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  1. To close this out and warn future newbies: I'm a complete noodle and should have heeded the FAQ warnings. T'was the power supply (or lack thereof), your honour. Long story: After setting up to build my own images and testing with the minimal versions of bionic / focal x legacy / current for both nanopim4 and rock pi, confirming my discovery that the rock pi images booted for bionic/legacy but all nanopi images failed. I captured the failure with video and determined that booting the kernel tanked the board reliably. Couldn't make heads or tails
  2. Sigh, this remains aggravating. I verified with the Friendly Elec distribution that the dtb it boots fine with is the v01 NanoPi M4 one. The only Armbian NanoPi M4 image that got anywhere was the current 5/13 focal nightly, but it reboots once systemd tries to mount the local file system.
  3. Hi - My brand new nanopi M4 (2gb) will boot the friendly elec nanopi images just fine, it'll boot to a usable text console with the armbian rockpi minimal image, but none of the supported images (or any unsupported ones) from the armbian nanopi m4 download page will boot or generate video. Same sd card, sufficient power, flashed with etcher just to make sure. What's the best way to root cause/fix this?