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  1. Some time TV/monitor may not be able to adjust for the box output Signal resolution try adding below at the end of the extlinux.conf in the line which starts with APPEND root witout quotes. "video=1280x720" or "video=HDMI-A-1:1280x720M@60D" example APPEND root=LABEL=ROOTFS rootflags=data=writeback rw console=ttyAML0,115200n8 console=tty0 no_console_suspend consoleblank=0 fsck.fix=yes fsck.repair=yes net.ifnames=0 video=1280x720
  2. <In your experiments with did you use the reset toothpick method to boot from the sd/usb?> Yes, toothpick method is used. In F3Air box it is inside av port at backside, some other box like K3pro have hole at the bottom.
  3. Looks like You should try few more DTB files. I have posted thread here in same Section, but it requires some additional work like creating FAT partition manually and renaming the files. was able to run on S905 X3 by using image from Odroid HC4 desktop build.
  4. My setup become corrupt while experimenting with different dtbs as I was trying to fix onboard Wifi. So wanted to give Armbian_22.05.4_Odroidhc4_sid_edge_5.17.5_kde-plasma try this time. Used same method as above and KDE environment boots up but unable to find Desktop Setting configuration so I could apply correct screen resolution. The edges are hiding. I think Armbian 22.05 Jammy XFCE is much better for starters as it is much more customizable. With Jammy XFCE did some experiments Pulled the F3 air dtb from Android OS using ADB connection and used with Armbian and it refuses to boot. There are Lots of differences, Wifi_config/sdio nodes not present in meson-sm1-a95xf3-air.dtb, I tried to copy and paste the sections related to Wifi in to meson-sm1-a95xf3-air.dtb but no success. If some expert can patch and upload new DTB here, then I will give try. For now I am happy with meson-sm1-a95xf3-air.dtb and will use the USB Wifi adapter and Bluetooth is not a necessity. It would be grate if one on this forum is able to get on Board Wifi/BlueTooth on F3 Air box working using new images. I shared both the DTBs.
  5. @SteeMan thanks for noticing Just wanted to create a Topic for F3 Air box that's all so the details I kept minimal. These steps are nothing new, in different threads several times these steps are quoted. The boot.ext is the famous u-boot.ext file indeed. Earlier we use to have fat partition also shipped in the image file, but now the support for S905X3 is not provided/stopped. Not sure if in any other Desktop image the fat partition is now included like in old times. Partition layout of SD card. Below is the Boot partition files from my SD card, some of these may be irrelevant, to match the file with that of files in /boot use size parameter while renaming, extlinux.conf file, fix PARTUUID as per the ur disk partition. KERNEL /Image FDT /dtb/amlogic/meson-sm1-sei610.dtb APPEND initrd=/initramfs-linux.img root=PARTUUID=9f9ca195-05 rootflags=data=writeback rw console=ttyAML0,115200n8 console=tty0 no_console_suspend consoleblank=0 fsck.fix=yes fsck.repair=yes net.ifnames=0 quiet splash plymouth.ignore-serial-consoles video=HDMI-A-1:1280x720M@60D
  6. To run latest desktop build on F3 Air one can use below steps. I am not sure if there is an easier way exist. 1) Downloaded the image Armbian 22.05 Jammy XFCE from Odroid HC4 section. 2) Write to SD CARD, this will create ext4 partition. 3) Use Partition tool of your choice and create another Partition at the beginning of disk and format as FAT type. 4) copy the files from /Boot to FAT drive and place the u-boot.ext file from old release which worked for you earlier. 5) Place the extlinux folder with extlinux.conf file and update the FDT. 6) Rename the files like image and initrd as required. Boot from sdcard, The latest desktop now runs in F3 Air. This image is quite fast but issue with Wify/ Bluetooth as usual. Compared to Manjaro i found the Armbian image is quite fast and responsive. Probably wiLL Post dir structure later today I am not sure i allowed to share files as zip.
  7. Through meeting link I sent we can share desktop and work, run commands etc. Waited for you to join. You have to join through your PC/ Laptop, No Ned to enable camera, just enable sound. Today looks like some issue with Google hangout. Enable RDP to your box and connect through your PC and share screen. Let's connect some other day once hangout chat starts to work.
  8. I remember some body on this forum was able to successfully install Armbian on the H96 colorfull edition with custom boot loader. Starting this topic so people with knowledge can write and share the steps and required files.
  9. Oops 😬, seems quite work, my only requirement is to open Adobe flash content html page. Kid at home received DVD from kindergarten and I don't want to hand him my WIN10 laptop, so was looking at other options, sadly could not get flash work on chromium browser on my K3 PRO running Armbian Linux as it seems Adobe don't have plugin for ARM processor.
  10. Thanks @Werner for reply, is there any detailed steps available to do so and replace existing kernal with KVM enabled one?
  11. Is any body able to setup Virtual machine on Armbian on ARM processor with reasonable performance? What are the changes required to boot loader to enable virtualisation ? I used qemu and virt-manager but it says KVM not enabled and vm is dead slow. It would be grate if this Armbian linux image can be modified to support VMS x86-64 architecture using qemu emulator.
  12. Is there a way to enable KVM on armbian for k3 pro box Amlogic S912, I have setup qemu virtual machine for winxp as I want to view a html page which requires Adobe flash but the vm running very slow and litterally unusable.
  13. @hexdump After writing custom u-boot to box flash, does it allow to boot Android? or is Android is wiped out? It would be grate if we can use Android also and able to boot Armbian from sd card or usb.
  14. I HEARD SOMEONE SAYING "DONT HAVE KEY BOARD" Those who don't have key board, can RDP using mobile\tablet and type, but first enable RDP from the armbian configuration under software, use any usb mouse. I found on Android the RDP app from Microsoft connects well. Those don't want desktop can use ssh as alternative to RDP.
  15. Is there any chance to make Armbian work on H96 H1/H2 4gb/32gb color full addition? This box does not seem to boot either by USB or by SD card.
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