command, so unfortunately it's a no go. The page you referenced has a lot of interesting stuff on it though. I'll do some more reading and experimenting and see if I can get something working. It looks like the manufacturing cycle blew the fuses so it only boots from eMMC and doesn't fall back to USB. There is little information as to how to jumper these fuses back but I'll keep looking. :-( Cheers Ken
  3. Hi. I have a bunch of HummingBoard2 boards that have been used by a company called Vivo. Basically they allow schools to transfer video through Ethernet to monitors and projectors. I also want to do this but Vivi is a subscription based system so that SUX! I therefore want to blow Vivi away and load a clean Armbian. My issue is that the boards have no SD cards soldered to the board. They have power, 2xUSB, RJ45, HDMI connectors. They must therefore boot from eMMC. I found info on the board manufactures website., SolidRun, on how to use jumpers to select boot type. It was set to eMMC so I set it to USB and flashed a SD card with Armbian 20.20 and rebooted. Alas it didn't work, it didn't even try and read the USB port with the flashed SD card. I then hooked up an FTDI to the onboard UART and got connected. I don't have the password so had to stop it booting and try and access the system that way. My problem is after the boot interruption it doesn't have any file structure so I can't edit files to change boot sequence or passwords. I can't mount the eMMC to edit the files to remove the root password or anything like that. Any suggestions as to how I can unlock this board and load a normal Armbian on to it? Cheers