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  1. Yea I know he stopped working on it, which is why I want to try to keep it updated. I'll try raising the verbosity and see what causes issues. Thanks for the suggestion. Will do that and come back here. Cheers! Edit: Does the verbose output require UART dongle? Cuz mine is in transit and wont have it until later on Otherwise i can just keep using the HDMI output like how ive been doing it. Edit2: I don't have a soldering kit/don't know how to solder the UART header, it doesn't look like there's any out of the box.
  2. Hello everyone, I would like to build an updated Armbian image for balbes150's arm-64 implementation. Image family found here: https://users.armbian.com/balbes150/arm-64/ I have started some work on my personal armbian branch here: https://github.com/SLAzurin/build-armbian-custom/tree/arm64tv Currently, I'm not sure about my progress, there were times I was able to build an image, but the machine wouldn't boot successfully. (using xdarklight's kernel files https://github.com/xdarklight/linux/tree/meson-mx-integration-5.14-20210718) At most, it would boot into u-boot, and then hang after trying to start the Linux kernel. When I try using balbes150's kernel (https://github.com/150balbes/linux-arm), it would fail to build the armbian image. I'm just a regular software developer so I may not understand hardware related terms that well, sorry in advance. Pointers, or any clues are very much appreciated =) Edit: My current hardware is a Nexbox A95x with AML s905x 2gb ram 16gb eMMC
  3. Hey guys, I'm releasing my personal Armbian build for AML s8xx compatible with Docker. Armbian: 21.11.0 Ubuntu: 20.04 focal Linux: 5.14-rc2 by xdarklight Original build files by balbes150 I only tweaked the board settings. Files used here: https://github.com/SLAzurin/build-armbian-custom/tree/s8xx Build steps on system with Ubuntu 20.04 and docker: Copy files from `userpatches.s8xx` to `userpatches` ./compile_s812.sh Mount the output image file to your filesystem (Check `postbuild.sh` for more details) Change the label for the ext4 partition to be `ROOTFS` Unmount image file and flash to SD Card. (Optional) Generate new .sha file with `sha256sum $IMAGE > $IMAGE.sha` Downloads here: https://github.com/SLAzurin/build-armbian-custom/releases/tag/v2021.11-s8xx I will not be taking any requests, it is already hard enough to get an image released as it is. You get what you get. Thank you for understanding =) Edit: When you try to install Docker, If you run into an issue that says cannot find package docker-ce, or something similar, do this: sudo sed -i "s/focal/bionic/g" /etc/apt/sources.list.d/docker.list sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install -y docker-ce docker-ce-cli containerd.io
  4. Hey guys, I noticed that the tag for this board was changed from "Suitable for testing" to "Supported". As I understand from the warning before downloading the image from the downloads section, the stable release is temporarily only for kernel version 4.9. As there was no focal distro ready to download, so I wanted to build it myself. I cloned the repo (https://github.com/armbian/build) and used the "master" branch The build runs successfully with this command: ./compile.sh docker USE_TORRENT=no BOARD=orangepizero2 BRANCH=legacy RELEASE=focal BUILD_MINIMAL=no BUILD_DESKTOP=no KERNEL_ONLY=no KERNEL_CONFIGURE=no COMPRESS_OUTPUTIMAGE=sha,gpg,img Once built, I flashed the image to my SD Card. When I tried to boot it, it won't work. No red/green light lit. I downloaded the buster 4.9 image in the downloads section, that one is working fine and boots successfully with green light. Is there a patch or something i need to edit in the armbian build tool? How can I make it work if possible? Thank you in advance.
  5. Ok thanks for the heads up, I'll try to contact xdarklight to see if those can be enabled by default.
  6. Hey everyone, I updated my guide on making Docker work here https://github.com/SLAzurin/armbian-aml-s8xx-kernel-build-steps (For Ubuntu/Debian on linux version 5.10) @balbes150 The previous comment for Docker requirements is wrong. These here are the only config you need to enable to make Docker work when you build the linux kernel. CONFIG_POSIX_MQUEUE=y CONFIG_POSIX_MQUEUE_SYSCTL=y I hope you can add it successfully for the next release, thank you for your work.
  7. Does anyone know how to build the s8xx image from source? I am guessing the repo is https://github.com/150balbes/build but what command argument should I use when using the compile.sh script? The options shown when using the tool doesn't list any of balbes150's images.
  8. @balbes150 Are you still using the linux kernel from xdarklight? If no, can I have the git repo link for the new linux kernel please?
  9. No problem, I can try Docker for you after you add those changes. Thank you
  11. My docker guide should only work for the people who use balbes150's s8xx build, so maybe in the future may not apply for you. I hope for the best for your box
  12. Ok, I wasn't sure if meson6 was supported. Sorry I don't have a meson6 box and cannot help much.
  13. Your device is meson6 (from what i see), I don't know if this armbian supports meson6 Maybe it doesn't work because this armbian is for meson8? s805,802 and s812 is meson8 Try finding another image? You can try using your Volumio image, and manually build newer linux kernel if you can find the source code but this would be hard i think.
  14. I am tagging the people who mentioned having issues with docker recently in this topic. @brajomobil@daniyo@nef To make Docker work, it takes extra steps. Please visit my guide on how to make it work if you are still interested: https://github.com/SLAzurin/armbian-aml-s8xx-kernel-build-steps
  15. Hmm okay then, looks like I don't have boot issues when all my USB ports are unplugged so that's okay. I plan to keep my device headless and just using an SD card. You're welcome for the docker guide
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