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  1. Thank you very much; confirming I2S working on the latest pre-release of the NanoAIR using MAX98357A (PCM Input Class D Audio Power Amplifiers) Cheers !
  2. Thanks guys for being on top of the things with the NanoPi Neo > NanoPi Air ARMbian release ! I'm currently firing up my NanoPi AIR cluster with the FA ubuntu but I'm now planning to switch to Armbian. But one of my major issue at the moment is to get the I2S up & running and so far it has not been a successful ride with the FA Ubuntu image. Is that something that will be implemented within the armbian release for the AIR ? Cheers;
  3. works with nanoPi NEO too thank lanefu
  4. Hi, got this warning on apt-get update with the new armbian Jessie image. W: Failed to fetch http://apt.armbian.com/dists/jessie/InRelease Unable to find expected entry 'jessie-utils/binary-armhf/Packages' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file) Something to worry about ?
  5. Hi! Can confirm the audio out; it's definitely not an hardware issue, with my current setup I get audio out using the FA Ubuntu image, but when switched to Armbian no audio out and alsamixer only recognise the snhdmi card but no analog audio. Cheers,
  6. Got my NEO's this morning ! So far so good, the form factor is excellent and there is still some place to screw in M3 spacers without shorts on SMDs (was afraid of this being an issue when reviewing the dxf schematic) I'm currently running the version of Snappy Ubuntu while waiting for the ARMbian to come out I'll be happy to run some test if you guys need anything; I have currently 10 of them running on my desk. Bonus : picture of the NEO hooked up with my proto POE module (PCB hat on it's way !)
  7. Any idea when we can hope for a release of NanoPi NEO Armbian distro ? I'll be happy to do some stress testing with the board I've received today !
  8. I will ! Right now I'm just going for passive POE injector @ 9-12 V. The PCB to fit right on top of the NEO with POE splitter (2x RJ45 jack) + DC/DC step-down. But I'm also adding other functionalities for my project: 2.5W Audio amplifier, Microphone boost input and a bunch of LEDs. I will base on 1.5A power rating for my step down convertor. PS : my order is also being delayed
  9. I did not consider to POE directly from the on-board RJ45 plug, that's actually a good idea However I'm going to run for about 20/30 devices, making a plug PCB/HAT is probably more user friendly approach for my use case. I'll share the schematics, if someone here is interested.
  10. Thank for the info's! I'll look into that. Yup, I was planning to feed in 5v directly into the header, but for the POE I'd rather feed > 6v and step-down / split later hence the question on power rating so I can select the right step-down switching hardware. ... so the 5v/2A advertised on friendlyARM wiki is a total overkill ? Cheers,
  11. Hi guys ! Kudos for your work and keeping up with the newest board. I'm currently drafting a POE Hat for the nanoPi Neo, but without the board in hand it's hard to do the math for the power requirement. Can I have someone opinion on the the avg power consumption of this board, so I can dimension the step-down DC/DC stage of my HAT. Cheers,
  12. Hi, After the new update, the BLUE LED on the nanoPI M1 is not being used anymore. Cheers,
  13. Hi, I've recently acquired some nanoPi M1, and just about now installed ARMBIAN. However I can't seem to get any sound working via 3.5 analog jack. Volume is set right on alsamixer Speaker are working and volume is set at max Soundcard is listed but yet I have absolutely no sound ... any ideas ? root@user:~# aplay -l **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices **** card 0: audiocodec [audiocodec], device 0: SUNXI-CODEC sndcodec-0 [] Subdevices: 1/1 Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 card 1: sndhdmi [sndhdmi], device 0: SUNXI-HDMIAUDIO sndhdmi-0 [] Subdevices: 1/1 Subdevice #0: subde