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  1. Or maybe, if you could give the parameters you use to compile your own FFMPEG for Odroid XU4. TOday I am using the last Emby (I tryed to use yours but the client apps doesnt support that server anymore ). So today I have a 4.5 emby server and my XU4 is using armbian Buster Minimal with Kernel 5.4 stable. Anything would be a great help!!!
  2. Hi sir; I know that this topic is closed long ago but I think this is one of a kind. I bought a Odroid XU4 with the expectation to use Emby at least for hardware transcoding for my HVEC 1080p movies... I am trying to follow you guide above but I am not finding the armbian image you mentioned. Everything else is working dough. Do you have another link for that image. Or do you have another ffmpeg that uses the buster armbian with kernel 4.14? Thanks!!!!