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  1. Through meeting link I sent we can share desktop and work, run commands etc. Waited for you to join. You have to join through your PC/ Laptop, No Ned to enable camera, just enable sound. Today looks like some issue with Google hangout. Enable RDP to your box and connect through your PC and share screen. Let's connect some other day once hangout chat starts to work.
  2. I remember some body on this forum was able to successfully install Armbian on the H96 colorfull edition with custom boot loader. Starting this topic so people with knowledge can write and share the steps and required files.
  3. Oops 😬, seems quite work, my only requirement is to open Adobe flash content html page. Kid at home received DVD from kindergarten and I don't want to hand him my WIN10 laptop, so was looking at other options, sadly could not get flash work on chromium browser on my K3 PRO running Armbian Linux as it seems Adobe don't have plugin for ARM processor.
  4. Thanks @Werner for reply, is there any detailed steps available to do so and replace existing kernal with KVM enabled one?
  5. Is any body able to setup Virtual machine on Armbian on ARM processor with reasonable performance? What are the changes required to boot loader to enable virtualisation ? I used qemu and virt-manager but it says KVM not enabled and vm is dead slow. It would be grate if this Armbian linux image can be modified to support VMS x86-64 architecture using qemu emulator.
  6. Is there a way to enable KVM on armbian for k3 pro box Amlogic S912, I have setup qemu virtual machine for winxp as I want to view a html page which requires Adobe flash but the vm running very slow and litterally unusable.
  7. @hexdump After writing custom u-boot to box flash, does it allow to boot Android? or is Android is wiped out? It would be grate if we can use Android also and able to boot Armbian from sd card or usb.
  8. I HEARD SOMEONE SAYING "DONT HAVE KEY BOARD" Those who don't have key board, can RDP using mobile\tablet and type, but first enable RDP from the armbian configuration under software, use any usb mouse. I found on Android the RDP app from Microsoft connects well. Those don't want desktop can use ssh as alternative to RDP.
  9. Is there any chance to make Armbian work on H96 H1/H2 4gb/32gb color full addition? This box does not seem to boot either by USB or by SD card.
  10. @Tony Thanks, I am able to boot using 8GB USB stick on A95X F3 air box using meson-sm1-sei610.dtb Ethernet works fine but there is audio , blue tooth/Wifi does not work armbianmonitor - u => http://ix.io/2pat
  11. Hi SRX, were you able to get Armbian working on A95X F3? Could you share the dtb and edits if any required file and sd card image file? I tried Armbian_20.02.0-rc1.038_Aml-s9xxx_eoan_current_5.5.0-rc6_desktop_20200205.img with meson-sm1-sei610-ethfix.dtb I get some colured screen and rootfs mount fails. Same SD card with same image working fine on Mecool K3 pro S912 box with different dtb and wifi only works with external USB adapter :)